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Updated by Joanna James on Aug 23, 2020
Headline for 7 essential items to Pack for a day at the beach with family - For a fun-filled day out at the beach!
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7 essential items to Pack for a day at the beach with family - For a fun-filled day out at the beach!

Being an excellent way to spend some quality time with your loved ones, beach trips with your family could indeed be an easy, exciting and cost-effective way to indulge in maximum fun! Here are a few things you might need and find useful for a hassle-free and enjoyable time at the beach.



Sunscreens are essential when you are planning a trip to the beach. They protect your skin from sunburns and are a necessity. But bear in mind that some of the sunscreens contain chemicals that are harmful to marine life so make sure that you buy an eco-friendly cream. Also, make sure you're your children wear them too since they are more prone to sunburns due to their soft skins


First aid kit

Remember, safety should be your number one priority and it is a must to carry at least a small first aid kit with necessary supply when you plan a trip to the beach with your family. Children often injure themselves while they engage in Beach Activities; though they might not be serious, when exposed there is likely hood of the wounds getting infected. Sandy Beach Trips travel blog suggests that you should have some bandaids, hand sanitizer, anti-inflammatory and pain medications, tweezers and a bottle of saline solution.


Sand-free mat

Designed to repel sand and made in a way that makes cleaning easy, these mats could be a lifesaver when you are at the beach. You could have a nice and dry place that is free sand to let your children having snacks and food without them chomping down the sand.


Beach umbrella

Umbrellas at the beach could come in handy for a multitude of purposes, they could offer you shade and in times if there is rain it could shelter yours. You could also relax in the shade of the umbrella if the sun gets too hot and unbearable. When you head out to purchase one, make sure that you buy an umbrella that is sturdy, lightweight and one that has vents to stay steady during high winds.


Extra towels and clothing

Make sure that you bring extra towels and additional sets of clothes for your children. Also, bring plastic/ waterproof bags to put in wet clothes as you might take a dip in the waters.


Cooler baskets

Cooler baskets that are stocked with cool beverages and ice is an absolute must for a great beach trip with your family. You could also add it homemade beverages that are bottled and properly sealed which could be much healthier and could save you some extra bucks.


Beach toys and extra baby supplies

Toys are a must for family beach trips; they could double their excitement for your kids and also keep them busy as you relax. Make sure that you bring extra diapers, baby wipes and bottled milk formula if you're bringing toddlers.

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