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5 Tips on Writing for Children - Janet Councilman

Writing for children is not as easy as it seems. Compared to adults, children are more difficult to please, and their literary taste are harder to satisfy. When writing for children, it is always necessary to strike a balance between being amusing but not bewildering; reflective but not condescending; and distinct but not complex. If you are not doing it right, then no child will most likely read through your books.

4 Ways to Develop a Close Relationship with God - Marianna Albritton

Come Climb Toward God: Are You Hungry for God? by Marianna Albritton is a powerful guidebook that aims to help believers understand the steps of growth as a Christian. It helps them discover the right path toward God. Marianna Albritton particularly wrote the book for those who are hungry to know and respond to His callings. Her mission is to help them understand the callings, and develop a close relationship with the Creator.


In 2013, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Dealing with that was not on my bucket list for retirement. However, God is good. I joined a program called Rock Steady Boxing. They have a fitness program that consist of non-contact boxing and core strength development to counter-act and even slow down the effects of the disease. I really enjoy it. Like Vietnam, Parkinson’s is just another test that came at a different stage in life. But God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He has been with me through every stage of my life. As long as the curtain is up the show goes on.

Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad - KEITH NILES CORMAN | Book

The basis of the book is to introduce children to the role railroads play in our lives, their importance, and to stress safety around railroads and their equipment: “NO PLAYGROUND!”

Below are some tips for creating suspense in a story that can help you write your own thrilling drama someday.

The Jungle Rules Trilogy - Paul Shemella | Book

Jungle Rules is the first book in a planned trilogy about a small group of retired SEALs who fight for justice. They work undercover for three-letter government agencies against great odds. The missions depicted in Jungle Rules - and those books to follow - are quite realistic in terms of what well trained operators can do in the field.

The Origin of Solomon Snail - How I Got The Idea - Caroleann Rice

Sometimes pain gives way to birthing something totally unexpected. I had just come home visiting family and felt very rejected by them. I cried out to God and asked Him why. Why was I made to feel this pain? And in so many times in my life I had felt this pain.

Book | From Science To Spirituality - Neil Griffen

The book starts out with an explanation of the scientific method. It traces the history to the present day. Then it explains why science cannot explain everything such as how the brain works, psychic phenomena and life after death.

The Color Of Love is a book of poetry. At the same time, it’s a book of romance. Love is the most Powerful Emotion in the Universe.

Family Trip to Magical Madagascar - Nicki Geigert | Home

Family Trip To Magical Madagascar and Beyond captures the fun memories that the family enjoyed in Madagascar. A story of a family trip to Madagascar and...

Grandpa Nick's Bump by Lynda M. Daniele | Book

Grandpa Nick’s Bump by Lynda M. Daniele is a true story about the author’s late husband, Nick, and his coping with meningioma, and his being ask to be a...

Going Going: The Abduction Of A Mind by Jack Weaver

Going … Going … is a journal of a couple’s fifteen-year journey along the trail of Alzheimer’s. Every excursion into the unknown of this disease is unique, and author Jack Weaver shares an account that will be different from any other you will read.

The Must-Haves of a Children’s Book - Janet Councilman

To know why this book is considered a good one, below are the must-haves of a children’s book that you can find in Sammie the Shark and the Return of the Lost Gift as well as in plenty other books in children’s literature.

A Kids Life-Loving Learning growing is a book of 15 stories about how to make the right choice, don't be a bully, all kids have problems, it's not about how you look..

Whether you need copy-editing, line editing, developmental or extensive editing, I guarantee the best price for what I do. Contact me to discuss your work.

ReadersMagnet | Authors' Lounge

ReadersMagnet Authors’ Lounge is a place where authors can share their voice with the world. Be inspired by their stories and share your own stories as well.

What Makes Madagascar Memorable? - Nicki Geigert

Every year, hundreds and thousands of tourists visit to experience adventures, gain learnings, and create lifelong memories on Madagascar. There are several reasons why this island country is a memorable vacation destination for many people.


A More Perfect Union is the second book of the Jungle Rules trilogy by Paul Shemella. Former mercenary and hero from the first book, Carl Malinowski is now living a quiet life with his wife Gabriele.

Scourged Souls by KEITH NILES CORMAN | Book

Scourged Souls takes place during the American Civil War; however, it is not about the war itself. Instead, it takes the reader into the lives and...

What Makes Madagascar Memorable? - Nicki Geigert

If you're looking for a great vacation destination to provide great memories and adventure then Magical Madagascar is for you.

A Law From Eden by Marilyn Taplin | BOOK

A LAW FROM EDEN: SOLVING THE MYSTERY OF ORIGINAL SIN. Both John the Baptist and Jesus said, “Behold, the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Yet we know that...

Writing Advice for Christian Authors - Marilyn Taplin

Ever since Christianity was formed. There have been many writers rising to not only spread the word of the Lord but also to provide information to bring people, of various races and status, towards God. These Christian authors write, specifically books, to reach more people and cover more areas to spread God’s teachings.

Life is the Essence of Who We Are - Raymond Quattlebaum

Self-love implies to find peace within ourselves— to rest peacefully within our being's depths. By doing something to nurture ourselves, we might discover temporary respite.

How to Respond to the Calling of God? - Marianna Albritton

Have you ever felt being empty or bothered inside? Are you currently having a sudden passion about a cause? Do you feel a certain hunger for something you do not know exactly? If yes, then maybe you are experiencing the calling of God.

The Myths in Writing a Poem - Raymond Quattlebaum

Poetry is one of the most overrated genres when readers seek for aesthetics, but it is also the most underrated genre when it comes to technicalities and structure. Most people view poetry as a field where beauty and aesthetic is found; however, there is a more deeper perspective when it comes to this genre all you have to do is to look closer.