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Updated by BlueBird on Apr 23, 2016
Headline for Week 18 Best Articles Found in my Digital Media Stream
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Week 18 Best Articles Found in my Digital Media Stream

Weekly list of the best articles found and shared. Feel free to add yours.
To be published on next Saturday

Create and Connect: How One Artist Uses Instagram

My friend Carrie Harper had a dream and she just made it become reality: She created a collaborative work and education centre right in the center of Kelowna. #heARTschool just opened this weekend and I am looking forward to teaching my first seminar "Social Media for Artists" in this beautiful space next Saturday.

Taking Out the Twitter Trash: The How and Why of Unfollowing

Published on Apr 30, 2013. How many people are you following on Twitter? If it's more than a hundred, I bet your Home stream is crazy like mine. I don't even look at my Home stream anymore.

Infographic: Evolving SEO tactics - longer posts, Google+ and the tilde

Most people have a general idea of how to optimize their content for search engines. That search engine algorithms are proprietary and evolving inevitably causes different opinions on SEO. Of course there's another school of thought (that I belong to oftentimes) that minimal keyword research and a green-light from Yoast's SEO plugin are enough to publish a piece.

Inbound Marketing: Getting the Most Value from B2B Blogging Efforts - Knowmad

Congratulations! You've started blogging for your b2b business and have steadfastly been writing on a regular basis. While writing for the blog is fun and exciting, it's gotten a little hectic given all your other job duties and you're not seeing the traffic you would have liked.

Google AdWords - Managing Your Expectations

As a Google Certified Partner we are lucky enough to work with a large variety of businesses ranging from small firms to large corporates. Each AdWords Campaign varies hugely: there is no two the same. However there is one area of AdWords Management that we work on that is common amongst all of our clients - managing their expectations.

Infographic: How to get more engagement from your Facebook Page posts

You've drafted an amazing Facebook Page post, chock full of facts, figures and links all tied together with a sweet piece of Junkweb content ( a lolcat, maybe). You press "Post" and anxiously wait for your post to go viral. It doesn't. If you've ever posted content that went into the Facebook abyss, you'll want [...]

Inspiring Content to Consume and Share

Everyone wants inspiring content to consume and share. I've read some inspiring articles this week and feel compelled to share them with you. Challenging content that tells it how it is, how it should be and why. It's important stuff that you need to know about marketing your business using social media as an enabler to meet your business objectives.

Four Things Most Brands Wish They Did Before Starting a Blog

The entire concept of blogging may not be rocket science, but there is still a large component that drives a formula for success. If you're starting a blog and you want your content to spread, you have to do a few things to ensure that the content is worth sharing.

A Social Media Profile - 4 Ways To Optimize

For the average small business, individual marketer or even social media agency, the subtle nuances of social media can be a bit overwhelming. You have your Twitter account started, your personal Facebook account setup and even a Facebook business page created, but are the social media profiles optimized for success?

Getting Your Social Media Ready for Graduation: Your Personal Brand

Spring is a season of renewal, cleaning and preparation for a new crop of graduates ready to enter the so-called "real world". For those trading in their cap and gown for a suit, tie, and office, sprucing up a social media presence can go a long way in being more presentable to employers, hiring managers, and even co-workers.