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Ultimate Guide to Sex Dolls and Sex Robots

DS Robotics, an offshoot of the popular adult brand DSDolls, introduced its latest invention, a 3D-printed robotic head, at VR Expo in NanChang City, China.


Here's the Tips

Here's the Tips

3D printed sex robots are still your same old sexbot. But, they are much more affordable, efficient, and realistic.

DS Robotics, an offshoot of the popular adult brand DSDolls, introduced its latest invention, a 3D-printed robotic head, at VR Expo in NanChang City, China. This took the interest of many, especially of other doll manufacturers, as the firm made use of a method that is relatively cheaper, faster, and more flexible. This is the easiest way to get a 3D-printed sex robot.

The Perks of Using 3D Printing

The traditional methods that are most commonly used are molding and casting. Now, 3D printing has been introduced in the doll-building process. Otherwise known as additive manufacturing, it is the creation of a three-dimensional object through a layering method with the use of computer-aided design (CAD). It makes use of different materials depending on the choice of the creator and can result in any design with any shape, size, and color.


Manufacturing the components of silicone-based sex dolls may be more expensive than you think. Upon hearing 3D printing, it sounds like it would be more expensive, but that is not the case at all. The large machines that are necessary for molding and casting are actually pricey just by itself. And if you were to add the labor costs for the experienced operators and technicians, then 3D printing is, without a doubt, more cost-effective.

While the equipment for 3D printing does not come cheap, it is still a practical choice as it is a single-step manufacturing process. That means that there is no need to go through various machines just for one component. The printer can do the work of many by itself. Besides, this saves up on the cost of the materials as it only uses the exact amount needed for the project. Through 3D printing, the products are not carved out of a solid block, so there are no additional labor and tools required. With this, the manufacturer can avoid unnecessarily wasting too many resources.

The rates for a sex doll start at around $6,000-$8,000 and can go higher as more features and customizations are added. Despite it being a huge investment, there are still a lot of people that are spending their money just to have one. It cannot be denied, however, that there are supposed-to-be customers that decided not to purchase a doll – although they really wanted to – because of the price. The resources and labor put into it cannot be justified by just a few hundreds of dollars, which is why the rates are not totally unreasonable.

With 3D printing, the production cost can be reduced, which may result in a lower selling price as well. Through its help, creating realistic faces and body parts for DSDoll’s AI gynoids will be considerably less expensive than before. The brand can save up on the costs for the machines, labor, and materials.


One of the biggest reasons why more and more businesses are considering 3D printing is Rapid Prototyping. It is the ability to design, manufacture, and test modified parts in the fastest way possible. If there are proposed changes, they can be applied without greatly reducing the production speed.

Using the traditional method, it takes about 80 hours to manufacture a single sex doll. Every time there are alterations, more time is added to the process. It starts with a silicone mold. Afterward, its fingernails and nipples, along with other minor details, are shaped and painted. There are also specialists that are only for the makeup and hair of the dolls. After making sure that the robots are exactly like what the customer has ordered, they are then dressed up and packaged in crates to prepare for the shipment.

However, the job can easily be done through 3D printing. The speed for the production of a part depends on its design and complexity. This method can print objects in just a few hours, which is relatively faster than molding or any other manufacturing processes involving machines.


Certain components of sex dolls were made using 3D printers to make sure that the body parts are proportionally correct and identical to the model. Through this as well, any design is technically possible without the need for additional expensive machinery and tools. The manufacturers are free to show their creativity through their design, and they can customize them with ease if they must.
As a matter of fact, 3D printing enables the construction of unique patterns and forms that are otherwise impossible for traditional methods to replicate. Some of which are hollow cavities within solid parts, as well as parts within parts. It also allows the merging of multiple materials into a single object. This results in new and exceptional colors, textures, and mechanical properties.

However, despite the exceptional ability of 3D printers to freely customize or exactly replicate the features of a model, unpermitted face blueprints were prohibited by DSDolls. The customers are not allowed to request for the production of the same face of celebrities or other people of their choice. This was implemented so that no one can create replicas of real people who may have not given their consent.

Aside from the face, the robotic skeleton of a love doll is also modeled after a real body. This is so that they can mimic lifelike human movements as well. However, instead of using the skeleton for the sexbots, DSDolls instead supported its development for the Welcome and Service robot. They are machines that are in charge to act as hostesses in shops and restaurants.


As of the moment, DSDolls offers artificial intelligence (AI) head to complement silicone sex dolls. The firm also plans to develop a robotic body in order to complete the creation of a fully functioning sexbot. Whether 3D printing will be used to mass-produce blowup dolls or not is still uncertain, but it is highly possible. After all, through this, the dolls can be constructed in a shorter amount of time, with a smaller budget, and for even better quality.


Fascinating Truths About Sex Dolls You Need To Know

Fascinating Truths About Sex Dolls You Need To Know

Sex dolls have recently been all over the news. But if you want to learn more about them, we’ll share with you some vital facts about sex dolls.

With the increasing number of sex doll owners and its boom in popularity, it’s not surprising to find more people becoming so curious about these love dolls. In the past, it wasn’t easy to find information about them because sex dolls were a taboo subject. No one wants to openly admit owning a sex doll and discussions about them weren’t done in public. Well, that is no longer the case these days, as a lot of people are becoming interested in the subject.

Everything You Need to Know About Sex Dolls

Whether you are looking to buy a sex doll or it is just out of curiosity, we’ll share with you some interesting discoveries about the sex doll world. For some people, these are quite fascinating, while others find such facts a bit alarming. Are you planning to buy sex dolls? Here's what you need to know!

Nevertheless, it is no doubt that the industry of sex doll is now far-reaching and wide. It has been greatly influenced by technology and social media, so it is probably safe to say that sex dolls are here to stay. If you want to remain up-to-date with what’s happening in the world of sex dolls, here are some interesting and insane facts about them.

Some men marry a sex doll or make them a mistress
People are getting married every day, so it’s not really something new. However, if a man marries a sex doll, that’s definitely newsworthy. A bodybuilder from Kazakhstan, Yuri Tolochko, made a decision to marry a sex doll named Margo. According to him, he first met Margo while he was visiting a bar where she was a waitress. He proposed to the sex doll after she underwent plastic surgery.

While Tolochko chose to marry a sex doll, a man from Michigan who is known as Davecat not only made one a wife but also had sex doll mistresses. Davecat lives with 3 sex dolls – one is his wife, while the other two are his mistresses. He’s a proud of owner of the sex dolls, choosing synthetic dolls over organic women to live with.

Sex dolls aren’t light

If you think that it is easy to carry around a sex doll and take it wherever you want, then you’re making a mistake. In fact, sex dolls weigh a lot that you might need an extra set of hands if you are planning to take one into your home.

These synthetic dolls can actually weigh as much as 115lbs and start at around seventy-five pounds. This is, perhaps, a common reason why not many women have their own sex doll.
Male sex dolls are also available

You can’t play with Barbie without thinking about having Ken around, so don’t be surprised to find male sex dolls becoming popular too. In fact, the demand for male sex dolls has increased steadily recently as companies seek to meet the needs of consumers of different sexualities.

Manufacturers and consumers have a common complaint, though, when it comes to male sex dolls, which is the weight. Just like female sex dolls, they are also very heavy and can weigh about 135 lbs. This means that there are a limited number of sex positions feasible for women.

A cowgirl is the common sex position because it does not involve lifting the male sex doll. Some prefer the doggy style but it requires them to tie the doll’s arms so it does not fall forward and crush them. Of course, there are strong women out there, but it’s not always fun having to do most of the work, especially with something so heavy.

Barbie, America’s most famous doll, was based on a sex doll
Barbie is often associated with kindness, beauty, sweetness, and optimism. Many young girls all over the world have played with the doll and she may have even shaped their perceptions of beauty. But, her predecessor, which is the inspiration for creating Barbie, was a different story. In fact, she was not originally intended for young girls or children.

Barbie was inspired by a doll named Lilli who was born in Germany in 1952. Although she didn’t have holes that sex dolls have today, she was erotic, sexually uninhibited, irreverent, sassy, and sort of a gold digger. She wasn’t ashamed of talking about sex. The fact that this is supposedly how Barbie was inspired is somehow interesting.

Sex doll brothels are now popular

Although brothels that mainly feature sex dolls aren’t as common as the regular ones, sex doll brothels are undoubtedly increasing in popularity. Europe has opened several of them and Japan and the United States have been influenced by the trend.

Therefore, it would not be surprising to find a lot more countries opening to the possibility of having a sex doll brothels in the future. This trend will likely continue, especially due to the belief that these kinds of brothels provide a safe alternative for people to satisfy their sexual cravings.
Those who are into RealDolls are termed ‘Dollators’

RealDolls are life-size sex dolls created by Abyss Creations designed to create the texture, weight, and appearance of the human male and female bodies. Because they are so realistic, they have become so popular that there is even a fandom around these dolls. These are the consumers who treat sex dolls as real companions.

Because they are very into RealDolls and find human women too complicated and difficult to deal with, many of these men refer to themselves as the Dollators. They treat their sex doll like a goddess and do many things with her.


You don’t know much about sex dolls until you learn about these amazing facts about them. As they become widely known and more prevalent worldwide than ever before, there will certainly be more things to add to this list. This is why it is important to continue to delve deeper into the unique world of sex dolls to remain informed.


Sex Doll Sales In Australia Have Skyrocketed During Lockdown

Sex Doll Sales In Australia Have Skyrocketed During Lockdown

Sex dolls have been booming in popularity over the recent years. But, with lockdown implementations, their sales have increased even more significantly.

The lockdown has greatly affected a large number of industries, forcing many businesses to close down. However, the case is different for sex doll makers. In fact, they have to work around the clock in order to meet the increasing demand for sex dolls during the pandemic quarantine. This is true in many countries, including Australia, where the adult toy industry has experienced a significant surge in sex doll sales. Sex dolls become in-demand. Here's why!

The Australian Upsurge in Sex Doll Sales

We have been hit hard when the news broke that we would not be able to go out to do things we would normally do in a day like going to work or meeting with friends. Students can’t go to school and several businesses were temporarily closed, if not completely shut down.
But, the case for sex doll manufacturers in Australia is different. With the significant increase in sales of sex dolls across the country, you know that there is at least one industry that is able to take advantage of the situation. Adult store owners have experienced a rise in sales just in recent months on their sex dolls.

So, what does the lockdown or quarantine measures have anything to do with this remarkable sales upsurge? While it is fantastic news for sex doll makers and adult shops, it leaves them wondering what could’ve caused this. To bring this to light, here are the possible reasons for the sudden rise in their sales in Australia.

Everyone is bored during the quarantine
For years (or for others, throughout their life) we have never had any trouble about leaving our homes to do what we’re supposed to do. Then, one day, we were told that the country is on lockdown and that we have to stay home. Travel plans had to be canceled and work should be done at home. It seemed a good experience for the first couple weeks until quarantine boredom strikes.

You become sick of doing the same thing in the same environment 24/7. You associate with the same people, but for those who are alone and living in isolation, the situation becomes worse. This has led many people, both male and female, to buying a sex doll. During the peak of stay-at-home orders, stores have continued to ship adult toys and sex dolls. Many of them are first-time buyers who want to try something new or explore their sexuality while having plenty of time to spare.
Dealing with loneliness and isolation

Social distancing caused by the ongoing pandemic can leave one feeling more isolated, bored, lonely, and stressed. Not having to go to work or do other things that usually occupy your mind and time could lead to having more gaps in your schedule. Moreover, staying at home can easily mess with your sleep and wake cycles.

One way to help with these problems is having a sexual life. A sexual activity can be helpful in passing the time. In addition, it can effectively stimulate the release of happy hormones or dopamine, oxytocin – the love hormone, and endorphins – the natural pain reliever.
But, having sex requires someone you can do the act with. Relieving the sexual tension on your own isn’t always enough. This is why those who want to enjoy a safe and satisfying sexual experience buy a sex doll.

Apart from satisfying one’s sexual desires, sex dolls have also been used as a companion for those who are feeling lonely and are just looking for companionship. In fact, many sex doll owners have been able to form connections with their lifelike partners. While it is true that sex dolls can be your ultimate sexual fantasy, they can also let you be free to be yourself without the fear of abandonment and judgment.

Couples want to explore their sex life

As mentioned, sex dolls are not only popular among single men and female customers, but also among couples who want to add excitement in their experience. Perhaps, they want to try something new after having explored a lot of things with each other due to months of isolation. Adding a sex doll in bed allows them to dig deeper into their sexuality as partners and individuals.
In Australia, stores encounter husbands and wives getting a female doll together, husbands buying a female doll with his wife and even women buying a male doll for themselves. This is now a new trend in the sex industry and while it was surprising in the beginning, it is expected to continue in the future.

Initially, sex dolls were made with male consumers in mind who want to fulfill their sexual cravings without any restrictions or reservations. However, with the changing attitude of buyers towards sex dolls, the market has evolved and the demographic has changed over the last few months.
The impact of the lockdown hasn’t all been positive
Although the lockdown has immensely benefited the sex industry, there are also noticeable drawbacks to shipping and general mobility. The demands have increased rapidly, which means multiple orders were placed every month to stores and manufacturers. Before, this shouldn’t be a problem because transporting the products was not an issue.

However, the pandemic has caused disruptions to flights and postage, which greatly affected the delivery and shipping of sex dolls. The logistics in finding flights between Australia and the manufacturer have not been easy when shipping internationally. What would’ve been taken days of shipping took weeks if not over a month or longer. Fortunately, most customers understand the situation and are willing to wait. Besides, the benefits they could enjoy of having the sex doll will outweigh the long waiting period.


Overall, the lockdown, as a result of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, has been good for the sex industry. It continues to benefit the business of manufacturing, selling, and shipping sex dolls, as well as other sex products. Whether it is for sexual purposes or to relieve stress and combat loneliness, sex dolls have clearly been beneficial to users.


The Proper Way To Clean Your Sex Doll

The Proper Way To Clean Your Sex Doll

Cleaning is a simple process since almost everyone has done it at least once. However, when it comes to sex dolls, it is anything but that.

Sex dolls are purchased mostly for pleasure purposes. However, after the owner gets to have fun with it, they must first ensure the doll’s hygiene before they can get to use it again. Like any other toys and tools, sex dolls must also be cared for so that they can play their part properly. Get the best sex robots and find here how to take care of them like your wife.

The Step-By-Step Guide for Cleaning Sex Dolls

The suitable cleaning process for love dolls is one of the most important points an owner should always keep in mind. After all, its cleanliness directly affects the one who gets in contact with it. They are the ones who will end up at a disadvantage if they don’t correctly take care of their property.

  1. Identify the materials used

There are general steps that must be followed in ensuring the cleanliness of sex dolls. However, unbeknownst to many, there are actually specific guidelines in cleaning it depending on what it is made of. There are still some that are composed of plastic, but currently, the most common materials are silicone and TPE. The manufacturer itself advises owners on how they can take care of their doll best.

Aside from identifying the substances used for the sake of cleanliness, it is also important to check if harmful chemicals were used to manufacture the doll. There is a possibility that these materials can cause long term damage to the body of the one in contact with it. There are cases that untrustworthy brands do not include the chemicals in the label, so one must look out for these situations. Therefore, what customers must do instead is to only order from a trusted supplier.

  1. Wash the doll using warm water and soap

After having sexual intercourse with your doll, it is recommended that you wash or clean it immediately. Otherwise, if it is left in its soiled state, bacteria will attach to it. This, in turn, can endanger your health. Most of the time, manufacturers suggest the ideal antiseptic for the doll. If the wrong soap is used, it may not get cleaned thoroughly. In the worst-case scenario, if harsh chemicals are used, it will result in permanent damage to the doll. With that said, only the appropriate antibacterial solution must be used along with the use of warm water.

Every nook and cranny of your love doll should be strictly cleaned, but special attention must be given to its orifices. That refers to the body parts that come in contact with the owner, such as the mouth, anus, and vagina. For easier work, but with better results, detachable vaginas are also available, and it is, in fact, sometimes recommended for easier cleaning.

  1. Wipe the doll dry Your sex doll must never be left wet or damp. Otherwise, it will be susceptible to viruses and germs. Therefore, after cleaning it, the drops of water on the surface must be wiped using an appropriate towel. Indeed, even the cloth must be carefully chosen to avoid leaving scratches and marks. It is also ideal to make use of white fabric to not cause discoloration to the doll’s skin. Make sure that the folds and joints are dried as well. Even a drop of water can lead to a big sanitation problem. That is because mold will build up on that area and it will continue to spread until eventually, the doll will start to decay.

Just wiping any dampness will not be enough to get rid of the wet areas.. And so, owners must also powder it up after using the towel to dry its whole body. Aside from guaranteeing that the doll is free of moisture, this also helps with maintaining the smoothness of the skin.

  1. Dress and put a cover on your doll

Just as how the material used for wiping is recommended to be white, the doll must also be dressed in light and white clothes for the same reason. The condition of its skin might worsen if the owner were to apply lotions and other oils to its surface. Likewise, it is not advised to expose them to perfumes and roll-ons. However, there may be products that the manufacturers allow the owners to put on their doll.

Upon purchasing a love doll, most brands provide a case for free. Or at least, appropriate covers are up on the market. There are cotton wrappers, which are used to delicately cover dolls before storing them. If it did not come with a cover or if the owner lost or damaged it, using just any material as an alternative is not recommended. Instead of keeping the doll safe from external threats, unsuitable coverings may damage the skin.

  1. Store your doll in a proper location

Although storing is only the last stage and does not seem as important as the previous steps, this is actually not the case at all. Bad storage can end up ruining all the effort you’ve exerted to keeping every inch of the doll dirt-free. The ideal storage method for dolls varies, but manufacturers can give pointers to clients.

Most of the time, sex dolls are stored in the closet. As it was mentioned before, they can get discoloration by being in contact with colored clothes, especially with the dark ones. Therefore, there must be enough space in the closet for the toy to be kept in without other clothes touching its skin. Although there are stain removers, completely eliminating the traces of the stain is not going to be easy. Alternatively, dolls can be stored in a box, as long as it is not damp or wet, of course.


Cleaning a sex doll can be quite a long and delicate process. Just washing it with soap and water would not be enough. Even wiping, covering, and storing it are not that simple. There are a lot of precautions since their skin is sensitive and they are prone to bacteria as well. So, all these steps must be strictly followed, not only for the safety of the doll but for the one who owns it too.


Instructions On Using A Sex Doll

Instructions On Using A Sex Doll

Owning a sex doll can be very exciting, especially if it’s your first time. If it is your first time, then there’s a lot to learn about how to use it properly.
There is surprisingly a lot of benefits to owning a sex doll. Even couples nowadays are considering including a sex doll into their relationship, particularly during the current pandemic due to everyone being quarantined in their own homes. So, whether you are feeling lonely at home or want to spice up your sex life with your partner, here are some instructions on how you can properly and effectively use your sex doll.

Getting Your Sex Doll Ready

After doing your research on learning all about sex dolls, a week has probably gone by as you go outside and check your mail. There, on your doorstep, is the doll of your dreams. After tracking it across the globe, from its manufacturing warehouse to its shipping facility, it is finally here.

You can barely maintain your excitement that you do not even notice the mailman. Signing the paper as quickly as Flash, you hurry inside with the box clutched in your hands. Before you know it, you’re already unboxing and assembling your doll. Find out here how to get a sex doll and how to maintain them.

Step 1: Transport the package to your designated space

Do not be surprised at how heavy the package is. Most full-size sex dolls weigh between 50-70 pounds plus the packaging weight. As an estimation, your product may weigh up to 80 pounds. You might also need help when moving the package from the bottom to the top floor if you have stairs in your home. It would be better if you have a close friend who you can trust. If not, you can tip the delivery guy into helping you.

Step 2: Use a boxcutter to safely open the package

Cut the tape along the top edges of the box using a boxcutter. If that is not available, then you could also use a pair of scissors or a kitchen knife. Make sure that you do not cut too deep so that you can avoid cutting into your new toy.

Step 3: Unpack the doll’s head and other accessories
Inside the box, there is a ball-sized sphere covered in packing foam – this is the head of the doll. Carefully remove that foam wrapping and take the head off its bag. The package will additionally include clothing, storage system, and cleaning tools.

Set these aside for now for future use.

Step 4: Unpack the doll’s body

The next item to unpack is the doll’s body. Again, it is extremely important to be mindful when cutting the foam that the body is wrapped in. It can be helpful to watch tutorial videos on YouTube for this part if you need a boost in confidence.

Step 5: Attach the head to the body (and other accessories)
Once you’ve unpacked the body, lift the doll out of the box and carefully place it on the floor. It is advisable to use a blanket so as to secure the doll. Then, carefully attach the head to its body and put on its wig. After this step, your doll is ready for use.

Making Love With Your Doll

After going through all of your set up, you are now up to the main event of purchasing a sex doll – the sexual pleasure. Although there are some exceptions, sex dolls are designed for the purpose of giving you plenty of pleasurable experiences for years to come.

Made of silicon, every sex doll comes with fully functional genitals. Most dolls offered can either opt for a removable or fixed genital. The process works pretty much the same as a real human’s genitals. You position yourself the way you like and penetrate the doll the way you normally do. Moreover, you can also finish inside of the doll.

In addition, anal sex with a doll can also be as pleasurable as the real thing. Product engineers have made it possible to experience anal sex for both male and female dolls. Although oral sex differs from a person to a doll, the experience does not make it less fun. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about straining the doll’s neck or any gag reflexes.

One thing to keep in mind is to use lubrication, even if it is a doll you’re having sex with. Most people prefer to use lubricants to make the experience worthwhile and more realistic. If you want to do this, make sure to use a water-based lubricant. Oil-based or silicone-based lubricants can damage your dolls and cause staining. KY Jelly and Astroglide are two examples of water-based lubricants.

Dressing your sex doll

This is the part where opinions may vary. If you could not care less about how your doll is dressed, then you do not have to read on. However, if you are interested in acting out fantasies and role-plays, then this is a short guide for you.

Most dolls are petite. It is advisable to know your doll’s measurements before buying costumes in a store. It is also good to buy cheap clothes first to try out the measurements. Safety pins are very handy in case the size does not fit your doll. For some people, they enjoy accessorizing their dolls with nice bracelets and anklets, as well as other pretty trinkets. Giving it new wigs can also spice things up.

Cleaning your sex doll

Aside from the case that comes with the doll, you can also purchase storage cases online or in stores. Both silicone and TPE are temperature sensitive. Your sex doll will be fine as long as it’s kept within a reasonable range of temperatures. It is recommended to have it stored in good ventilation.

Just remember to keep your doll clean and sanitary as much as possible. There are cleaning tools and instructions that come with the doll if you need help in this area. For example, one is the vaginal irrigator. To use this, you simply fill the bulb syringe with water and insert it into any parts you’ve used.


It is true that sex dolls aren’t cheap. Through this guide, you are ensured that your product can last for years by knowing how to take care of it, thus making your purchase worthwhile. If you follow the correct steps and read the manuals thoroughly, then you can spend the rest of your days enjoying your new lifelike sex toy.


How To Celebrate The Holidays With A Sex Doll

How To Celebrate The Holidays With A Sex Doll

Sex dolls are not only for sex. With enough enthusiasm, users can involve them more in their daily living—especially now that the holidays are fast approaching.
For some owners, sex dolls are considered as a companion not only in bed but also in other activities that allow them to bond with each other and build a deeper relationship. In that same way, these realistic silicone partners provide company to their users, particularly to those who live alone. Having regard to that, spending the coming holidays may become less of a dread and more of something to look forward to for these owners—since they will no longer be by themselves during this joyful season.
Making the Holidays Even Happier with Sex Dolls
No one would want to celebrate Halloween, Christmas, and New Year if it meant alone-time. Unfortunately for most people who live solitarily, this is often the scenario. But, it does not have to always be like that, right? Thanks to sex dolls, these people can still enjoy the holidays just like everybody else. This article explores different ideas that will allow users to feel the spirit of holidays with their special someone—their love dolls.
Wear couple costumes
It has been a tradition during holidays—specifically Halloween and Christmas—to dress up. In one way or another, wearing costumes of fictional or horror figures and pulling off Christmas-themed attires allow people to get into the vibe of the celebration and enjoy themselves during the most wonderful time of the year. Get the best sex doll for a wonderful holiday season.
Still, the fun can be turned up a notch by dressing up in matching outfits. For Halloween, owners and their sex dolls can transform themselves into book and movie characters, animals, or even objects. They can also be more adventurous by mixing up attires to create new and unique ones. Apart from that, users can decide the ideal costume for their silicone partners based simply on their preference. There are countless options to choose from.
As for the Christmas season, one of the most common and recommended ways to dress up is by wearing Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus-inspired couple attires. However, since owners will most likely spend their day inside the house with their love dolls, there is no stopping them from going all out and be Santa Claus to their dolls. That way, whether their partners have been naughty or nice, they can give them what they deserve.
Regardless of the costumes owners and their sex dolls will wear, it is important to make sure that both of them will be enjoying every moment of the holidays together. They can proceed with the traditions of the events or improvise by doing things that will put smiles on their faces.
Visit the home cinema
A romantic night with movies does not get old. Owners can end the day by watching favorite movies or discovering new ones with their sex dolls beside them. The movies can be themed in line with the holiday to add more thrill. After all, there is no better time to see horror movies than in Halloween. Similarly, films about Christmas hit differently when viewed during the season.
To make this gesture even more special, they can set up a home cinema inside the house and alter the lights to mimic those in real cinemas to build the mood. But they can also go another extra mile by bringing their movie marathon in the backyard—especially in Halloween. In doing that, users can take the couch out and add pillows to make sure that they will be comfortable. The lights will not be a problem because that is what candles are for.
Again, it is still vital to guarantee that even with just the company of their silicone partners, users will have a great time spending Christmas, Halloween, and other celebrations in this way.
Put up decorations together
For most families, the holidays will never be complete without decorations up around the house and even out in the backyard or porch. This gets better when everyone is contributing to complete the task.
Owners, who need new decorations, can load their love dolls into their car and let them tag as they go out and buy. That may feel much like having their inanimate partners come with them to shop. Once done, both of them can then begin working together in decorating a Christmas tree as well as hanging lights in various areas of the house.
Decorating for Halloween, meanwhile, can be more exciting. Unlike Christmas decorations that are often straightforward, there are many things that users and their partners can get busy with to give their house a Halloween vibe. Pumpkins, toilet papers, and makeshift cobwebs are only a few of their available options.
Do not forget the gifts
It is not holidays without gifts. Thus, owners must always remember to make or buy their love dolls presents to remind them of how much they are appreciated. They might as well buy one for themselves—because that would be what their partners want. With that, they can exchange gifts during the holidays and relish the joy of giving.
Notwithstanding, the presents should be appropriate for the celebration. Owners can give witch socks, batty gift, witch’s survival kits, among others to their dolls to match the Halloween theme. On the other hand, ideal gifts during Christmas can include a customized sweater with their doll’s favorite color, a zodiac sign necklace, among others.
There is no use in being alone these coming holidays—more so for those who own sex dolls. In case it is not yet obvious, they can be a lot more than partners in bed. One just needs the right amount of imagination to think of ways to spice up the holidays with their sex dolls. The ideas presented above require only minimum adjustments and planning to be pulled off. What is more, they can all be done within the confines of a house so no need to worry about others. It is just right that these special events are celebrated with a special someone—and that is what sex dolls can also become.


Why The Spike In Sex Doll Purchases

Why The Spike In Sex Doll Purchases

Sex doll sales are now on the rise since lockdown has begun last March to the point wherein one company is hiring more staff to assist customers’ demands.
Sex Doll Genie which sells and manufactures dolls has received hundreds of purchases in the last couple of months. This was more than usual since it was estimated that the sales increased by 51.6% in February and March. There is also a 33.2% yearly growth in orders by couples. The company’s co-founder, Janet Stevenson, stated that they had manufactured dolls in inventory. However, they needed to work as quickly as possible to keep up with the orders. They are hiring new positions for customer service and management roles to meet the demands.
Causes of Increased Sex Dolls Sales
The facts are staring at the society in the face. In the midst of the pandemic, people have become isolated as they are confined in their homes. No doubt, this has caused loneliness for many people. Different books about sex, robots, and science have explored the connection of sex dolls to single men and women. However, sex dolls are also demanded by couples to spice things up in their relationships.
History would reveal that people are naturally wired to attribute human characteristics to objects. For instance, Joseph Weizenbaum’s ELIZA was an artificial intelligence and language supercomputer that evolved in 1966. Although it was nothing compared to the AI the modern world has today, people were still hooked with the idea of interacting with a computer instead of humans.
Humans' fascination with robots
In the book Love and Sex with Robots by David Levy, studies about robotic pets had shown that a number of test subjects recognized real connections and feelings toward the robotic companions. Naturally, people wanted to perceive their machinelike animals as real human beings for their satisfaction. You have to rush before the best sex dolls run out of supply. Learn how to get one here.
If people could associate emotions toward their robotic animals, it is not impossible to feel connected to human-like dolls. While it is true that owning technologies for sexual pleasures creates a condemning stigma, it does not make these dolls lesser than other adult materials. People need to perceive sex dolls as another sex toy. Once people become more accustomed to it, increased sales would mean differently.
Available sexual pleasure
Another sex doll manufacturer, CMG Leisure, finds themselves deficient in the workforce department at the start of the coronavirus pandemic. It is possible that during this lockdown, people are vulnerable to feelings of loneliness and seclusion. The company is offering other sex products to satisfy the customers’ needs.
The company’s wand vibrator costs a hundred dollars. The spike in the sales can be conveyed to people treating themselves with other available products when other sources are currently limited. On the other hand, a life-sized sex doll costs about $800 while high-end ones cost $8,000. Many people are interested in buying one, however, it is undeniable that sex dolls are extremely expensive.
Led by curiosity
Other than seeking pleasure, people are perhaps led by curiosity. Many sex doll retailers reported that the increase in sales was due to the customers' attitude to exploring something new. Sex Doll Genie stated that they were accommodating orders not only from single people but couples as well who were experimenting with new things to liven up their relationships.
The old stereotype of sex dolls being owned by lonely men and women is now becoming inaccurate. What people can see in society nowadays is couples bringing in a sex doll to their bedroom. The increase in demand has brought positive perceptions to people owning sex dolls. It has now become typical for a person to own one—whether they are in a relationship or not.
What Would Happen to the Sex Doll Industry
In spite of the increase in sales and society becoming more open-minded to these sex toys, it is still debatable whether the industry will maintain its popularity for a long time. Perhaps, the sales will decline when circumstances approach the new normal. The need for robots as companions might be less likely when people are allowed to gather once again. Various opinions are divided in the society regarding preferences to having sex dolls. Nevertheless, people are opting to buy sex dolls these days.
It is commendable to take note that the sex doll industry is reporting a positive spike in sales. For the niche market, production is currently stronger than it ever was before. Although situations regarding the new normal need to be improved, there is still a positive side to this pandemic, especially for business owners.
Statistics and surveys
For instance, a survey distributed in Adult FriendFinder showed that 12% of the members stated that they were more interested in buying a sex doll during the pandemic. Five percent of the people that were surveyed shared that they would definitely buy a sex doll as soon as possible to cope with isolation. On the contrary, 62% agreed that sex dolls could not replace a person’s touch, therefore, they were not planning to buy one.
Dr. Kate Devlin, the author of Turned On: Science, Sex, and Robots, wrote that she did not expect sex dolls to become mainstream. She was more interested in the ongoing phenomenon of people buying sex dolls for companionship and those who were seeking innovation. The reasons for what makes people interested in sex dolls drive her to further study on the workings of this market industry.
As history shows, people are already drawn to automatons and robotic companions—from animals and now to dolls. Naturally, humans are wired to try out different alternatives when one is not available. Sex dolls are good replacements when one is looking for a sexual partner. The market is currently receiving positive reviews from sex doll owners. No doubt that sex dolls will become mainstream in the near future. The prejudice against these sex toys would soon vanish as people become more accustomed to them. In this isolation, a person needs someone beside them.


South Korean Government Faces Backlash On Sex Doll Controversy

South Korean Government Faces Backlash On Sex Doll Controversy

Sex dolls have been the trend right now. With the industry’s rising sales, people’s sex lives are starting to be on another level. But South Korea begs to differ.
A petition calling for a suspension on the sale of sex dolls to South Korea has happened in August of 2019. This petition was made based on what they called "corrupting public morality" and has even garnered a quarter-million signatures. Many were troubled by government departments enforcing import bans on dolls which are permitted in South Korea under regulations that forbid materials which "corrupt public morality".
The Sex Doll Ban in Korea
The High Court of Seoul claimed in January that love dolls are for personal purposes and should therefore be viewed differently from porn. As one knows, pornography is highly limited under the South Korean regime. The verdict was also affirmed in June by the Supreme Court. Learn how to get sex dolls here.
Government Ruling
An uproar of the citizens has stirred as they wait for the viewpoint of Moon Jae-in. As the president, Moon Jae-in is expected to acknowledge the petition that has been arranged anonymously. This petition has also garnered 237,000 signatures from the citizens who were against the decisions made by the court. The petition sent to the Blue House argues that an increase in sex doll sales would go quite well together with a rise in sexual offense cases.
An Incheon Main Customs spokesperson stated that they had approved imports from Japan. However, they were still looking into whether they would need to release imported dolls from China. The chief dealer, who opposed the earlier decision of the customs department, claimed that it did not include the total amount of sex dolls transported into South Korea. However, Lee Sang-jin also said that a lot of people had been going overseas to bring back love dolls following the court's decision.
The prices of life-sized sex dolls may range from around a million Won ($840) to 20 million Won ($16,750). Although this depends on selections and components such as silicone skin, eye color, and body heaters to make them almost like a real person. The publisher of the petition contended that perhaps the customizable aspects of certain dolls can be utilized to make clones of actual humans, a concern that Lee denied as baseless.
Emerging Conflict
In these past years, sex toys have also become predominantly trendy among South Koreans. Businesses selling women's and men's vibrators drew large customers in university regions, and prominent South Korean stores namely Shinsaegae and E-mart also started selling sex toys in 2018.
However, as per the critics, sex dolls are not your regular sex toys. The South Korean government is not pursuing a sex revolt by authorizing the importation of silicone dolls (the government suspended 895 pornographic websites in 2018). Several other users on Twitter prefer to name these objects "rape dolls" instead. Additionally, the initial petitioners say they would give rise to even more sex offenses. For your information, sex crimes have now become a hot issue in the aftermath of the #MeToo campaign in South Korea.
In the online petition, several people have voiced their opinions. Some questioned the beliefs of those who are pro-sex doll import, asking if they think that the use of dolls minimizes the cases of sex crimes. Contrary to this, others who are not fulfilled with the unmoving dolls are inclined to commit sex offenses targeting real women. Moreover, petitioners believed that these dolls appear to severely violate human dignity.
Many South Korean feminist organizations are also opposed to the use of sex dolls, particularly if they appear to look like children. A member of the Korean Women's Association United, who demanded confidentiality for fear of consequences, also said love dolls are specifically in sync with misogyny.
According to the member, it regards women as sex objects, and that there are a lot of issues arising out of this. One issue which is being addressed by attorneys here is that there is presently no rule on the customization of dolls. A man could modify a doll to resemble a friend's or a child's face.
Legal Defects
As far as the manufacturers of silicone dolls see it, sex dolls are still a personal decision. The backlash relating to Lee Sang-jin' was a "gender battle," noting that retailers also offer male sex dolls. Additionally, Lee Joon, the founder of the company, said that the removal of bans on total-bodied sex dolls merely cleans up arbitrary legislation and encourages distributors to become more open.
Even before the legislation was modified in June 2019, businesses were mostly permitted to manufacture sex dolls which were separate body parts, such as torsos, thighs, butt, or genital. Only full-body silicone dolls were forbidden from being shipped, and several of them were being smuggled in and marketed under the disguise of plastics or mannequins. However, total-bodied sex dolls that were built and produced in South Korea were also legal.
Lee Joon believed that most public leaders just didn't want to accept criticism or assume accountability for authorizing full-bodied love dolls. For him, It was like the only thing they can hang on to. However, several people he met during fairs abroad, including American and Japanese vendors, always question him: "Isn't it more disgusting to have sex using only human body parts? Isn't full-bodied sex dolls just much more normal?" This has been a persistent double standard in Korea. However, their ethical rationalizations for the dolls are also being questioned.
Lee Joon reports that there are about 10 businesses actively importing and exporting sex dolls in South Korea. Despite the dispute, he sees quite a promising future for the selling of sex dolls. He looks forward to the coming years in which digital models will express complex feelings.
With the divided opinions of the citizens, it is still a blur whether or not the people will choose to be more open one day. This controversy may lead to the acceptance of the idea that sex dolls are just normal toys used for simple pleasures. But if not, South Korea may remain to be the same traditional and conservative country that it is.


Things You Should Never Compromise For Your Relationship

Things You Should Never Compromise For Your Relationship

Being in a relationship means being together whom you love and trust, but that does not guarantee you and your partner are one person now. You might have the same interests, ideas, and outlook, but spending time together in exaggeration will lead to more harm than good. Here's the top 10 sex dolls in the market.

You and your partner deserve "me time" once in a while. Read your favorite book, watch a Netflix series, or catch up with your friends--take time responding to your needs and wishes for some time.

Having personal time can unveil the things you wanted to do to strengthen your relationship. At some point, having a repeated pattern for your relationship might turn any of you take for granted. The "me time" will make both of you miss each other and be excited to talk when you meet again.


You deserve respect, and even your partner should respect you. Whatever the scenario both of you are in, your partner does not have the right to swear at you or speak ill about you. Not only you but also for your circle. Here's the best way to maintain your sex dolls.

You don't need to defend your partner when they disrespect your loved ones or other people. It simply shows his or her character issues that might be worse when not called. You might end up being hurt or share the same behavior.

If your partner does not respect you the same as you respect them, you should take a little time to reflect upon your relationship. Not all the time hurtful words are the truth. Stop romanticizing that thought to save your relationship. You don't need to take in all the pain and question your self-worth later on.

Remind your partner to set higher standards and expectations to respect you, and you should do the same. Having a good and intimate conversation and the benefit of the doubt can fix this sort of problem. Don't wait for the time that you cannot take in all the things your partner is doing to you. You can go back to setting your limitations with your partner so that you can respect each other.


When in love, it is often to overlook the red flags and signs that your partner is not the perfect person you imagined, like in your favorite fairytale. It is why you should set your limitations and deal clearly with your partner at the very start. It will make your relationship a safe space for both of you--having good mental health and will increase your self-esteem in the long run. Let your relationship be the environment that flourishes, make you feel loved, and valued. Compromising decisions should be sound. It would help if you were guarding yourself, and your partner must do the same not to trigger the off-limits of each other. Thus, open communication and addressing your expectations and limitations are the most appropriate tool for healthy relationships.


Millennials On The Topic Of Sex And Why It Is On A Decline

Millennials On The Topic Of Sex And Why It Is On A Decline

Mankind had always been good at spreading their seeds ever since they started living together in communities, and this isn’t referring to agriculture, by the way. Here's the list of the best sex dolls with supreme quality.

Sex, making love, “going at it,” whatever you may call it, it all boils down to one single word: pleasurable. Engaging in sexual intercourse had always been held in high regard, even back in the earlier days of civilization. Numerous sex trends have also risen in the past resulting in a sexual boom like in the case of Baby Boomers and other sexual kinks throughout time. However, it looks like the most recent sex trend is different from the other instances throughout history, and rest assured, it’s quite historic.

Recent studies from the journal of Archives of Sexual Behavior suggested that a new trend may be up and coming. According to the study, research indicates that there has been a significant dip in the numbers of sexually active millennials. The factors behind the numbers are pretty unclear for now, though, but there have been numerous speculations. Would this new trend lead to something alarming in the future, or is this the beginning of something new? Continue reading the article to find out more about everything about this topic.

The Science Behind All of It

The numbers don’t lie, and Archives of Sexual Behavior has the needed statistics to back up such a finding in this generation of sex research. The study goes that people born around the 1990s, classified as millennials, have been studied to be twice as sexually inactive compared to the preceding generations. Further statistics indicated that there had been massive changes in the number of sexual partners, the number of times having sex, and the number of times having sex after 18. How to get the best sex dolls in the market? Here's a step-by-step guide.

Not-so sexy statistics

One of the biggest numbers stated in the study was the percent of people in High School engaging in sexual intercourse throughout the years. Based on the journal, back in 1991, it was reported that a whopping 54.1% of teens in high school have engaged in sex. This number wasn’t at all mind-boggling since back then, there was only so much you could do to kill time however, what’s interesting are the 2015 numbers. During such a year, the percentages have dropped by 12.9%, having 41.2% of high schoolers having sex instead much lower than their counterparts in the 90s.
If that wasn’t enough to indicate a dip in the sex trend, take into consideration the numbers that changed in the number of sexual partners. On average, Baby boomers or people born from 1946-1964 have 11 lovers in bed throughout their whole sex life. For Gen-X or people born from 1965-1980, the average is at 10. Meanwhile, for millennials, it’s down to 8.
Millennial behavior

Due to the surprising change in the numbers throughout the years, researchers wonder if it goes deeper than the lack of sex drive. Considering the decreased sexual activities, decrease in sexual partners, and a 9% increase in not having sex since reaching 18, clearly, there’s more to this. Researchers behind the study have hypothesized that millennial behavior has a lot to prove for such a trend.

According to the report, it has been suggested that the presence of smartphones and dating apps has played a massive part in the statistics. Due to the speed of romance in the present times, you might think that it would be easier to have sex on the get-go. Actually, it gets more complex than that. Since there has been an increase in people opting for a more intimate relationship, waiting for sex just got more serious.


What Is The Sexual Life Of Transgenders

What Is The Sexual Life Of Transgenders

Transitioning to be the person you want to be and accept the person you truly are inside is a difficult process. It may mean a huge thing and a big step to you as an individual, but it may come as a great shock to some. Judgment and prejudices come like freely moving water. Unknowingly, some trans may even be victims of abuse; sexually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Here's the list of the best sex dolls in the market.

Living in a world where people judge you by what you are, how you act, and how you decide can be very tiresome. Pleasing people can be emotional and mental abuse, especially to transgender people. Exerting effort just to conform to society's norms can be dreary and, more often, the cause of mishaps.

People of the LGBTQ community battle and fight this war, exhausting themselves of all their means just to be heard and respected. Despite the abuse and judgment they receive, they still prefer to live an open and joyous life. Many transgender people even explore the bliss of intimacy, notwithstanding other’s discrimination.

Sexual Transformation of Trans People

Being able to enjoy life intimacy and desire is important for most individuals, including transgender people. This is one way which makes them complete and satisfied. An important aspect of a person's well-being in many ways affects their attitude, character, and how they are around other people. This is a major role that keeps them motivated and euphoric.

Transitioning into an identity that you truly felt within is a challenge. Accepting your true self and barring it to the world is a contest between yourself and others. There might be a feeling of something that is lacking in you, which is completely understandable and normal. Being born under the wrong body while sexually active can be weird and difficult. Top-of-the-line sex dolls are waiting for you. Check this out.

That is why there are trans people who opt to undergo surgery to somehow feel the completeness they desire. Most burn their cash to truly transition into who they want to be, undergoing different types of surgery to change not just their gender but their sexuality to satisfy their sexual needs.

Mental health is the top priority

Before fully and physically transitioning into your gender identity, a specialist will first check your mental status. Checking how fit you are to undergo major changes in your body.

Sex reassignment surgery

This is a surgery wherein a transgender person undergoes to change his or her genitalia. This is most likely done to affirm their gender identity.

Hormone therapy for trans

Women transitioning to men take male hormones, which makes them masculine. Men transitioning themselves to women take female hormones, which makes them more feminine.

Chest restructuring surgery

This is a surgical procedure where a female transgender person transforms into a male. Removing both breast tissues and making alterations in nipple placement.

Metoidioplasty aesthetic surgery

This is a process where the clitoris of the female is removed and changed into a penis. This process may take a few hours to be completely done. Usually, this takes 2-5 hours to finish.


7 Reasons Why There Are Sex Doll Instagram Influencers

7 Reasons Why There Are Sex Doll Instagram Influencers

The times when pet influencers on Instagram were still uncommon are now in the past. Currently, even sex dolls have been gaining the attention of thousands on the platform. This trend is rooted in The Doll Forum or TDF, a special place for doll owners for about two decades now. It has over 70,000 members, and its purpose is to share creative photographs of sex dolls. Here's how to get the best sex dolls in the market.
Taking photographs of sex dolls is no easy work. Making the skin look authentic takes advanced skills in both capturing the subject and editing the raw photos. For that reason, amateur photographers find the job challenging. Besides the photoshoot, other tasks such as choosing the best theme and outfit and changing their poses are also present. Both can not only be tricky but expensive as well.
With that said, why is it then that owners still make an Instagram account for their sex dolls and make them act as influencers? There are many reasons for that, and it varies from person to person. Amongst the countless motivations for them to do so, here are seven of the most common ones.
1. Many like taking pictures of appealing subjects
Sex doll brands are constantly on the journey to make sure that their products look as attractive as possible. After all, among many of their main goals is to arouse potential customers with the dolls they sell. Their skin is fair and devoid of imperfections, their facial features impeccably complement their face, and their body proportion is the definition of sexy. Here's the list of high-quality sex dolls.
For that reason, many sex doll owners make the decision to start an Instagram account. They treat their silicone companions to be more than sex objects, and they want to capture their beauty on camera. If they can share that delight with others who are also interested through Instagram, why shouldn’t they do so?
2. Sex doll owners are drawn to the challenge
As mentioned, being a photographer of sex dolls can take a lot of work, effort, and money. When it comes to people who love both the subject and consider photography their hobby, making their dolls into influencers fuels their passion.
There are photo challenges posted on TDF, and that’s also one of the many reasons why numerous owners start an Instagram account for their dolls. The ultimate honor of being declared as the best in the posted challenges is being featured in CoverDoll. That’s basically the sex doll counterpart of the Playboy Magazine.
3. To earn money as a model or photographer
If real human influencers can use the platform for monetization, so can sex dolls. That can be done in many ways. One of which is to be a brand ambassador. There have been many dolls on Instagram that have been scouted by adult clothing brands to promote their products.
Another way to gain money from this venture is to be hired as photographers for other sex dolls. There have been instances in which doll manufacturers and owners have contacted the influencers and asked if they can get a photoshoot.


Why You Need to Turn Your Sex Doll Into Instagram Influencer?

Why You Need to Turn Your Sex Doll Into Instagram Influencer?

Images and videos with sex dolls as the subjects aren’t easy to produce and perfect, which is why it only makes sense that they are not for free. However, there isn’t really a market for sex doll porn, so erotic photos and films aren’t ideal for monetization. Here's the list of the best sex dolls in the market.

Nonetheless, many doll owners still continue to do so. That’s because, beyond money, they want others to see sex dolls as appealing. They use their skills in photography, videography, and editing to make that happen. Doll owners then share their creations on Instagram and entice people to look at their other works.

The roleplay improves their relationship with their dolls

Creating an Instagram account for their sex dolls and making them into influencers gives depth to their doll’s character. It will seem like they have their own lives, go through different experiences, and has other sex doll influencer friends that they interact with. It has helped owners form deeper connections with their dolls and make spending time with them feel more real. Get high-quality sex dolls using this trick.

The sex dolls Instagram influencers write the captions in their posts in their perspective. When other dolls reach out to them, they also converse in the same manner. They can either share tips or just talk about what interests them.

For doll owners to find others with the same interests

Most owners whose sex dolls are influencers on Instagram have experienced people messaging their dolls for nudes and the likes. Fortunately, others are merely supportive, and most of the time, they are also sex doll influencers.

Sex doll owners are given a chance to form connections with those who truly support their interests as it is, not only for the sexual bits. They give and receive genuine compliments that they can’t otherwise experience if their dolls weren’t famous on Instagram.

To send a message that dolls are more than sex objects

If some owners want to make people appreciate how sexually attractive dolls can be, some want to change the norm. They want the public to look at sex dolls and also consider them as subjects of pure affection.

The photographs don’t always have to be sexy. Not all doll influencers expose their body; some are only photographed to show their charm. They want to break away from the sexual focus and start opening others’ minds that those silicone beauties are not only for pleasure but also for warming the heart.


Although there are already countless sex doll influencers on Instagram, society still has a long way to go before the dolls become accepted. It doesn’t have to be by everyone, but just by the majority, at the very least. That way, doll owners won’t be judged for merely sharing what they love or living with what makes them happy. Sex doll influencers may not yet be openly accepted for now, but they will undoubtedly soon be.