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Here you will find the finest articles about Entrepreneurship and Business. We will provide you here the all skills necessary for your business and startups,
You can also find how to guides and tools for running the successful entrepreneurship.


Examples Of Target Markets For Your Business With Example

Entrepreneurs should learn examples of target markets for their businesses before launch. This may be a great fortune to target the right audience.

Top 5 biggest companies in the world By market value 2020

List of Top 5 biggest companies in the world by market capitalization and market value (2020 Edition). Saudi Aramco, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, and Alphabet. The Top company is not from the USA

Why entrepreneurship environment is important for the country?

There are many reasons why entrepreneurship is important for the country and also the dark side of the entrepreneurship explained here.

Top characteristics of an entrepreneur to follow for Success

Top characteristics of an entrepreneur to follow for success. Must read if you want to start a startup and become a successful entrepreneur.

What is a Venture Capitalist? – An insight into the world of venture capitalism

What is a Venture Capitalist?. Venture capitalists are usually financial institutions, banks, and other well-off investors or individuals.

How To Be More Confident | Ways To Become More Confident

How to be more confident?. The answer is in the post, we have listed the ways to become more confident for successful entrepreneurs.

‘Understanding the difference between Venture Capital vs Private equity.’

Explain here the difference between private equity and venture capital, venture capital usually funding for start-ups while private equity funding big firms

How Does Web Hosting Work – Explained for Small Business

In this post, small business owners can get an overview of what is web hosting, and how does web hosting work? before choosing a hosting company.

3 Ways Customer Relationships Will Change Forever In Light Of COVID-19

Customer-centricity has never been more critical for brands

The 300 Best Small Business Ideas - BusinessTown

Home-based businesses, online businesses, food truck business, eBay business, consultancy, and other 300 business ideas are waiting to read here.

Small Business Success Stories Entrepreneurs Can Learn From

If you want to start a business of your own, it's important to learn from small business success stories that can point you in the right direction.

64 Creative Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Business

We’ve all hit it: that wall that saps away all your creative marketing juices. Today, we’re dishing out 64 creative marketing ideas, plus inspirational tips to help you bust through that brick wall.
Let’s get started with…

Social Media Marketing Ideas
Urban Marketing Ideas
Contest Marketing Ideas
Marketing Ideas for Contest Promotion
Content Marketing Ideas

Tips for online marketing success for the e-commerce websites | News Headlines, Breaking News, Election 2019 News | P...

Selling products and services online is no easy feat and if you have little to no idea about how to continue selling more products to a wider clientele.

One year ago, the Business Roundtable pledged to reshape the culture of business. Has anything changed?

In 2019, the world’s most powerful CEOs said they were committing to focus on more than just increasing value to their shareholders. But while things may feel different after a year of corporate activism, there’s been little evidence of measurable change.

Difference Between Business Coach Vs Consultant Vs Mentor : BusinessGoals : GroupSpaces

In this post, we will discuss the difference between a business coach and a consultant. If you run a small business or any business at all, doesn't have to be small. At some point, you will have needed some help with that business. And your friends will have likely told you to go and speak to a coach or a consultant, or get a mentor or go and seek some kind of advice. So what is it that a business coach does compare to a consultant, and then again, compared to a mentor? Because the three things are actually completely different.
So I'm gonna try and break down and make it as simple as possible for you to understand the differences between the three of those so that you know exactly which ones choose for you and your business and why.

guestblogger | Why Trust is Important in a Business (Organizational Trust)

Another perspective of trust in a business. Do you trust your leaders and if you're a leader in an organization do you think your people trust you that's the question we're going to be talking about right now.

Importance Of Business Research

Business research, as discussed above, holds high importance for the functioning of the company. It is crucial for the company when making decisions regarding the company. It is also important in analyzing the behavior of customers regarding a certain product or service and how often they turn to it. By staying updated with the on-going trends in the market, a business can stay ahead of the competition. Failing to recognize the importance of business research by businesses results in them failing to continue to prosper as before and lose their valuable customers. An example of this is Nokia. Nokia used to be the most widely used mobile phone around the globe. It was popular in the 2000s for its durability and strength. However, with the arrival of the Apple smartphone in 2007, Nokia’s popularity soon began to decline gradually and by 2013, it had completely lost to the iPhone. The reason for their demise was that they failed to keep up with the demands of customers and the ever-changing trend of the smartphone industry.

Reasons Why Trust Is Important In Business | TBG

We have explained three perspectives in this post about why trust is important in a business. Customers, employees, and external factors detail.

Among the different challenges faced by businesses, the most common among them is that of trust. Trust is the foundation on which your whole business stands. Trust is very important factor in business. If your trust levels falter, then your business will be shaky and you will not be able to take your business to new heights.

As it goes in every successful relationship, trust between people is a must if you wish to keep your relationship flourishing. The same goes for business. If a person wants to keep his business up and running, then he must establish a relationship of trust with his clients, stakeholders as well as employees. He must strive hard to earn their trust as well to keep his business booming. This two-way relationship is what makes the businesses tick.

Did Ford Bronco® Trademark Legally Abandon

When technology startups and entrepreneurs are thinking about trademark adoption and selection, an issue that may arise involves brands that have technically been discontinued, and whether the trademark has been legally abandoned, such as whether the Ford Bronco® trademark was legally abandoned. In light of Ford Motor Co.’s announcement that they will be releasing a new Bronco, after over 20 years of discontinued production, we examine whether Ford ever legally abandoned the BRONCO brand, and if it is, or was, up for grabs by a competitor.

Entrepreneurs and Startups

If you want to start a startup then you may face startup legal issues. Here are four issues, Due Diligence, IP Ownership, Incorporation, and Security laws.

Accelerated Case Resolution (ACR) in a USPTO Trademark Lawsuit Explained

When entrepreneurs, technology startups, and other brand owners embark on their trademark protection strategy in the United States and file a federal trademark application in the US Patent and Trademark Office, a trademark dispute based on trademark infringement or legal issues may arise, and those issues may be litigated in the USPTO Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) resulting in a trademark lawsuit.

How To Get Access To Capital For Entrepreneurs While Starting A Business

Access to capital for entrepreneurs occasionally is defined as a primary hurdle for building a successful business. Read this for raising capital.

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The Three Phases of U.S. Trademark Registration

Learn Three Steps For Trademark Registration in the USA.

Entrepreneurs who launching a new business or technology startup spend a lot of time and money to understand U.S. trademark registration and best practices. Trademark registration breaks down into three key phases, the first phase consists of pre-filing due diligence, the second phase includes application filing strategy, and the third phase is post-filing follow-up and due diligence. 

Trademark Infringement and Statutory Attorneys’ Fees

The existence of this federal statute that allows for the awarding of attorneys’ fees is extremely valuable and beneficial to brand owners. It allows them to file suit to protect their brand even in smaller-scale scenarios, knowing that a clear-cut case of infringement can result in their attorneys’ fees being covered.