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Most delicious dishes you would love in Vietnam – Vietnamese food

One of the most interesting things about Vietnam is its food because it's unique when compared with the other international cuisines. They use fermented fish sauce, chilli peppers, cane sugar, and many unique ingredients to make the whole food experience memorable.



Go to any one of the Mui Ne restaurants and ask for their menu to see this delicious and the simple dish 'pho' somewhere on the top of it. You'll love it not particularly because of the affordability and the wide availability of this dish, but also because of the tasty combination, it makes with salty broth, fresh rice noodles, herbs, and chicken (and sometimes beef too).


Ga nuong

If you are spending a family vacation at a resort the likes of Anantara Mui Ne Resort, let your small ones taste the best of Vietnamese dishes even if they insist on taking the regular KFC meals. Why enjoy fast food when you have dishes such as 'Ga nuong' that taste the same, and sometimes much more? Ga nuong means the local version of KFC favourites (chicken legs, wings, and feet) served in a crispier way, and you'll surely love every bit of them.


Goi cuon

If you are in for a light diet but need that to be healthy at the same time, just try this amazing Vietnamese dish 'Goi cuon', These fresh spring rolls are normally packed with salad greens, seafood, fish sauce, meat and also a layer of coriander. This is a must-try if you are done with the fried food scene in Vietnam during your holiday there.


Cao lau

This is a dish loved by pork lovers! Hoi An in Vietnam is best known for this immensely delicious pork noodles dish and what they love the most about it is its Chinese/Japanese influence. This may be mainly because of the thickness of the noodle which gives familiarity with the Japanese udon, but because of the crispy won-ton crackers, Cao lau has seen a difference. When it comes to the authentic cau lao, it is prepared only with water drawn from the Ba Le Well in Hoi An.


Bot chien

It's a street-side snack that is very popular in Vietnam. They first cook this rice flour dough until it shows crispiness and then is served with green onions, papaya slices, and shallots. Some night-time food stalls also give rice vinegar and chilli sauce to double up the tastes and do not forget this snack when you are having a fun night out in Vietnam.


Bun cha

You may think pho is the most popular dish in Vietnam because you can get it from anywhere. But there is another equally famous dish called 'Bun cha' which is mostly a lunch-time dish enjoyed by the locals. Bun cha is often served with fish sauce-heavy broth, herbs, and a bowl of rice noodles. And the taste this amazing combination gives out is simply heavenly.

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