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One stop solution for Database migration and synchronization.

Database migration & synchronization software to convert and replicate your data between the most popular databases: MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and more.

How to convert Access to MySQL? | DBConvert

Scaling MS Access databases to MySQL is one of the most popular ways to upsize an old Access DB.

👣 DBConvert cross-database migration software that automates Data Conversion and synchronization between Access and MySQL databases.

This is a software to convert Access to MySQL database. Use this application to migrate and synchronize data between Access, MySQL, MariaDB, AWS RDS | Aurora, and more.

DBConvert - database migration and syncronization

Database migration and sync Software for SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, Access and other DBMS

Database Migration & Synchronization software. - Home | Facebook

Facebook page about Database Migration & Synchronization software. Database conversion/synchronization software. Data migration for Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server /...

How to convert SQL Server to MySQL? Step by step.

Convert databases from SQL Server into MySQL is one of the most popular cases. It is a growing trend in the industry to migrate data from proprietary databas...

How to convert MySQL to SQL Server

Using DBConvert database migration is possible in any combination of the following databases: Microsoft SQL Server, MariaDB, Percona, Windows Azure SQL Datab...

How to convert SQL Server to MySQL? | DBConvert

Using DBConvert / DBSync database migration tools for moving data between the following databases in any combination:

There are more than 50 possible directions of conversion & sync between databases supported by DBConvert tools. Check out DBConvert Studio — the most enhanced database migration software that converts data between the most popular DBMS.

MySQL Workbench vs. DBConvert - Migrate from SQL Server to MySQL.

Migrating data between different types of databases is not a trivial task. In this article, we will compare two various tools for migrating from SQL Server to MySQL.

What is Database synchronization? – DBConvert

Database synchronization establishes data consistency between two or more databases, automatically copying changes back and forth. Harmonization of the data over time should be performed continuously. Pulling out data from source database to destination is the most trivial case.

How to convert SQLite to MySQL? | DBConvert

Is it possible to convert SQLite to MySQL simply using dump files export/ import? NO WAY.

Write Perl/ Python script to migrate data from SQLite to MySQL? MAYBE.

We can offer you a better solution for data conversion and synchronization between SQLite and MySQL databases.

Migrate to SQL Server? Check out our Converters and Synchronization software.

Have overgrown Access DB or Obsolete Foxpro database?
Migrate your data to SQL Server or Azure SQL.
Synchronize SQL Server database with Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and more.
Check out our SQL Server related software at

This page describes SQL Server Migration ways to go. Learn how to synchronize data between SQL Server and other databases and clouds like Azure SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and more.

DBConvert Blog – Medium

DBConvert Blog: Cross Database Conversion and Sync software.

Migrate to Cloud SQL? Check out DBConvert software.

How to migrate on-premises databases to Google Cloud SQL?
Need to shift to the new kind of database?

This page describes software solutions for Migration and synchronization between Google Cloud SQL and on-premises databases like MySQL, SQL Server, Postgres, Oracle, and more.