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Do Babies Ruin Friendships?

If you feel like you have lost friends since becoming a mum - you are not alone

How to be a mum and still keep your friends

When you have a baby, your friendships change in unexpected ways. Here's how to enjoy your new 'mummy mates' and still keep your old 'pre-kid' friends. Your baby's arrival turned your world upside down in ways you never could have foreseen. But it's not just the number of nappies you...

Hello baby, goodbye friends: How having children tests friendships

by ELEANOR BAILEY Last updated at 17:01 18 January 2008 Having children can be a testing time for friends - especially when one is a have and the other a have-not. But can you stop a baby coming between you? What moved Frank Skinner to say: "David Baddiel has finally found something to be boring about"?

Why Babies Come Between Best Friends - Marie Claire Magazine

Just a few, short years ago, Jacinta Tynan's friends were career-driven, party girls who thought nothing of dancing until dawn, or taking off on a spontaneous weekend away. Now, thanks to their growing brood, these same friends are more likely to stay home discussing the minutiae of teething and toddler ballet than promotions and pay rises.

How To Lose a Friend in 10 Months

Edited below As promised, more Heavy and Really Sort Of Morose Blogging. Don't say I didn't warn you. If morose bores you, scroll back a post and reflect upon roller-skating, Steve Zissou, David Hasselhoff, and the retirement of the It's Not Easy Being Green Dancers...

You lose your friends when you become a parent - Mother's Always Right

When I was pregnant, I was often told that on becoming a parent I would lose three things that I had formerly taken for granted: my waist, my sleep and my friends. My waist has slowly made a post-baby return. Sleep is our friend once again. And my friends?

How Friendships Change After Baby

I can't get that sappy, sing-song ditty out of my head: "Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold."

Losing Friends After Having a Child?

Ok, so I am now starting to understand this phenomena. Before becoming a mom, I always thought that it was some sort of a misunderstanding. They didn't have kids, you did. They wanted to party couldn't, etc etc. Well yesterday, my eyes were seriously opened.

Mommyologist's Interview With Dallas Cyr | Mommyologist

I don't know about you, but I had a pretty tough time as a new mom. I missed sleep. I missed my body. I missed being able to go out to dinner at a nice restaurant or hop a plane to Vegas whenever I felt like it. Basically...I missed ME.

Do Babies Ruin Friendships?

Over at Cafe Mom, Emily writes about meeting a friend for lunch soon after giving birth: "About three weeks after my son was born I went out to meet a friend for coffee.

Friend Not Such a Friend After Baby Was Born - Mamapedia™

J.D. answers from New York on March 08, 2007 T., You know those Johnson's commercials that say, "Having a baby changes everything"? They're not kidding. Becoming a parent not only changes our everyday lives, but they change our relationships, too. Your friend was probably not lying when she said she was jealous of your daughter.

Showing the Love to Girlfriends Who Are Moms | Girlfriendology Guest Blog, Susan Jackson, Mother's Day | The New Girl...

Showing the Love to Girlfriends Who Are Moms Guest Blog by Susan Jackson Mother's Day can be kind of a mixed bag for moms. Sure, we love being recognized for all that we do for our families (which, let's face it, is pretty much everything). But the way we're recognized?