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Wellcure's 50 Most-Popular Healthy Recipes

Looking for a few good-for-you recipes to add to your weekly rotation? Count down through the 50 healthy recipes our Food Network fans love most.

Hara Bhara Kabab (Cutlets with greens)

Have this kebab raw or grilled with Imli chutney or hari chutney. Makes a great party snack. You can add your choice of veggies, whatever is available in fridge. Ideally a winter snack, made with lots of palak you can simply do it with other veggies. This version does not have potatoes, add them if you feel the need.

Sprouts Potato Tikki (cutlets) - Easy Way To Add Sprouts To Kids Meals

Kids will often say no to sprouts. Here is a simple way to add sprouts to kids meals. Serve this with home made green coriander chutney or home made sugar free Imli chutney and you kids won't say no. We often combine this tikki with nutty pumpkin or lauki soup and have as a full meal at home

Salted Peanuts

A very handy item to stock up in your kitchen cabinet!Roasted peanuts is a staple in our kitchens. Do this versions of roasted salted peanuts and serve it chaat like in evenings or at parties!

Lauki Celery Soup - Nutty Flavour, Loved By Kids

Another favourite nutty soup. Can be easily given to toddlers. We were surprised that our own fussy toddlers seemed to enjoy this soup.If vegetables are cooked too long they lose their enzymes & nutrition. Thus we usually steam the veggies where needed, and do not pressure cook. Incase you do not have a steamer worry not, cut the veggies, add very little water and allow to boil/ steam in a wok with lid covered. Use the water in the soup.

Oilfree Sambar

What if you could avoid using oil and prepare sambar the healthier way. Follow the recipe to discover the oil free way of preparing the much-loved sambar! This recipes uses no oil at all, and all the veggies along with the onion is ‘dry fried' & cooked in the wok. This ensures the water content and enzymes of the veggies is retained.Taste and texture wise this keeps the veggies slightly crunchy. If you like your veggies soft in a sambhar, steam them in a steamer.

Oil Free Dal Tadka

Dal tadka and that too oil free! Flavour bhi health bhi.Yes, that's possible. Yet another favourite and staple item in all Indian households, done in simple oil free way. You can keep the process same, and do any daal of your liking. Watch the "Heal with Food" video by clicking the above picture to know more.The recipe here, soaks the daal overnight,which reduced the cook time to only 15-20 minutes next day, and that too without pressure cooker. This infact is a more healthful way to cook lentils, to ensure the nutrition is preserved. If you are in hurry do feel free to use pressure cooker, but do it the traditional way once, and you will realise its an easy switch to do.

Oil Free Chole

Chole is your whole bean & legumes family, thus a must-add to your ‘Whole foods' repertoire. Here we are doing the classic Indian recipe in a healthful version so that you can include this happily in your weekly meal plans.There are several variations in how chole is prepared in different households. This version, brings the taste of your favourite curry in the most healthy way - cooking wholefoods (chana) without any oil! Flavour and taste not compromised!

Urad Dal Rice Uttapam Or Dosa

Fermented foods are nature's provision for promoting our gut health, as such foods are high on live bacteria that join hands with the good bacteria already in our gut. They also facilitate better absorption of minerals. While there are different ''probiotic” options consumed in different parts of the world, south Indian cuisine has had a long culinary lineage of fermented foods.The popular dosas and uttapams are not only healthy and yummy but also easy to make and serve for anytime meal! Soaking tip: It's easier to break the prep for this recipe as follows: Soak the Urad dal and rice in morning In evening just before sleeping, grind the two. Mix and keep in a patila with cover (utensil) Let it ferment. Dosa / Uttapam batter is ready to cook in morning

Green Moong Dal Chilla - Kids Eat It Too

GREEN MOONG DAAL CHILLA – YOUR ALLY FOR WEIGHT LOSS! Add variety to your Rotis. Go grain free some days a week. Children love it too. Serve it to them with home-made chutneys

Rasse Wala Aloo Curry Oil Free!

This is a much loved standard curry in Indian homes. But cooking it without oil? Yes thats possible, with no compromise on flavour! When we made this the first time, we realised the ample addition of lovely herbs and masalas just makes it so flavourful that no oil was missed at all! The easy trick to go oil free in most curry preps is: Steaming veggies (including potatoes) and making the masala the usual way without oil ofcourse!

Potatoes And Steamed Veggies In Peanut Curry

Using peanuts in your food is a good way of consuming natural fats. They are also very economical on the pocket, and adding them to family meals ensures you are adding whole natural foods easily.This recipe is an easy to cook, daily curry. When you cannot figure out ‘Aaj Kya benga' just chop any available veggie in the fridge and cook it in the peanuts curry! The best part, you don't need to be particularly high on culinary skills to prepare this yummy, wholesome curry!

Homemade Peanut Butter - Kids Love This

Yes! you can do peanut butter under 10 minutes at home! If you keep grinding your roasted peanuts in a mixie it turns into butter ☺ Yeah that simple and easy – you have to try it to believe it. Great addition to kids meals. Preservatives-free, additives-free!

Lobhiya (raungi/black Eyed Pea) Dosa / Chilla

Raungi/Lobhiya chillas are delicious, packed with protein & a great replacement for wheat rotis. They are also very close in taste to a dosa. If you have kids in the family who don't like raungi kee sabzi, you can surely try these chillas. Works well for adults too!

Date Paste - An Easy Way To Cut Out Refined Sugar

If you have been struggling to cut out sugar from your diet, this is one of the best sugar substitutes. Date paste is a natural sweetener made from delicious & healthful dates. It is easy to make at home, easy to store. You can keep it in the refrigerator for upto 2 weeks & use it in your fruit smoothies, shakes & desserts. Health, simplicity & convenience bundled into one!!

Cashew Pesto - Quick Under 15 Minutes

Cashew based pesto is a creamy, pungent dip. Uplifts the flavour of any salad. Acts as a lovely dip, for parties ...serve it with simple veggie sticks such as cucumber, red & yellow capsicum… even carrots and lightly steamed french beans when winter sets in. You can use Thai Basil leaves if available. The one we have used is the Indian Basil (Also called the Ram Tulsi or Sweet Basil). This is not your regular tulsi, but somewhere a cross between Thai Basil and Tulsi. Indian Basil, is more pungent, and has a sharper flavour.Worry not if you cannot find the basil, just make a plain cashew dip then and add any other herb of choice!If you have forgotten to soak the cashews, you can use regular unsoaked cashews too - soaking makes it more creamy in texture

Almond Milk (dry Version)

Nuts are live foods, they are whole foods. Whether you are dairy free or are simply looking for some variation in your milk, almond milk is a highly nutritious option! Though there are couple of options available in stores, making your own almond milk is a great way to save money and avoid additives. As a bonus, you can use the leftover almond pulp to make almond flour for use in recipes!It is easy to make and has a light taste.Feel free to use it in place of regular milk in recipes and baking. Can be enjoyed cold or hot!

Cashewnut Milk (soaked Version)

Trying to go off dairy, but concerned about missing out on the goodness of milk especially for your kiddos?Here's a recipe to offer you a dairy free ( read as free of chemicals and hormones) alternative, full of nutrition! Raw cashew milk is rich and buttery, and most closely resembles the look and texture of dairy milk. By blending cashews and water, you can make a milk that's incredibly smooth, and doesn't need straining.

Lemonade Sabja Cooler

Sabja seeds or sweet basil seeds have a nice crunchy texture. Sabja seeds are rich in antioxidants and have a cooling effect on the body. Watch our video on Sabja seeds by clicking the above pictureto know more. So here's a recipe to beat the heat on those scorching summer days. Try this sabja lemonade cooler for your kids when they are back from school or play. Have this concoction especially if you have indigestion or loose motions - soothes us internally.

Homemade Amla Achaar - oil-free!

This Homemade Amla Pickle is a true tongue-tickler, with the perfect masala for tangy amlas! Ideal to serve with any meal, it tastes especially great with rice and dal. It has a lingering flavour, which is both spicy and sour, thanks to the use of various spices and seeds ranging from fennel and fenugreek seeds to chilli powder and asafoetida. Unlike the commercially available pickles this one is totally oil free, additives and preservatives free!

Sweet Potatoes Spinach Salad (shakarkandi Chaat)

In this recipe sweet potato is combined with fresh spinach, which is available in abundance during the winter season. It's a great way to add on the green leafy vegetable to your meal fusioned with the juicy, naturally-sweet potatoes. A quick, easy-to-do recipe, even along with your kids!

Cashew Dip - The Versatile Dip!

Our favorite party dip. Doubles up as a lovely salad dressing. Great replacement for market bought mayonnaise dip. Easy on pocket, easy on tummy. Can be used as dairy cheese replacement in many baking preprations.

Mushroom Mint Stir Fry - You Can Do This Oil Free!

Mushroom mint stir fry requires simple ingredients and can be prepared with any kind of mushrooms that are easily available. You will enjoy the delightful combination of Mushrooms, crushed Black pepper, garlic and mint. It can be served as an appetizer or as part of the main meal. Make the most of mushrooms when they are in season. Make sure you consume this hot off the hob, for amplified flavour and nourishment. This oil-free recipe with the flavourful mint is a quick fix solution when you must cook in a jiffy!

Mooli ki Churi

Pungent, yet yummy radish (mooli) can lend some real flavor to a salad. This particular recipe is an Indian style salad which goes well with any Indian meal or even chaat! This is a winter salad, grate mooli + lemon juice + any fresh herbs of choice, and voila taste and health in your plate.  

Chopped Spinach Salad

We love this versatile leafy veggie especially in our salads. Here is simple do-at-home recipe. This salad goes very well with aloo tikkis (top it up with some chutney) or with dosas and chillas. This is best eaten during winters, when spinach is abundant and high in nutrition too!

Carrot Beetroot Corn Salad

Salads are simple way to increase our raw foods intake. But often we may stare at our fridge for inspiration for ideas. Running short of salad ideas? Here is a simple recipe to break the monotony! This is best eaten during winters, when carrot and beetroot both are abundance.