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Updated by hikeforpurpose on Aug 12, 2020
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Top Articles to get you Hiking!

Hiking is a fun activity that can get you healthier and give you peace from this otherwise hectic world. Here are my top articles that can get you started in Hiking long-distance trails. Or to simply read about all things hiking.


Hygiene and Personal care on the Camino | Hike for Purpose

Staying clean and healthy is not only better for you and your fellow pilgrims, but also has a big impact on how your Camino is going to go. Here is how.

Foraging Wild Food along Hiking Trails | Hike for Purpose

Foraging Wild Food when hiking is a great way to boost your otherwise shelf stable backpacking meals with fresh ingredients. Here are some tips and plants.

Cooking with Alcohol Stoves | Hike for Purpose

Alcohol stoves are great lightweight stoves to take hiking. Fuel availability, price and DIY advantages are some of their perks. Here is how to cook with them.

Are hiking boots necessary? | Hike for Purpose

Hiking boots are the traditional footwear for any hiker, with time they themselves have evolved and there are more alternatives then ever. Lets cover them.

Choosing a sleeping pad for hiking | Hike for Purpose

Getting a good nights sleep is very important when out hiking, a good sleeping pad is a big part of this. In this article I go over the different options out…

How to take eggs with you hiking | Hike for Purpose

Eggs are awesome, and they can taste as amazing as how you make them. Here are all the ways to take eggs with you on your next hiking trip!

Sawyer Mini water filter review | Hike for Purpose

The Sawyer Mini water filter is an excellent lightweight and affordable option for water filtration. Here are the reasons for picking one up for your next hike.

The History of Hiking | Hike for Purpose

Hiking is deeply intertwined in the history of humanity, from a way to get around to gather food. A way to march to battle, and finally for fun.

The History of Hiking boots | Hike for Purpose

Hiking and walking is a big part of Human history, the footwear and boots that we wore on our feet have changed considerably over the centuries.

How to Hike more kilometers a day | Hike for Purpose

Hiking at the end of the day is getting to point A to point B. When on a long distance thru hike you may want to get there faster or slower. Hiking more a day…

Trail Meal | Couscous with vegetables | Hike for Purpose

Couscous is one of the easiest trail meal recipes you can try out. Combined with dehydrated vegetables and some spices you have a comfy meal out on trail.

Making your own backpacking meals | Hike for Purpose

Making your own hiking and backpacking meals is a fun and cheap way of eating out on trail. Where with minimal tools and work you eat as you like outdoors.

Trail Meal | Dutch instant StampPot | Hike for Purpose

A staple in the Dutch cuisine is the Stamppot. Mashed potatoes with some kind of vegetable and meat. Delicious and very filling for hiking!