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Updated by Angela Watkins on Jan 11, 2015
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Real Life 101

Tips/Ideas to think on concerning issues for a productive life/biz/ministry ... always seek professional consultation as needed which it be secular or christian

SugarCRM with Magento Platform Integration - A Great Way to Manage Customer Relationship

Magento is packed with various features that can help to manage customers, but it is not a fully-fledged Customer Relationship Management system that can manage the CRM wholly. Under these circumstances, integration of Magento with SugarCRM can work in collaboration adding value to the online store functioning.


Oprah & Dr. Phil's Lifeclass Video

Oprah & Dr. Phil's Lifeclass Video

My/Angela's Thoughts:
Great subject: Real Life 101: Learn to listen to "sound" Advice .... Observe ..... Envy/Jealously leads to Coveteousness .... B B King once recorded a song "Don't Make Your Move Too Soon" ....... Be Wise/Prudent ............... Matthew 10:16 Be wise as serpents, & harmless as doves ...... Malachi 2:1-9 A Priest Should Guard Knowledge ..... Nehemiah 4:7-14 Enemies Plot Against Workers

Books for Ghana: LibraryThing teams up with Books Matter! " The LibraryThing Blog

Between November and April, LibraryThing members raised nearly $2,600 for needy readers by adding events to LibraryThing Local! When we announced this initiative we asked for your help in coming up with the best way to use this money to put books directly into the hands of readers who would benefit the most from them.

Angela Watkins: Entrepreneurship: Should It Be Promoted In Christian Ministries?

The Prophet Jeremiah purchased Real Estate. Each Christian Leadership will have to allow the Holy Spirit to lead and guide them on this issue.

Angela Watkins: WWW/Life Management/Christian Leadership

Invest - Teach - Mentor: via of classes, study groups, or seminars. Need a teacher or mentor contact me. Watch and Pray Wolves in Sheep Clothing: Be sober minded/alert Teach Biblical Truths: II Timothy 2:15; Deuteronomy 4:2, 12:32; Revelations 22:18,19 Now I must share that I have never attended Theology/Seminary School; so someone with greater insight may be able to expound further.

Angela Watkins, Book Reviewer, Web Content Provider

Invest/Investing . Ezekiel 7:19 . Ezekiel 7. Matthew 6:19-21 . Zephaniah . I Peter . Proverbs/Mishle . I Timothy . James 5:1 . Gospel of Matthew. Gospel of Luke . Gold/Silver . Treasure . Wealth/Riches . Lord/God Wonder why I'm sharing on this area?

An Estimate of Job's Wealth in Dollars: Just How Rich Was Job?

Some Bible scholars take Job to be a fictional character, but I am among those who think Job was a real person. Both Ezekiel the prophet and James the brother of Jesus mentioned Job as a historical person (Ezekiel 14:14,20; James 5:11).