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Updated by Joanna James on Aug 20, 2020
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5 Incredible Things to do in Xiamen - For a holiday to remember!

Located on the southeastern coastal region of China, Xiamen is a port city that is composed of two islands. Home to an impressive skyline and an assortment of attractions the city has become a popular travel destination on china. If you are planning to visit here anytime soon here are a few attractions you should consider visiting.


Gulangyu Island

Located south-west of Xiamen City, The island is very popular among travellers for its stunning natural scenery, ancient buildings and cultural sites such as temples and monuments. With the arrival of European settlers to the island in the year, 1842 numerous wester style mansions and cathedral started to emerge and most of these sites can still be seen as you explore the island. Being a small island the entirety of it can be easily explored by foot and taking a stroll around the island taking in the natural vistas and experiencing the local life will certainly be a memorable experience.


South Putuo Temple

With formidable mountain cliffs in the background and quaint sea upfront, the South Putuo Temple is located amidst captivating views! Being a popular pilgrimage site the temple is frequented by Buddhist from around the country. It is believed that the temple was constructed during the Tang Dynasty which makes it over 1000 years old. Being a site that is both culturally and historically significant the site is regarded as a national treasure and thousands of tourists visit here annually. The temple is also home to an impressive array of stores, paintings, sculptures and numerous other works of art. If you have planned your stay at any of the Xiamen accommodation options the likes of Somerset Software Park Xiamen you can reach the temple by taxi or opting for transportation directly from your hotel by reaching out to the front desk.


Hulishan fortress

Located in the southern region of Xiamen perched on top of Huli Hill, Hulishan fortress was built in 1894 during the reign of Qing Dynasty. The fortress is known for its meticulously designed fortifications which include an array of 50 iron cannons. Among the cannons, the 288mm Krupp Cannon stands out from the rest with its massive size for which it has been recorded in the Guinness book of world records as the world's largest coastal artillery of 19th century. The fortress also offers an impressive view of its surroundings which includes the notable landmarks of Xiamen City and the sea. Being an iconic site in Xiamen the fortress certainly comes in as a must-visit site.


Earth Buildings of Yongding

Yongding - a region located at proximity to Xiamen was home to a unique ethnic group called the Hakka People who live in iconic earthen buildings. Boasting a unique architectural design, these structures cannot be seen anywhere else on the planet! They still remain occupied in these regions and the structures remain intact and well preserved till date. Travellers who visit Xiamen will have to journey a few kilometres from the city to see these villages and visiting these site and seeing these buildings in person will certainly be a worthwhile experience!


Jimei School Village

Located at the very heart of the Xiamen city, the Jimei School Village is one of the major tourist destinations in the region. Boasting immaculate views and a host of attractions the region is home to a myriad of educational institutes. These include universities, colleges primary and secondary schools and kindergartens. The village was established by Tan KahKee – a philanthropist in 1913. The region spans over 100,000 sq. meters and some of its notable attractions are the Returnees Garden, Turtle Garden and the former residence of Mr Tan Kah-Kee.

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