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The Best Restaurants You Must Try in Hikkaduwa

One of the biggest tourist attractions in Sri Lanka in terms of places to visit is Hikkaduwa. This town is home to adventurous water sports, luxurious hotels and thrives with a great night life. These are quite well known among the tourists however the mouthwatering food available in Hikkaduwa is definitely underrated. There are many restaurants in Hikkaduwa, each creating a unique atmosphere that offer a range of cuisines. However, most tourists don’t seem to be aware of the number of choices and the quality of food that is available in Hikkaduwa. So we have a compiled a list of restaurants in Hikkaduwa that you must try.


No.1 Roti restaurant

No.1 Roti restaurant

Roti is a traditional South Asian food which is similar to a flat bread. This restaurant has put their own twist on the very popular roti and serves it with a number of different options. The choices are endless and all very appetizing with something for everyone. There are cheese and bacon roti, roti with prawn curry, ham roti and even chocolate roti for dessert! They have other options such as rice and curry, fish and chips and noodles as well, but we definitely recommend trying the roti. It’s the comfort food you never knew you needed.
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The concept of this restaurant will be quite appealing to some. The traditional dishes served here will give you a taste of Sri Lanka and are homemade upon request, so ordering well ahead of time is recommended. But don’t worry, we can assure you that you won’t be bored. They have a library and while the home cooks prepare your meal, guests are more than welcome to sit down, read a book and allow themselves to get lost in an alternate world. The food, once served, is definitely worth the wait.


Citrus Hikkaduwa Restaurant

Citrus Hikkaduwa Restaurant

This restaurant belongs to the hotel Citrus Hikkaduwa and is one of the best restaurants in Hikkaduwa. The chefs choose fresh and high quality produce to serve you with nothing short of the best. This restaurant is themed to reflect the Hikkaduwa vibe while providing you with the comfort and luxury you needed to make your vacation perfect. The buffet served at Amaya Reef includes a variety of cuisines ranging from authentic Sri Lankan specialties to international favorites, with each creation cooked with the intention of satisfying you. The inviting ambience of the open-air themed restaurant and bar must be experienced by all who visit Hikkaduwa.
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Spaghetti & Co

After a long and tiring day at the beach, some familiar comfort food might be just what you are craving for. Located on the beach, this Italian inspired restaurant serves the best pizza and spaghetti in Hikkaduwa. With a range of options, Spaghetti & Co offers customers the opportunity to savor their meal while seated on the verandah enjoying the view of the beach. The extremely creamy spaghetti and thin crust pizza will guarantee you having an amazing time at this restaurant.


Thambili café

Thambili café

Thambili, which is King Coconut, is a Sri Lankan favorite beverage as it quenches even the unquenchable thirst and cools you down on the hottest days. This restaurant is located in a very strategic spot on the beach and is an amazing place for anyone to wind down and relax. A long day of beach activities and water sports can strike up a hunger and thirst you weren’t aware you’d ever experience. This restaurant offers a generous portion of a variety of mouthwatering food in order to do much more than just satisfy your hunger. Your experience at this café will definitely make your visit worth it.
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Get Fresh Restaurant

This restaurant prioritizes the quality of the produce and ingredients. This restaurant is well known for its seafood dishes made with fresh, local ingredients. They offer a variety of dishes such as pasta, calamari, fried rice, spicy curry and fresh jumbo prawns and crabs. This cozy restaurant offers great service and a healthy portion definitely worth every penny. A prawn fried rice with a crab curry alongside an ice beer might make the perfect lunch for an afternoon in Hikkaduwa.