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Pros and Cons of Not Wearing Underwear

Have you ever wanted to ditch underwear? There are no problems with not wearing underwear. You must know the benefits of not wearing underwear. Sometimes any underwear or panty lines or fabric can add discomfort to the sensitive area. It is the best no-underwear-feeling as long as you’re wearing the right fabric. If you are going to be underwear-free, then it is not a big deal!
Keep reading to uncover the pros and cons of not wearing underwear.


It Can Be Comfortable

The reason why you should go underwear-free is that it is extremely comfortable. It is completely fine as long as you are wearing breathable pants. If you opt for clean, loose PJ that is crafted with natural fabric like cotton or linen, then you made the right choice. Sometimes your regular undies can hurt, irritate, and rub the skin.


It Helps Prevent Infections

Is not wearing underwear healthy? Yes, it is.

If you are not wearing comfy underwear, the moisture, and heat can lead to the risk of a vaginal infection. Gynecologists recommend that you do not wear undies when you have itching, chafing and irritation down there. If you are going underwear-free, it reduces the discomfort. If your vagina is constantly covered, as a result, it develops excess growth of yeast cells, bacteria, or viruses that cause a vaginal infection.


No Visible Panty Line (VPL)

No woman will say, “I love visible panty lines”. Everyone desires a smooth look. Panty lines offer an awful look, no matter how much women don’t want them. It is difficult to find the finest fabric that offers no visible panty lines. you should say no to underwear particularly when you opt for a form-fitting dress or even in a loosely fitting satin slip dress. Therefore no-panty lines are better than those panty lines.


Vaginal Fissures

Not wearing underwear may have side effects. The constant irritating motion of clothes on the skin can be painful. The micro cuts can easily form in the labial or vaginal areas which are called vaginal fissures. It happens particularly when you exercise or walk to the office which causes serious damage to the sensitive part of your body.


You'll Feel Sexier

You feel sexy when you do not wear your regular underwear. You are free from irritation, chafing, and do not worry about panty lines. It also boosts your confidence.


Your Jeans Will Fit Better

There are some panty styles that you cannot wear under a certain pair of jeans or pants that make your jeans fit differently. You may feel uncomfortable. You cannot pick full-coverage underwear to wear under tight jeans or pants. It adds extra thickness and makes the jeans or pants too tight. Either you go underwear-free or wear thongs.


During the Workout, You May Experience a Strong Smell down There

If you decide to not wear undies, then you may go underwear-free at the gym or jogging. Once the exercise is done, you must remove the sportswear immediately and go for a shower. The sweat may cause a bad odor.


You Must Consider What You're Wearing

The benefits of not wearing underwear are many, but you must know what outfit is perfect when you are panty-free. Going underwear-free can indeed prevent irritation and chafing. It depends on what kind of pants you are wearing. Choose loose-fitting pajamas and comfy pants to let your private part breathe. You should avoid the tough fabric which can rub against the skin.


You May Experience Less Discharge

It is good news that when you go panty-free you see less vaginal discharge. It allows lady parts to breathe and reduces the wetness down there.


You May Breathe Better down There

Your sensitive area needs fresh air sometimes if you want to quit wearing undies right before bedtime, it is a great idea. It is helpful for those ladies who are susceptible to vaginal infections. You can opt for this nightly ritual that helps to keep it dry and clean.

You can go underwear-free during day or night. It is completely your personal choice. You need to shower regularly to clean bacteria and debris from the body. If you stop wearing your underwear, it won’t affect the sensitive area and decrease the risk of developing a yeast infection, irritation, and chafing. So it is fine to step out underwear-free!