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Headline for Tips for travelling in a flight with toddlers - For a hassle-free journey!
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Tips for travelling in a flight with toddlers - For a hassle-free journey!

Though it could be fun taking your kid, especially toddlers on a trip, to see them happy when they are in somewhere new and exciting, Travelling with toddlers on a flight comes with a whole host of challenges. If you a new to this experience or if you have cancelled a lot of travel plan because of this, here are a few tips you could take advantage of.


Book a direct flight or book your second flight with a long layover

Even adults hate those few moments of take-off and landing the sudden change in pressure and shake due to turbulence in flights. It is no brainer that kids hate it too. they get agitated due to the pressure in their eardrums and with little or no vocabulary they can't help but cry to show their uneasiness. Even though you cannot avoid travelling on a flight in order to reach another country, you could reduce the stress on your child by avoiding transits. You could try to book a direct flight to your destination or you could book your second flight with a long layover to lessen the chances of your child crying on a tantrum.


Use the airport restroom before your flight

Have your little one with a dry diaper before getting aboard a plane; visit the restroom before boarding and double up the diapers if you have a long flight to your destination. If your child is potty training you could have one last potty break before you board. This leads to one less trip to the cramped up and uncomfortable lavatory in the flight.


Preboard the flight if you have the opportunity

You might think the less time you spend inside a plane with your little one the better, but, bear in mind that your child would need some time to get adjusted to the cabin environment. If you preboard the flight you could let them get familiarize with their seats and their surroundings.


Safety first

Make sure that their seat belts are fastened properly before taking off and before landing also listen carefully to the instructions given by flight attendants. if is okay to have them bucked to their belts at all times since there could be turbulence when the flight is in mid-air. Also, bring double the baby supplies you normally need. If your flight gets delayed or on rare occasions if it gets cancelled these precautionary measures might come in handy. Bring twice as much as milk powder, diapers, baby snacks and foods also carry a few pairs of clothes in your hand luggage.


Comforting your child as soon as you land

Studies have shown that toddlers and babies hate flight travel and you might want to pacify and comfort them as soon as you land. The Family Travel Blog suggests that although you might have planned a lot of things to do with the family at your new destination, It is best to directly go to your hotel room and avoid planning any excursions or leisure activities on the day you land. Your child might need a day or two to adjust to the new sleep cycle and the effects of jet lag to wear off. You could do this by pre-booking your room and also opting for chauffeur service from your hotel property.

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