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Updated by Joanna James on Aug 24, 2020
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Reasons Why Sri Lanka is a Better Travel Choice than India – The Best Destination in the Sub-Continent

Sri Lanka and India have often been compared to each other due to their geographical proximity. As such, they are often seen as similar travel destinations as well. However, there are a few reasons as to why Sri Lanka tends to be the better option in this regard.


The Differences

To start things off with, it's important to look at what truly sets these two nations apart. While they are only separated by a narrow stretch of sea, the differences that exist between Indian and Sri Lanka become quite apparent once you take a closer look. The Sri Lankans have their own national language, their own style of dress, and a myriad of other qualities that set them apart. It can be quite a treat to dive into this relatively unknown culture – at least when compared to India – and learn all there is to know. You'll also find that Sri Lankans have quite the unique cuisine as well. From the famous kotthu roti to tropical fruit curries made of mango and jackfruit – the island is ripe for a culinary adventure!


An Island Nation

India is a sprawling nation that is part of the greater Asian continent, Sri Lanka is a relatively small island that's surrounded by the Ocean – and this makes a massive difference. Sri Lanka may be tiny when compared to India, but its size has its advantages for travellers. It is easier to travel through for one and the density of attractions is far greater than that of India. Being an island also means that there's significantly more coastline for you to explore – especially If you're out seeking a tropical paradise.


The Crowds

India is known for having one of the highest human populations in the world. With so many people around, it can be hard to navigate India – especially its cities – and have a vacation all to yourself. More people also mean there's more trash; this can be especially egregious in urban areas. By contrast, Sri Lanka is a far better option. Here the population is a fraction of what's found in India and the streets are relatively clean of trash and debris. What's more, if you visit areas like the central highlands, you'll be treated to even fewer people, crisp mountain air and some fantastic scenery.


Better Beaches

Sri Lanka has some of the most pristine and picturesque beaches found anywhere in the world – it completely outshines India in this regard. There's a reason that most of the best hotels in Negombo, Sri Lanka – for example, the Amagi Aria – are found in close proximity to the beach. The same goes for resorts in the South Coast or along the island's eastern reaches – the beach is what everyone's here for!


The Wildlife

When it comes to wildlife, the animals you'll see in the wilds of India and Sri Lanka are largely similar. For example, you'll find roving herds of Asian elephants in both locations, and the secretive leopard stalks the forests of India and Sri Lanka alike. However, there's a reason that Sri Lanka has been named one of the best locations to go on a safari outside of Africa – again, it's an island. Being separate from the mainland for thousands of years has meant that unique species of animals have evolved here – ones that aren't found anywhere else on the planet. This includes curious creatures like the slender loris and beautiful avifauna like the Ceylon magpie.