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Your Indian driving license is not valid in countries outside India, therefore, you need to obtain an IDP International Driving License to drive there.

Benefits of paper (Analog) reading. - The india24

This in particular does not cause any physical harm to the eyes, as no electromagnetic rays are emitted due to paper (analog) reading.

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Make a rich, moist, fudgy, and soft Eggless Chocolate Caramel Cake at home easily on any special occasion and bring a smile on everyone's face.

Types of Bowling in Cricket game. - The india24

Here we will discuss in detail about these two types of bowling in all types (Limited-overs matches and Test matches) of formats of the game.

Top Ten Current ICC ODI Ranking Batsman. - The india24

Here are the overall performance list, their short bio, and the latest ranking list of the top ten current ICC ODI Ranking Batsman in the game of cricket.

Latest Top Ten Test Ranking Batsman. - The india24

Here are the overall performance, their short bio, and the ICC ranking list of the Latest Top Ten Test Ranking Batsman the game of cricket.

New Blogger Interface Setting update 2020. - The india24

Here is the latest and detailed information about google's New Blogger Interface Setting Update 2020 for all the people using Blogger.

How to lose weight naturally. - The india24

Lose Weight is no advanced science.Following our tips you should pursue for solid, manageable and brisk weight reduction.

Benefits of yoga and meditation - The india24

The benefits of Yoga come quickly and it  means union. Etymologically, it is connected to the English word, yoke. Yoga suggests that association with God.

Compress video and image files without degrading quality. - The india24

The Properly compress video and image files will be able you to upload or download it faster, and grab less space on your hard drive.

Home Remedies For Under Eye Wrinkles. - The india24

The normal process of aging causes also increases to under eye wrinkles so when we getting aged the skin becomes to lose collagen and elastin...Cont.

How to get an Indian Passport--Complete Guide. - The india24

The Indian Passport certifies the holders as citizens of India via birth or naturalization as according to the Passports Act, 1967.

How to Create a Strong Password. - The india24

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Kadhai Paneer Dhaba style Recipe. - The india24

Kadhai Paneer Dhaba style Recipe is one of the most common paneer gravies recipes which are often cooked at any occasion out there.

21 Tips to Add Ayurveda For the Benefits in Your Life.- The india24

Ayurveda was discovered by mythological texts (Vedas) by Indian saint and sages, Ayurveda has reached all corners of the globe with millions of people are enjoying the benefits of Ayurveda into their life worldwide, So here you are being advised 21 tips to add Ayurveda for the benefits in your life.

The list of Double Centuries in Test Cricket-The india24

In the game of cricket, there is always never a very easy accomplishment to score a double century. But compared to all other formats of cricket for the batsmen, always have greater opportunities to score double centuries in the test cricket format.

Latest Top Ten Teams of World Cricket-The india24.

Here is a list of the latest Top Ten Teams of World Cricket which is generated by ICC for all three formats of cricket game.

Latest Top Ten T-20 Ranking Batsman-The india24

Here are the overall performance list, their brief biography, and the latest ranking list of the Latest Top Ten T-20 Ranking Batsman in the game of cricket.

First Cricketer to hit a century in ODI series for India except for world cups-The india24

In this first One Day International ODI match, India lost to England by 4 wickets, at that time in the ODI matches was used to conduct for 55 overs. And since then after a long period of the gap, in 1984, any Indian batsman Succeed to become the first Cricketer to hit a century in an ODI series for India except for world cups.


Biography of Sachin Tendulkar.

Biography of Sachin Tendulkar.

Sachin Tendulkar is not enchanted by any introduction as is considered one of the greatest legend of cricket in the world, to know more about his cricket life here is a brief Biography of Sachin Tendulkar.

Sachin Tendulkar was not an explosive batsman like Virender Sehwag, Brian Lara, Chris Gayle, and David Warner, but he has achieved the status of God in cricket through his dedication and hard work towards cricket, his efforts, and his passion, he has always played cricket in such a manner that is not just only playing cricket but became an inspiration to millions of cricket lover.

People in India consider Sachin Tendulkar to be a God of cricket, his teammate cricketers also call him Sir Ji and whenever he is batting on the crease, there was only one voice reverberated in the stadium from the stand side Sachin Ala Re.

Sachin is famous all over the world for his calm and gentle nature, instead of being angry, he always believes to give his answer to any comment or opinion with his game.

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar was born on 24 April 1973 at Nirmal Nursing Home at Shivaji Park in Dadar, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

His family belongs to a middle-class Marathi family in the Rajapur of Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. His father's name was Ramesh Tendulkar who was a litterateur and professor and his mother's name was Rajni Tendulkar who worked in an insurance company.

Very few people know that Sachin Tendulkar is the son of his father Ramesh Tendulkar's second wife, Ramesh Tendulkar's first wife has three children, Ajit Nitin and Savita who are older than Sachin.

Sachin Tendulkar is named by his father Ramesh Tendulkar on his favorite lyricist musician Sachin Dev Burman.

Sachin Tendulkar was married to Dr. Anjali Mehta on 24 May 1995. They have two children, a daughter Sara who was born on 12 October 1997 and a son Arjun who was born on 24 September 1999, his wife Anjali is 6 years older than Sachin.

Personal profile.

Full name...Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar
Nationality... Indian
Date of birth...24 April 1973
Born territory... Dadar, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Height...1.65 m
Main Role in the team... As a Batsman
Batting genre... Right-hand bat
Bowling genre... Right-arm leg-break, googly
Father's name... Ramesh Tendulkar
Mother's name...Rajni Tendulkar
Brothers name... Nitin Tendulkar, Ajit Tendulkar
Sister's name...Savita Tendulkar
Spouse name... Dr. Anjali Mehta
Son's name... Arjun Tendulkar
Daughter's name... Sara Tendulkar
Test debut vs Pakistan at National Stadium, Nov 15, 1989.
Last Test vs West Indies at Wankhede Stadium, Nov 14, 2013.
ODI debut vs Pakistan at Jinnah Stadium, Dec 18, 1989
Last ODI vs Pakistan at Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mar 18, 2012.
T20 debut vs South Africa at The Wanderers Stadium, Dec 01, 2006
Last T20 vs South Africa at The Wanderers Stadium, Dec 01, 2006
IPL debut vs Chennai Super Kings at Wankhede Stadium, May 14, 2008.
Last IPL vs Sunrisers Hyderabad at Wankhede Stadium, May 13, 2013.

Sachin Tendulkar did his early childhood education at the New English School of the Indian Education Society in Bandra (East). Sachin was very fond of cricket game since his childhood but from the very beginning, he was considered among the very naughty children, due to which he often quarreled with the school children. To read the complete article, kindly click here


Top 20 Fastest Double Centuries in Test

Top 20 Fastest Double Centuries in Test

Test cricket is considered to be a little slower game than ODI and T20 cricket format but for the last few decades, this format of cricket has seen significant changes, In the present environment of test cricket quite comfortably 300 to 350 runs can be scored in a single day's play.

Many batsmen of the world have also scored double centuries by facing quite fewer balls in this format also, in this article, we will explain the top 20 fastest double centuries in Test cricket.

Top 20 cricketers who are scored the fastest double century in Test cricket.

  1. Nathan Astle
  2. Ben Stokes
  3. Virender Sehwag
  4. Virender Sehwag
  5. Brendon McCullum
  6. Virender Sehwag
  7. Herschelle Gibbs
  8. Adam Gilchrist
  9. Ross Taylor
  10. Ian Botham
  11. Chris Gayle
  12. Virender Sehwag
  13. Virender Sehwag
  14. Aravinda de Silva
  15. Jason Holder
  16. M. S. Dhoni
  17. Graham Thorpe
  18. Gordon Greenidge
  19. Mohammad Yousuf
  20. Victor Trumper

Kindly click here to continue reading this article.


The Latest captain for Test, ODI, and T20 formats of cricket.

The Latest captain for Test, ODI, and T20 formats of cricket.

Like other sports, the captain 'Skipper' is the leader of the team and has a very significant role in the game of Cricket also, the main objective and responsibility for the present captains of Test, ODI, and T20, formats are to enforce to perform their best cricket skills from the teammates so that they can always clinch the wins for the team.

Always It is a matter of great honor and prestige for any cricketer to be named as the captain of the team. the responsibility of taking charge of the captain of the team is given to that cricketer whom the rest of the team's members seems with respect and rely on them to take the team in the right direction.

However, along with this prestigious designation, a captain also has a big responsibility on his shoulders. An ideal captain should be accountable for any type of his inferior performance or any other exercises.

The captains of all formats of cricket have more liabilities and responsibilities in playing cricket matches in comparison to other teammates on the team.

Usually, the main eligibility for the appointment of any cricketer as a captain requires that he should be a permanent player of the team and should be a well-experienced cricketer with having good knowledge of the rules and regulations of the ICC, who has good communication skills and holds the good unbiased understanding with all the teammates of the team.

Here is a list of present captains of Test, ODI, and T20 formats of cricket who are selected by all cricket-playing nations in the world for their respective teams and they are having the status of full accreditation by the ICC for all three formats of cricket.

Here is a list of the present captain of Test, ODI, and T20 formats of men's cricket teams in the world who are having the status of full accreditation by the ICC. **[Kindly click here to continue reading this article…**](

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