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Hedge Fund vs. Private Equity Fund: What's the Difference?

In modern financial markets, many institutional investors allocate a substantial portion of their portfolios to alternative investments.

Which is the best Real Estate Investments?

Mr. Cherif Medawar prefers to real estate investments. Why? Know here. We hope you enjoy this video & if you do, make sure to subscribe to our channel for re...

Secrets to Investing in Real Estate

This is simply an introduction to the full disclosure arena. As a purchaser of financial products, you need to demand the all-in costs connected with your investing.

Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

Most business owners want to scale their business rapidly, but they’re not aware of what it actually takes, But if you don’t have the skills and mindset then...

How to Analyze Commercial Building Valuation?

Here is #CherifMedawar, Today we are going to learn about commercial building valuation or analysis of space. In this video, Cherif teaches us what you actua...

Investing in a Rental Property For A Tenant

If you’re an investor looking to purchase a property and you find a property that already has tenants in it paying rent, this can sound like a great deal, but should you buy a property with tenants in it, or is it better off to buy a property that is vacant and choose your own tenant?

Tips For Managing Residential Rentals With Mr. Cherif Medawar

Learn how to manage rental properties and the keys to successful rental property management!

Buying a good rental investment deal is the first step, but often what can make or break a deal is knowing how to manage rental properties.

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REI Club Interview on Commercial Real Estate with Mr. Cherif Medawar

Want to Know more about commercial Real Estate?

In this video, we talk about the differences between Commercial Real Estate and Residential Real Estate. We break down the details and I tell you which one I personally prefer. Of course, as a Realtor, you can do both so there is no need to limit yourself to only one.

The Real Estate education and business models Cherif Medawar provides basic to advanced level learning and applicable strategies for individuals with a desire to build cash flow and financial independence.

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Strategies For Buying and Selling with Successful Real Estate Model

Here are the best strategies for buying and selling any real estate property with the Real Estate Model Mr. Cherif Medawar - Author, Investor, and Hedge Fund Manager.

In this video, you are going to learn about how you can get started as an investor, a realtor in real estate just by buying and selling real estate properties.

If you are a real estate buyer, investor, agent, builder, employee or associated in real estate directly or indirectly. You can grow your real estate business.

The Benefits and Basics of Real Estate Funds | Cherif Medawar

Real estate fund is an entity formed to pool investor money and collectively purchase securities. Real estate funds invest primarily in REITs

What Is A Good Cap Rate & How To Calculate It - Cherif Medawar

what is a good cap rate and How to calculate it when you buy a property. Formula and example for capitalization rate.

What is a K-1 and How is it Used for Taxes in Private Real Estate?

K-1 and other Tax Filing particulars for Private Real Estate Owners. We help you understand and meet your federal tax responsibilities

Cash flow vs. appreciation: Which one should you choose?

Here we look at cash flow versus appreciation. Find out which one’s best when it comes to investing in Real Estate.

Grow Your Wealth Through Innovative Real Estate Investments

The real estate market has experienced some ups and downs over the last few years. As a result, many investors are looking for new ways to grow their wealth through innovative real estate investments.

The real estate market has experienced some ups and downs over the last few years. As a result, many investors are looking for new ways to grow their wealth through innovative real estate investments.

How To Invest In Commercial Real Estate In Your 30's

Being a young person, are you planning to invest in real estate? Read on here to know How To Invest In Commercial Real Estate In Your 30's

Perfect cities for Real Estate Investment | Cherif Medawar

Where To Invest In Real Estate: Lets understand the perfect and safest city for Real Estate Investment. Real Estate Investment in 2022

Commercial Real Estate Investing: How to Get Started

Steps to get started in Commercial Real Estate Investing. This investor guide can be a good place to start so you understand the CRE.

How to Setup Your Own Real Estate Fund: Key Strategies and Structures

A step-by-step guide for starting a real estate fund. Detailed analysis of launching a real estate fund. Start real estate fund.

Criteria of the Ideal Business Model | Cherif Medawar

Most of my readers know that I prefer real estate investing. I took time to compile a list of criteria for an Ideal Business Model.

REIT vs. Syndication: The Ultimate Guide | Cherif Medawar

The ultimate guide for anyone looking to understand the difference between Real-Estate Investment Trust (REIT) and Real Estate Syndication.

How Inflation is going to affect commercial real estate in a positive way

Inflation uncertainty is disrupting the commercial real estate market. Here are some of the ways it can positively affect commercial real estate.

Multifamily Real Estate Investing | Apartment Investing

The cash flow on a multi-family property beats that of a single family house. Why? Because if you own single-family property and lose your tenant, you’ve lost 100% of your income. With apartments and multifamily, you’ll always have other tenants paying while you fill the vacancy. In addition, multi-family properties let you pump out more profit with economies of scale.

Real Estate Mentor | Real Estate Expert | Commercial Real Estate Courses

Apply for Cherif Medawar's real estate mentorship program. The nation's most comprehensive commercial real estate courses.

Blue Ocean Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate Kindle Edition

Cherif Medawar's Commercial Real Estate investing books shows how to achieve lifetime additional monthly income through his techniques.