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Updated by Joanna James on Aug 19, 2020
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5 Amazing Ideas to Celebrate Your Anniversary – Say “I Love You” Again in Style

If your anniversary is about to sneak up on you and your significant other and you are wondering what would be a good option of celebrating your time together with flair, here is a list of five amazing ideas that you can use to inspire you on how to celebrate your anniversary in style.


Recreate Your Wedding Night Menu

You can approach this prompt in two ways. One is to contact the hotel where you had your wedding and ask them to recreate your wedding night menu and go out on a date to enjoy the food that the two of you picked carefully before the best day of your lives. Or you could try it at home, by bringing over the ingredients and making it a dinner date where the two of you stay home, cook the entire wedding menu and enjoy it in an intimate setting.


Relive Your First Date

At which of these romantic destinations did you spend your dates and holidays during the time you were seeing each other? It doesn't have to be anything dramatic either. If the two of you went out for a walk in the park on your first date, go there again. If the location of your date is no longer available to you, try to recreate it in your limited setting. There's no end to the fun you can have if you get creative.


Have A Personal Photoshoot

Another option to spice up your celebration is to have a photoshoot with your significant other. You could go by theme or try out your wedding outfits again. Either change up the location or keep the same and hire a photographer if you want the pictures to come out in great quality. You can get your favourite ones framed and hung around the house and it can become a brilliant memory on its own.


Make an Anniversary Mix

Everybody has their favourite love songs and songs that remind them of each other and the journey in between. Pick out some of your favourite songs together and make an anniversary playlist. Even better, go for a long drive together so you can listen to the songs in your car or have a small candlelit dance party together.


Do Something New Together

Visit sites the likes of My Romantic Travel and put together a small itinerary made up of things you haven't done before and can try together as a couple. While it is great to spend time together doing things that are familiar and important to you, it is also exciting to try new things as a couple. You could also talk to each other and figure out something that one of you likes and try that together. If you have children, you could leave them at home or with a nanny so you both can really celebrate each other and your love will grow stronger in the meantime.

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