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Web Development Newyork

Here, we will share our latest blogs, ideas and services on web development in the Newyork City


Top 5 Tips to Hire a Web Development Company

Online Marketing plays crucial role in every business these days. It covers major part of world’s population which is highly active on the internet. So for initialize the online presence, we need to develop an attractive and responsive platform or website. Alto Palo works for defining up your dream website goal in a very attractive and responsive manner. Here are few important tips to hire a web development company:

  1. Portfolio help the client to understand the work of the company. It will give the brief idea of what company is capable of doing and also shows the work experience.
  2. Price is the major factor in the any project. It can be more or less but should be discussed at initial phase.
  3. Commitment is what every client wants. The company should signed the agreement and tell the estimated time when the project get completed.
  4. Goals should be clear while doing any project. It will help in achieving the desired goal.
  5. Communication should always be there with the client, it helps the client to know the status of their work.
10 Ways to Speed up Your WooCommerce Site

WooCommerce is a customizable, open-source eCommerce platform built on WordPress. Speed is a major factor for any eCommerce site. As faster loading speed of your site will give a better shopping experience. Better speed means improved SEO, enhanced ROI, and satisfied customers. Here are the top 10 ways to speed up your WooCommerce Site to the maximum and ensure that your WooCommerce store continues to make higher revenue and profits:

  1. We can use the dedicated server and good quality hosting to increase the website performance. It will keep the data on the cloud that helps for easy loading of website and run faster.
  2. Using lightweight theme for a woocommerce website. So while finalizing the theme, look for light weight featured riched theme for good performance.
  3. optimize the website images by using photoshop or any other tool. It will help you to reduce the load on the website server.
  4. Keep the technology used on the website updated. Every update is important to improve speed and performance of the website.

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Top 7 Best Python Frameworks For Machine Learning

Python is a huge collection of libraries that help serve various purposes. To help you understand more about this, here is an article that brings you the top 7 best Python frameworks for machine learning

Machine learning is considered as the most algorithm-rich field in computer science. We must be thankful to Python and its libraries, frameworks, and modules for making us overcome those days when people had to code all big algorithms for machine learning. Therefore, new applications can now be developed by writing only fewer lines of codes

Top Python Machine Learning Libraries are:

1) PyTorch

2) NumPy

3) Scikit-learn

4) SciPy

5) TensorFlow

6) Pandas

7) Theano

Google Verified Calls New Features - Protect From Scammers

Google has introduced a new feature for Android phones that helps you to authorized businesses to reach customers via phone by having their brand name and purpose for calling properly identified.

This feature is known as “Verified Calls,” which will reveal the caller’s name, logo, and a reason that what for they’re calling along with a verification symbol that indicates that the call has been verified by Google. Google’s new system provides businesses a way to share their information with consumers, along with a goal for calling on the incoming call screen.

Verified calls show a blue shield icon that highlights a checkmark. The call reason field includes messages like authenticate transaction activity, flight time changes, etc. Google declared that it does not collect or store any personally identifiable information after verification.

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Data Cleaning for Machine Learning - Best Practices & Techniques

Data Cleaning is the method of identifying the incomplete, wrong, unnecessary, incorrect, or missing part of the data and then changing, replacing, or removing them according to the specific requirement.

Data is the most important thing for Machine learning and Analytics. In Business or computing data is needed everywhere. When we are talking about real-world data, the data may contain incomplete, irregular, or missing values. If the data is corrupted then it may delay or stop the process or provide inaccurate results. Let’s discuss the importance of data cleaning.

There are many problems that are encountered while working with data:

Insufficient Data

Models that are equipped with insufficient data generally result in poor predictions which in turn leads to either overfitting or underfitting.

Too Much Data

Excessive data can either be outdated historical data i.e. too many rows or, have too many columns. This can be reduced by dimensionality reduction techniques.

Non-Representative Data

Gathered data has errors that can have a significant impact on the ML model. when the data is not biased, solved by oversampling and undersampling.

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Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers - Installation and Configuration

Eclipse is seen as the most popularly used Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for building Java applications. Formerly designed for developing a Java IDE, but the Eclipse Foundation is now offering a wide range of development tools that support many programming languages: PHP, C/C++, JavaScript, Python, etc. However, Eclipse is the best known most widely used IDE for Java development.

Steps required to Install and Configure Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers:
To install and configure Eclipse Ide for Java EE developers, first, you need to make sure that you have a proper JDK version on your machine. Install JDK for Eclipse to function properly, your system needs to have JDK installed as Eclipse makes use of JDK for Java development. The Eclipse IDE needs at least Java 11 to run. If it does not start, you need to check your Java version.

Download the Eclipse Installer
Start the Eclipse Installer
Launching Eclipse
Configuring Eclipse

Benefits of using Eclipse IDE for Web Developers

1) Easy to use
2)Code Completion
3) Refactoring
4) Syntax Checking

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Top 9 Best SEO Tools for WordPress Content Management System

In today’s time, there is strong competition in almost every field. Business proprietors aim to establish their companies or businesses apart from their competitors. They do whatever it takes to attract maximum visitors to their website. Using specific keywords and optimizing your website plays a crucial role so that your website appears in the top search results, which is known as search engine optimization. Now, there are numerous SEO tools available in the market that help in generating traffic and improving rankings.

Mentioned below are 9 best SEO plugin and tools for WordPress that will help you quickly optimize and improve your WordPress SEO.

  • SEMrush
  • Rank Math
  • HubSpot
  • Yoast WordPress SEO
  • Rankie
  • MonsterInsights
  • WP Meta SEO
  • SEOPress
  • WP Rocket

Above is a brief description of the best SEO tools that are available for free. All these tools are different in their way and own some unique features. You can use them collectively as per your need to perform SEO or can decide which one fits where.

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Top 7 Best JavaScript Libraries in Machine Learning

JavaScript plays an important role in website development. Developers use JavaScript for combining machine learning features with the browser-based application or web page. These JavaScript frameworks help in improving business growth through AI and Machine learning.

Javascript is throughout, from work to projects, enhanced by languages such as ReasonML and Typescript. Javascript Machine Learning has witnessed a leap of growth and has been evolving throughout the year of 2019 and up until now. The unbelievable growth in new technologies like machine learning has helped web developers create new AI applications in easier ways than ever. Many JavaScript-based frameworks are also being implemented in AI.

Easy Data Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2

An increasing number of online retailers are presently migrating to Magento 2 from Magento 1. This process of data migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is inspired both by strategic planning and other functional advantages. The reason why so many business owners are updating their online stores with the latest technology is that Magento will soon stop supporting its 1.x versions after 2020.

Magento 2 has been widely recognized among online merchants and e-Commerce experts. With the start of Magento 2, it has been serving infinite merchants with a collection of brand new innovative extensions and features, which plays a significant role in saving efforts and time and promotes business growth. It has support for PHP 7 and is extremely faster than Magento 1. Magento 2 serves as a number one choice for E-commerce store merchants with a user-friendly checkout method, database optimizations, and improved indexers

SEO Analysis That You Should Have Before Migrating from Magento 1 To Magento 2 Migration

Analyze Your Google Analytics
Analyze Your Google Search Console
Check Your High Performing Keywords
Fix The 404 Errors
Analyze Your Robots.txt File
Analyze Sitemap.xml File
Analyze Your Canonical Tags
Don’t Change Your Meta Tags

9 Best Ways to Optimize Mobile E-Commerce Conversion Funnel

We all know that every business profit by closing more deals and obtaining more sales, so it becomes quite clear that the better your sales funnel, the more profit you will earn. That is where the eCommerce conversion funnel comes into the role, optimizing your sales funnel, can accelerate revenue growth as it will drive a higher percentage of prospects throughout each stage.

A sales funnel can be considered as the process followed by every prospect like starting from their very first interaction with your business till the time, they become a profitable client or customer. Creating a good conversion funnel for your e-commerce site involves not just one aspect but several practices that include the complete design of your site. As the conversion funnel consists of various smaller stages, and each of them is important to make more sales.

Best Ways to Optimize Mobile E-Commerce Conversion Funnel

Understand Your Audience
Offer Convincing and Engaging Content That Answers Questions
Capture the Email Address of your Prospects
Use of Engaging Media That Makes You Stand Out
Eliminate Pop-Ups and Autoplay Videos
Always Be Willing to Lend/Give a Helping Hand
Make the Checkout Process Easy and Seamless

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Top 9 Inspiring Website Design Ideas for Website Development

Web design is defined as something with which every business has to deal with, but only design experts understand this. It is an involved discipline sometimes that can even take a lifetime to understand and master. It’s likewise a field that’s growing every second as technology keeps developing. The success of any website completely depends on how is web design and it is one of the most important factors. Many people today judge a company’s credibility based on the design of the site, this eventually also influences conversions, bounce rate, and more

Since your website is the face of your company and maximum potential customers hit your site before they look into your store, so it becomes essential to get your website designed carefully with the help of proper website design ideas. Web page design is more crucial for conversions than you think. Despite using a great conversion boosting tactic, you may not do much if it looks poor in quality.

Some best inspiring Website design ideas for Website development are:

1) Pick a Simple Design with Easy Loading
2) Easy Navigation and Communication
3) Color Trends – Color Spectrum and Imagery
4) Compatibility & Readability
5) Consistency
6) Use of Custom Illustrations
7) Full-Page Headers
8) Grid Designing
9) Engaging and Influential Stories

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8 Web Design Concepts and Principles to Increase Conversions

Web design plays a critical role in strengthening the bond between customer interaction and technology. The great design resolves problems, delivers results, and communicates a message effectively. Your visual design needs to support business goals, such as getting visitors to utilize the content or reply to the calls to action. By implementing some true design principles, you can make your website more appealing and effective in achieving your objectives thereby increasing conversions.

Your website design and layout play a very important role in your conversions. You can implement every conversion-boosting technique, however, if your web design looks poor, nothing will work.

1) Uniform Branding
2) Use Impactful Images
3) Quickly Lead the Visitor to the Expected Result
4) White Space and Clear Design
5) Consider F-Patterns
6) Optimize for Different Devices
7) Use Faces to Create Familiarity
8) Hick’s Law

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