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Holistic Medicine - Effective, Safe and Affordable Treatment

Natural Medicine – What’s so amazing about natural medicine? Why are so many people using it? Well, the answer is simple: It works! In a world that is increasingly becoming cautious and aware of the many side effects, conventional methods can bring, natural medicine paves a new way forward for healing.

Trauma Acupuncture - Workers Comp Acupuncture - recovery from injury

If you are suffering from an injury at work, or a car accident injury, Trauma acupuncture treatment can be an effective and viable option.

Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic

Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic is a subdivision of the nationwide recognized Holistic Medical Center “Viva Healthy Life” directed by a medical doctor, hypnotist Victor Tsan


Acupuncture at the Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic

Acupuncture at the Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic

Acupuncture in Philadelphia is very popular and highly demanded. More than 20 acupuncture offices providing services around the City of Brotherly Love. Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic is the holistic medical center situated in the central region of the North-East part of Philadelphia near large shopping plazas and close to public transportation. Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic is rapidly becoming the best prominent integrative medicine organization in the city. Traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, cupping therapy, reiki, homeopathy, and hypnotherapy in this clinic provided by the best specialists, selected by the medical director of the clinic, medical doctor Victor Tsan.

How to Lose Weight Fast? - Philadelphia Weight Loss Clinic - Dr Tsan & Co

How to lose weight fast is the most common search criteria people are looking for on Google. We all know weight loss is a challenge. Read...

Treatment for Seasonal Allergy - Philadelphia Holistic Clinic - Dr. Tsan & Co

Natural medicine has an answer to treatment for seasonal allergy and remedies used by naturopathic medicine are effective safe,and affordable

Hypnotic Gastric Band by Dr. Tsan @ Philadelphia Weight Loss Clinic

Doctor Tsan internationally recognized hypnotist leading Philadelphia Weight Loss Clinic the only center in town for authentic Hypnotic Gastric Band.

Quit Smoking - Steps and Options - Quit Smoking Philadelphia

As soon as you've certain you are ready to quit smoking, you’re all set to choose a day and medical provider to help you during withdraw period

natural remedies for thyroid problems - Philadelphia Holistic Clinic

As a holistic and natural approach, natural remedies for thyroid problems administered by Dr. Tsan and Assoc can provide unexpected outstanding results.

Overcome fear of driving with hypnosis by Dr. Tsan in Philadelphia

Hypnotherapy helps to confidently and successfully overcome fear of driving, giving mental tools to form new, and positive attitudes

Acupuncture to Stop Smoking | Acupuncture to Stop Smoking Philadelphia

At Philadelphia Addiction Center under Dr. Tsan supervision Acupuncture to Stop Smoking in combination with hypnosis performed by licensed acupuncturists.

Natural remedies for seizures - Philadelphia Holistic Clinic

For treatment using natural remedies for seizures contact Philadelphia Holistic Clinic and schedule a comprehensive holistic evaluation with Dr. Tsan.

Treatment for Depression - Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic - Dr. Tsan & Co

At Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic natural treatment for depression by Dr. Tsan & associates shows success rate above the national average

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Treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome is always a challenge. Due to the nature of this disorder, allopathic medicine has no choice but surgery as a form of palliative cure exercises and physical therapy modalities commonly used by the majority of the medical offices.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can happen for reasons that are understood and for reasons that are unknown. However, practicing self-care can prevent some of the symptoms that arise no matter the underlying cause. From keeping hands warm to improving posture, and from relaxing the grip while performing tasks with the hands to taking frequent breaks, the best chance at preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome usually lies with some conscientious effort.

Why smoking is bad for you - Quit Smoking Philadelphia - Dr. Tsan & Assoc

If you’re a smoker and have questions about why is smoking is bad for you this article provides an insight into why you should quit immediately.
Why smoking is bad for you? Both smokers and non-smokers are asking this question. If you’re a smoker, you might be wondering why is smoking bad for you; there is very little awareness about the consequences of smoking. The World Health Organization estimates that more than one billion people around the world smoke and about 8 million people die from smoking-related diseases every year. After a while, smoking can be difficult to leave, and you might experience withdrawal symptoms as well. Gradually, the negative effects of this condition can become irreversible.

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Hypnotherapy is a unique psychological phenomenon that is easy to describe. Yet, it is often incorrectly defined as a sort of black magic or false spirituality. This lack of unbiased representation leaves the majority of uneducated in this area people to reject “hypnotic wisdom” as mere made-up or nonsense, and individuals who have been entranced are generally perceived as emotionally unstable or naïve.

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Treatment for arthritis aims to relieve pain or any kind of inflammation, to ensure that the work-life of the person is not affected, advancement in disease is reduced and one can be independent as well as have a good quality of life. Hence the best treatments for arthritis would be those which fulfill these goals to the fullest extent.

How to Get Over the Fear of Flying - Philadelphia Hypnotherapy Clinic

Are you looking for the answer on How to Get Over the Fear of Flying, call Victor Tsan, MD and take advantage of hypnotherapy treatment

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments | Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic | Dr Tsan

Natural erectile dysfunction treatments retransmit eccess of to the areas of deficiency using acupuncture, homeopathy, reiki, hypnosis, etc.

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How to get over the fear of heights? This is the question that many internet users asking, hoping to find an answer that will change their life. One treatment that can answer your question about how to overcome a fear of heights is hypnosis. Fear of heights hypnosis is a method that takes advantage of the subconscious. But let us explain to you first what fear of heights is all about.

Fear of heights aka acrophobia is a medical condition when a person afraid to be on a balcony of a high-rise building or even to look through the window down.

Natural remedies for seizures - Philadelphia Holistic Clinic

For treatment using natural remedies for seizures contact Philadelphia Holistic Clinic and schedule a comprehensive holistic evaluation with Dr. Tsan.

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Treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome in allopathic medicine is usually palliative. There is no remedy for fatigue syndrome. Treatment concentrates on symptom relief. One of the most turbulent or disabling patient’s complaints to be resolved first.

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How to overcome claustrophobia is not a very frequent question because people not always refer to doctor’s help thinking that they can manage it somehow without it but claustrophobia disorder is very common and needs to be cured by professionals.

Claustrophobia is the condition, which comes from anxiety in certain situations. People suffering from this disorder struggle with the fear of enclosed spaces such as elevators, trains, and etc., and all of them are looking for the answer on how to overcome claustrophobia.

Treatment for Headaches - Philadelphia Acupuncture Clinic - Dr. Tsan & Co

Most common natural treatment for headaches is acupuncture. Other effective treatments are: homeopathy, herbs, aerobic exercises, an yoga

How To Quit Smoking Philadelphia - Best Ways To Quit Smoking

In this article Dr. Tsan will give you the clear answer to the one of the most discutable questions on the Net - How to Quit Smoking