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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
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5 Tips for First-Time Visitors to The Maldives

The Maldives is considered to be one of the best beach destinations to visit in the world. Lauded for its natural beauty and luxury hotels, thousands visit the islands every year. IF you're one of them and this is your first time, here are a few tips to keep in mind.


Go All Out

When you're planning out your Maldives trip, you might find yourself fretting over all the prices. Now, the Maldives isn't exactly the cheapest option when it comes to vacation destinations, but that's also its appeal in a way. Essentially, a trip to the Maldives is meant to be a once in a lifetime experience. It's a chance to enjoy the luxurious amenities at one of the many Maldives family resorts – say, for example, the Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort. So, don't hesitate to a splurge a bit on the experience – it's sure to be worth it.


Enjoy the Local Culture

When most people think of the Maldives, they think of the beaches and the calm seas. Undoubtedly, the beach is the islands' biggest draw, but you'll be missing out if you just stick by the sea. The Maldives has a rich culture that has been shaped over many centuries via key events – from ancient sea rituals to the advent of Islam and the arrival of colonial powers. All of this is on display all around the major settlements found in the region. There are museums to visit, ancient sights to explore and a whole cast of colourful characters for you to meet.


Alcohol in the Maldives

The majority of the Maldives' population are Muslims and as such discipline is an important aspect of the local identity. This means that activities like consuming alcohol in public is frowned upon and even prohibited under certain circumstances. If you're planning to indulge in some drinking you are free to do so at your resort however, so just stick to that basic rule.


Wearing the Right Attire

Similarly, if you plan to visit the towns and villages of the Maldives, you'll need to dress appropriately. This is especially true if you plan on visiting some of the sacred sites strewn about the islands like the old mosques and shrines. As a general practice, long sleeves and pants that cover your knees are always a safe bet. Once again, this restriction only applies if you plan on leaving your resort – where you can dress however you prefer.


Bring an Underwater Camera

If you're vacationing in the Maldives, chances are you'll end up snorkelling – or perhaps even scuba-diving! There are many wonders to be seen and experienced underneath the waves of the Indian Ocean. From vibrant coral reefs packed with life to the wrecks of ancient ships and even close encounters with oceanic giants like the whale shark – it's a truly spectacular time. So, you'll surely want to capture all these great moments right – that's why you should definitely get your hands on an underwater camera before coming to the Maldives.