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Updated by Dhruba Poudel on Aug 20, 2020
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The 5 Best places to live in 2020!

Here are the lists of fantastic places to live the dream in 2020. This article includes the best places to live in the states of America which include Texas, Dallas, Oregon, Vermont, and New York.

Living in Texas

Popularly known as the Lone Star State, Texas is a dynamic state bursting with diversity. Its story began in the year 1519 when Spanish conquistadors began settling in the region that was populated by numerous tribal cultures.
Since then, people have been loving what Texas has to offer and today, it is the second populous state in the United States.
Texas is the only state that entered the United States by treaty instead of territorial annexation. Flags of six different countries(Spain, France, Mexico, Republic of Texas, Confederate States, and the United States) have flown over it and it was even an independent nation from 1836 to 1845.

Driven by factors including the weather, the economy, numerous opportunities, the vast land, and the welcoming environment, people move to Texas from all over the country, and the world. But before you decide to move here too, let’s break down the pros and cons of living in Texas.


Living in Dallas

The secret is out — Dallas rocks, and everyone is moving there. Why? Well, to start, the economy is ablaze like a giant recession-proof torch. There are endless things to do, and Texans are irresistibly friendly and down-to-earth.

Living in Vermont

Vermont is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts. Many Vermonters live active lifestyles, whether because they choose to be active in their leisure time or because they work in the state's agricultural sector. The state has plenty of outdoor places such as national and state forests, parks, and campgrounds. Though it’s a landlocked state, Vermont still has a seaside feel along Lake Champlain. If you’re used to living near a body of water, consider moving to Burlington or another community on the lake.


Living in Oregon

World-class food and drink, clean air, plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities, and access to the beach, mountains, and high desert are just a few reasons to live in Oregon.


Living in New York

Whether you are planning to move to NYC any time soon or you are just curious about what it is like to live in the city that never sleeps you can find below some of the most common reasons why people decide to relocate to NYC.

– Various career opportunities. Many of the newcomers choose to move to NYC because it offers plenty of new job and career opportunities. If you want to make a step forward in your career and move from another country or state to NY, you’ve come to the right place! As it turns out, New York City attracts lots of working professionals, so you may be interested in moving to Manhattan, to one of the most historic neighborhoods – The Financial District.

However, before you make a decision to move to this important commerce center, make sure to set your priorities and weigh all pros and cons. In spite of huge competition for jobs, if you want to pursue your career, NYC is a great place to be.

– Wide range of historic landmarks and cultural events that can satisfy the most refined tastes. NYC has it all – an amazing art scene, word class museums, breathtaking architectural heritage. In addition to some of the most famous landmarks like Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Chrysler Building, Theater District,…NYC has to offer a lot of lesser-known attractions.

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