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Updated by Joanna James on Aug 24, 2020
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5 Essentials to Pack for Your Trip to Africa – A Comprehensive List of Items

If you are planning an overland tour of Africa or just something simple like a safari holiday in Namibia you're going to need to be prepared for African life for the extension of that time. Which is why we have gathered a comprehensive list of essentials you should pack for your trip to Africa.


Water Filteration Bottle

To be on the safe side, always get your drinking water from your accommodation the likes of Avani Windhoek Hotel & Casino. The water hotels provide will be filtered and safe for drinking. However, once you are out exploring it will be harder for you to find safe water sources that are also Eco-friendly and not wasting plastic. Take a water bottle with an inbuilt filter so you know what your drinking isn't going to cause any problems later on.


Mosquito Repellent

The most important item on your list should be mosquito repellent. The risk of contracting illnesses like malaria and dengue fever are high in the tropical regions of Africa. Not to mention the scratching and the swelling that can be quite painful to bear. Make sure you take a tried and true mosquito repellent with you before you fly in.


US Dollars

Plenty of places in Africa including the best hotels in Windhoek Namibia will take US dollars for payment. While ATMs and getting cash in a reliable method can be quite difficult in the rural areas, most restaurants, shops and hotels will happily accept being paid in USD. Compared to local currencies, USD will also last longer and take your further on a dollar. Just be careful when you are carrying the cash making sure to divide it and keep it in secure and different areas of your luggage so you won't lose it all if someone steals.



Whether you are a reader or if you are not, you should have a few books with you on a trans-African expedition as there are chances that days in between when you are resting or waiting for your next tour, or when you are out in the wilderness you'd want to have entertainment that will inform and give you some respite. If you aren't partial into carrying a heavy book in your backpack, you could also invest in an e-reader where you can store multiple books. Also, what is more romantic than reading a book whilst camping in the African wilderness?


Battery Packs and Converters

Spending the nights out in the bush means that you will not have access to electricity for some time, especially if you prefer roughing it to glamping. In this case, it is a good idea to have backup battery packs and converter chargers for your phones and cameras. There are plenty of lightweight travel optioned batteries and charging devices which will do the job perfectly for you. Having a universal adapter is also a good idea especially since electric wall sockets tend to differ in certain countries.