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Telecom Solutions

Panamax offers robust market-leading solutions in Business Support System, Network Switching Subsystem, Mobile Financial Solutions and managed services domains.

Orchestrating Contactless Fuel Payments

Contactless payments or NFC payments are driving the world with their ease of use and feasibility in a fuel payment process.

Panamax Wins the Best Innovative Software Provider Award at CC Global Awards 2020

New York, 26 August 2020 – Panamax is elated to announce that it has been awarded with the GCCM Technology Innovation award by Carrier Community during the CC Global Awards 2020 ceremony in Berlin. Panamax has been awarded for its digital financial solution MobiFin Elite, which aids banks, Financial Institutions, enterprises, and governments in providing secured digital financial solutions. The award ceremony took place on August 25, 2020 in Berlin.

Efficient fraud management and revenue assurance solution

BillCall is a BSS Interconnect & Roaming Solution offering a unified billing platform for prepaid and postpaid Roaming, Voice & SMS Interconnect Solutions.

Enterprise Session Border Controller Vendor (SBC), VoIP Softswitch

iMax offers Session Border Controller with VoIP DoS Attack Prevention, interoperability, high availability and much more. It exerts control over the signaling and media streams involved in setting up, conducting, and tearing down telephone calls or other interactive media communications.

TDM Gateway, TDM to SIP Gateway, SIP to TDM Gateway, Erlang Report

Our TDM Gateway offers interoperability with 3rd party vendors, IP to TDM Conversions and TDM to IP Conversion, integration with multiple vendors and much more.

WhatsApp Banking | Banking Suite

WhatsApp Banking is a recent trend allowing users to be in touch with their banking partners over WhatsApp. Panamax offers WhatsApp Banking to banks and FIs who wish to take their customer engagement to another level.

The Ultimate Checklist to Follow for an Effective e-KYC solution

The development of technology and communications in the fintech and payments industry has made moving money fast, easy, and cheap across the globe. However, the convenience in the mobility of money has made the task of preventing money laundering and financing of terrorism more demanding than ever. Financial institutions must watch their backs as they continually face massive risks like money laundering, terrorist financing, or other types of financial fraud. As a result, the fintech and payments industry including banks and Non-banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) faces great challenges to satisfy the demands of the regulatory authorities and prudent regulations.

Agency Banking | Banking Suite

Agency Banking or Branchless Banking by Panamax lets banks and FIs to cut down on exorbitant operational expenditure on bank branches.

Crisis Management through Microcredit

Microcredit can be a saviour for the world when addressing unbanked population during crisis management.

4 Primary Ways COVID-19 has Impacted FinTech Industry

Impact of COVID-19 will increase the value of Fintech as consumers will seek contactless payments & financial companies will collaborate with Fintech firms.

6 Reasons Why Governments are Opting for Digital Subsidy Distribution Solutions

The ease-of-use, reach, and advanced functionality of digital Subsidy Distribution platforms have helped governments respond to the repercussions of COVID-19.

Agent Merchant Management solution, Merchant Management System

MobiFin Agent and Merchant Management solution is a dynamic sales force automation solution which automatizes entire distribution network.

G2P Payment System, Subsidy Distribution, G2P Payment Solution

Subsidy distribution by Panamax allows bulk G2P payments originating from governments or NGOs to be directed to bank accounts of the citizens directly.

Enhance Security of Your Payments with Biometrics

The payment industry has started adopting biometric solutions. Let us look at how it is the best potential solution against the issues of security.

Meet Panamax at Virtual Africa Tech Festival 2020

Panamax Inc. is looking forward to participating in the Africa Tech Festival that is bringing together AfricaCom and AfricaTech events.

Panamax to Attend AfricaCom and AfricaTech at the Africa Tech Festival

Panamax is excited to be a part of the Virtual Africa Tech Festival. Informa Tech hosts world-class tech events for a week annually including AfricaCom, AfricaTech, the AHUB, the AFest and the AfricaCom Awards, as part of the Africa Tech Festival.

Bulk Payment Solution, Salary Disbursement Solution, Wholesale Payment

MobiFin Bulk payment service helps corporate customers and government agencies to roll out bulk and tax disbursement services, wholesale payments etc.

System Integration Services | Panamax Inc.

System Integration services help create a flexible centralized system of disparate software & tools to optimize the workflow of businesses.

Protecting Telco margins through IP Termination | White Paper

Learn about the security threats to enterprise networks and how a robust class 5 integrated switches can be the solution.

Monitoring Solution | Monitoring Solution for Telcos

Monitoring Solution empowers Regulators to gain actionable insights into international & national traffic of operators to help eradicate telecom fraud and revenue leakage.

Mobile Wallets: Gaining Popularity During the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 has acted as a catalyst to boost the adoption of mobile wallets, helping people to make online payments, receive stimulus packages, and make donations.

Interconnect Billing | Wholesale Routing and Billing Solution

BillCall Interconnect Billing is a multitasking resource management solution with extensive financial management capabilities for sales, disputes, rates, routing & finance.

Session Border Controllers in the Cloud | White Paper

SBC is a dedicated hardware device or software application that runs the manner in which phone calls are initiated, conducted and terminated on a VOIP network.

COVID-19: Entailing Low-touch Practices in Agency Banking

Listed are the 5 transformational ways to include low-touch practices in Agency Banking in order to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic in remote areas.

Customer Value Management in Telecom & Retail Banking

Customer Value Management manages complete customers’ lifecycles to gauge satisfaction, enhance their experience and ensure customer retention.