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Facts about Kayaking in Mozambique – Glide in Azure Waters

A kayaking adventure in Mozambique is all about sailing on a traditional Arabic dhow for miles each day to find the perfect spot to unload the kayaks. It's one of the most invigorating holiday experiences you'd have in the country. Here are some interesting facts about kayaking in Mozambique.


Best Times to Kayak in Mozambique

Mozambique usually expects vigorous rain falls from December to April, its wet summer season. However, one can expect to walk out into the sunshine a bit during brief periods of these rain episodes. January and February invite the cyclone season in Southern Mozambique, which brings torrential rains that lasts for more extended periods, during which it is advised against kayaking around Bazaruto Archipelago. Mozambique has the least chance of downpours during its winter season that occurs between May and November. With cool temperature and the mild sunshine that makes one feel all warm inside, it is possibly the best period to go kayaking in Mozambique.


Excellent Kayaking Destinations

The beautiful Mozambique of East Africa boasts of destinations that are engulfed in enrapturing natural beauty, which are perfect for much-needed holiday getaways. But only a few of those rival the captivating beauty of Quirimbas Archipelago, a spectacular chain of islands that lie off the coast of the Northern portion of the country. These islands, draped in immaculate white-sand beaches, are encompassed by the beautiful blue waters of the Indian Ocean. One of the best ways of exploring the mesmerising beauty of these islands is to kayak among these islands during a dhow safari on the ocean. One can visit up to seven islands in Quirimba Archipelago, including Medjumbe Island, where one can find Mozambique Villas belonging to properties such as Anantara Medjumbe Island Resort.


Type of Kayaks Used

Some island tour providers offer single or double sea kayaks from which one can access the accompanying catamaran or dhow via radio communication. Stable glass-fibre kayaks are now emerging as top-choices for people who love to go island hopping than the conventional plastic boats. Sea kayaks often have a high rocker, which is the curve from its bow to stern that helps it to conquer the oncoming waves. The narrow V-shaped front design makes it able to withstand rough sea conditions, although the design is not suited for stability when maneuvering on flat water. These sit-in-only sea kayaks are specifically designed for expeditions on ocean waters and are equipped in stacking lots of equipment that are needed by the kayakers.


Kayaking among Mangroves

One of the most coveted kayaking sites in Mozambique is the mangrove forests of the Quirimbas Archipelago. Kayaking between the mangroves is an eerie yet enchanting experience. It would even make you row a little faster as the arched roots of the mangroves seem as if they are running towards you over the water. You can expect to observe a diverse and serene ecosystem supported by the mangroves, transcending beyond what meets the eye.


A Typical Kayaking Experience in Mozambique

Sea kayaking in Mozambique is something that calls out to adventure enthusiasts across the globe. Expect your service crew to throw surprise kayak races, or bumping games, which would only make this trip more exciting. You can look forward to camping in one of the islands in a quiet environment only disturbed by the rhythmic lapping of the waves. A delicious seafood dish prepared from fresh ingredients is the perfect cure to satiate your appetite, which is increased by the cool sea breeze. Your crew will glide alongside your kayaks as long as you want, but at the slightest hint of strong tidal waves, you'd be asked to clamber overboard to ensure your safety.