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Digital Marketing Newyork

Here read the latest trending blogs on social media, SEO and complete digital marketing techniques.

How to Get Visitors to a New Website

Website traffic is defined as the number of web users who visit a website. Web traffic is estimated in the number of visits and is a simple way to measure the effectiveness of the online business, how it engages the audience.

Here are the top ten ways to drive traffic to your new website:

Perform on-page SEO using Optimized content for search engines with SEO is still a valuable and useful practice. 
Build backlinks to improve the presence of your business in front of a larger audience
Do social media sharing which can be a major source of traffic, it can boost traffic to your site
Facebook Ads Vs Google Ads : Major Differences

Both these two platforms are usually considered as competitors. Several businesses are leveraging the power of advertising on Google and Facebook Ads to obtain maximum clarity, improve leads and sales, and find new customers. Various businesses adopt different strategies that work with the functionality of each of these platforms and get remarkable returns on their advertisement spend.

Now, we’ll explore what is the difference between Facebook Ads and Google Ads, how Google AdWords and Facebook

Google Ads

Google Ads is described as a pay-per-click advertising platform that runs paid advertisements for different organizations and businesses. It is also known as Google AdWords and is considered as the world’s most popular and largest PPC advertising platform

Facebook Ads

Facebook has grown to be highly competitive over the years, with the largest amount of monthly active users of any social media platform. This creates an optimal space for many businesses to advertise on. Like Google Ads, Facebook Ads are also paid ads that appear on Facebook.

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Sales Funnel and Its Importance in Digital Marketing Agency

Sales funnel in digital marketing is a combination of marketing strategies used to bring in traffic for your business and sustain them well to become true customers that support your business. Funnels are extremely essential for converting your web traffic into customers.

A sales funnel is directly connected to the customer survey phases. The concept of sales funnel is that it is most scattered at the top and the smallest at its base. Each stage of the funnel drives your most adequate prospects into the next stage and separates those that are not suitable for your offer.

Your sales funnel represents the path that prospects take. Identifying your sales funnel can help you discover the loopholes in the funnel, the areas where prospects fall out, and fail to convert.

How the Sales Funnel Works

1) Awareness and Discovery
2) Researching Interest and Solutions
3) Purchase Decision
4) Action


5 Powerful Types of Branding Ideas to Elevate Your Business

5 Powerful Types of Branding Ideas to Elevate Your Business

Many Entrepreneurs ask Google what to do when starting their business and the answers show that a huge part of developing a business is to focus on branding.

But what is it that you’re branding? Are you a real estate developer or an IT company with ongoing projects? Do you sell a really specific product, like eCommerce?

In order to help you make the kinds of decisions necessary to create a marketable brand, we’ve broken down the main types of branding and its process followed by many branding company new york NYC.

Corporate Branding
One of the more reputation-focused types of branding, corporate branding is about making a cultivated name for an entire corporation.

Personal Branding
This usually refers to branding for the individual person, as opposed to branding a whole business.

Product Branding
Ever notice how ‘Kleenex’ has become a word synonymous with ‘tissues’? That’s because the product has reached the pinnacle of product branding success

Geographical Branding
If you work in the tourism industry, this type of branding is for you. Geographical branding focuses on the unique traits of a specific area or region as the selling point of a particular place and why you should visit.

Online branding
Also referred to as “internet branding”, this type of branding refers to how you position your company (or yourself) online.

As you consider the different types of branding that have made many companies successful.


Video Optimization Tips to Rank in YouTube and Google Search

Video Optimization Tips to Rank in YouTube and Google Search

Videos are always an important component of internet marketing and search engine optimization. They speak more than content and not only increase the interest-factor of your content, but they improve rank as well. The video optimization tips will help in ranking the videos on Google and YouTube.

Today video SEO marketing has grown to be more and more popular with businesses. It has become easier for marketers to produce videos and get them online, thanks to YouTube. We are not able to browse the internet without seeing a video, so it has become more difficult to get ranked in the universal search results.

Here We have shared some best video optimization tips to rank in Youtube & Google Search

Be Consistent and Make Your Best Video a Preference
Captions Improve Searchability
Use Compelling Thumbnails
Create Backlinks with Engaging Content
Use Well-Researched Keywords that Relate to your Topic