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Best Street Food in Bali – An Ocean of Flavours!

Bali's culinary scene is as delightful as its spectacular landscape, which thrives with scenic beaches and age-old customs. Even though you can taste a variety of cuisines here, you'd never experience Bali's authentic flavours without trying out its delectable street food.



Satay or sate is literally a meat dish that includes pieces of deliciously grilled meat that are held using skewers made of bamboo or the midrib of a palm frond. As one of the traditional eatables in Indonesia, this dish can be bought from either street food vendors or from many restaurants at Bali family resorts the likes of Holiday Inn Resort Baruna Bali in which you'd spend your holiday. Being a country that is a melting pot of diverse cultures, Indonesia comes with an array of satay varieties, among which Bali's sate lilit is hailed as the best in taste. It is usually made out of minced pork and even chicken or fish that are soaked with coconut milk and a mélange of other spices. The resulting mixture is wrapped around skewers before being grilled. Although most other satay versions in the country are served along with another condiment, it is not required for lilit, as it already is bursting with a combination of sweet, spicy, and savoury flavours.


Pisang Rai

An equatorial country in Southeast Asia, Indonesia, is abundant with all types of tropical fruits such as pineapple, coconut, and banana. An island of this beautiful country, Bali, also boasts of a luscious array of fruits that help them to put together Pisang Rai, a delicious dish made from using banana and coconuts as the main ingredients. The initial stages of preparing this scrumptious snack include boiling the rice-flour draped bananas and rolling them in freshly-grated coconuts. Many street-side stalls would offer a piquant sauce that is a blend of brown sugar and pieces of pineapples to bring out the tropical flavours of this dish even stronger. The soft texture of these delicious bites of dressy bananas would definitely surprise you with its hidden sweet and savoury tastes.


Nasi Tepeng

A flavoursome rice dish that is a common breakfast choice in Gianyar, Bali, Nasi Tepeng include rice mixed with a variety of ingredients such as cayenne pepper, garlic, red chilli, onions, a bit of sugar, along with some pepper and salt to one's tastes. It has a mouth-watering porridge-like texture and is eaten when the Balinese natives observe Nyepi Day, a day of fasting and meditation in Indonesia. During typical days, they eat Nasi Tepeng along with several side dishes that may include fried chicken, long beans, jackfruit, eggplants, eggs, and boiled moringa leaves. The unique flavour of this dish is enhanced with the delicious aroma that is contributed to it by banana leaves, on which Nasi Tepeng is traditionally served.


Nasi Jinggo

Jinggo Rice, or rather, Nasi Jinggo, is a Balinese snack that is packed in small portions using banana leaves. Think of a full meal – rice and curries, packed using a banana leaf to let the rice absorb its delicious aroma – now look at it with a giant's eyes. Yes! That's how it looks like, and you can even fit a Nasi Jinggo in the palm of your hand, which makes it a perfectly convenient meal to have during travelling, without missing out any nutrients. In most of the streets in Bali, you can find this toothsome delight, sold in small kiosks or street-side motorbikes along with an offering of side ingredients including seafood, meat, or eggs.



A Balinese traditional pancake-like dessert, Laklak is a palatable eat that is made out of rice flour and coconut milk. It is a circular treat that is served with an appetising topping of grated coconut along with a bit of brown sugar. Its distinct shade of green comes from the addition of suji leaves to the main mixture. Some even serve it along with jackfruit, which helps you to distinguish the sweet and savoury flavours of the dish well. Laklak is a tempting dessert that one can enjoy along with their morning coffee or the evening tea, or just as a tasty dessert after a meal.

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