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Top 10 Passive Income Ideas

Is there anything better than making money while you sleep? I mean, wouldn’t you love to wake up with an influx of cash creeping into your bank account?


Print on Demand: A Low-Risk Business | Get Paisa Online

There are many avenues to earning passive income but the success ratio of many of those is low, as passive income ventures come with high risks. Though, this may come as good news that Print on Demand or POD is actually a low-risk business and here’s what it is. 

POD is basically when you sell your own custom designs on various types of products. Print on Demand products primarily include T=shirts, hoodies, books, mugs, pillows and various other items.

Benefits of Selling POD
Selling POD products is a low risk business as it usually takes up relatively less investment and that will last you for a very long time. The returns are steady across market upheavals and you will find more money coming in if you offer customized prints.

POD resorts to pop culture and pop culture is always in demand. You will never run out of work to do, and that will be a cool side gig to have.

Apart from the above, selling POD products allows you the portal to unleash your creative side. Your mundane 9-5 may suck the soul out of you, but when you get started on with POD, you will like how it serves to be a stress-buster and also earns you money along with your monthly payroll.

How to earn from Amazon Mechanical Turk? | Get Paisa Online

If you too are on the lookout for making money in your free time, then here is an interesting proposition for you. You can become an Amazon Mechanical Turk or an MTurk worker and you can start offering your skills to a vast plethora of tasks in the MTurk marketplace. 

What is MTurk?
MTurk basically is a platform where requestors post seemingly boring jobs called “Human Intelligence Tasks” or HITs which workers can complete for a small sum of cash in return.

These HITs essentially are tasks that computers and advanced algorithms are ill-equipped to handle. These include a wide spectrum of tasks ranging from psychological surveys to the processing and categorization of images as NSFW.

What does it take?
The jobs that come with being an MTurk are menial, as compared to the skills you possess. So the time you put into doing work is quite less but the returns do feel rewarding at the end of the month.

Expert MTurks say that most of the tasks are actually fillers by nature. It is just filling in the empty time slots of your schedule. The time you could well be wasting throughout your day could now earn you money by doing menial tasks online.

How does one become an MTurk?
You can apply to become an MTurk after going through this website: You can associate yourself with the company by hitting on the “Get started with Amazon Mechanical Turk” button at the end of the site.

Dropshipping and All That You Need To Know About It | Get Paisa Online

Dropshipping is the latest development in the way shopping experiences are enhanced. If you are on the lookout for a passive income experience, dropshipping might just be what you are looking for.

What Is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an easier format of retail fulfilment where in a store would not ideally have to keep products in stock. The methodology of dropshipping involves purchasing the product from a third party and having it shipped directly to the customer.

This way, the seller would not have to handle the product directly.

Why is Dropshipping so beneficial?

The prime point of difference between dropshipping and usual retail models is that dropshipping spares you the inventory space. It is a perfect passive income model as you are saving up on the hassle of taking care of the inventory and stock checks and merely delivering products on a per-order basis.

Top advantages of dropshipping:

  • Lesser capital needed
    When there’s dropshipping in the picture, there is lesser capital needed. You would ideally not purchase a product until the customer has paid you to do so; thereby meaning you aren’t at loss at all. Nor are there any inventory or storage costs involved.

  • Wider range of products on sale
    In dropshipping, you would have a wider range of products to offer. There would be no need to stick to a niche. The wider your range of products on sale, the more you sell and the more you sell, the more you earn.

  • Very low overhead costs
    Since there is no inventory involved in dropshipping, your overhead expenses drop down drastically. As your business grows, there would be a few recurring expenses to take care of, but that would definitely need much less paying for an entire warehouse and its maintenance and all that entails it.

How you can sell photos online and make money | Get Paisa Online

Framing scenes from day-to-day life is a knack we all hold. We all like to take pictures and add them to the unending reservoir of memories we all like to revisit time and again. What if this knack of yours could earn you some money?
Stock photos are used by advertising and media companies all around the world. You never know what kind of a need arises for them. By putting out little snippets from your everyday life out, you provide multinational companies an image that could turn out to be the perfect fit for an advertising campaign.

Where can I sell photos online?

  • On your own Site
    You could start your own website and market it in a manner that makes it pretty evident that all pictures on your website are up for sale. This way, you can set your own price, you would not have to pay any commission, and you have 100% control over how your images are being displayed and how often.

  • Adobe Stock
    Adobe Stock is one of the biggest players in the stock photo market. The platform has been around for over a decade now and holds the prestige of being one of the earliest landing sites for stock imagery. Uploading your images here would be a good platform to begin with.

  • Shutterstock
    Another website that has been in the stock image business for over a decade, Shutterstock has over 200 million images on their site. Shutterstock allows you to keep the copyrights protected, so you get to set the rights on the photos you put up. Shutterstock pays you 20-30% of whatever image you sell and it pays you monthly.

Earn through Online Surveys | Get Paisa Online

In this day and age, it has become simpler to earn money, as opposed to a time where being physically present was the most important prerequisite for any task to happen. These days, with the digitization of practically everything, you could be in one corner of the world and yet manage your business effectively in the other corner. 

God bless the Internet!

With so much ease, earning passive income, therefore, has become increasingly simpler. it has literally gotten as simple as earning money through surveys.

How does that work?

These days, there are various companies online that are into data collection. Data now is the most essential unit of a larger picture – information. And in this information-rich era, data is equivalent to virtual gold.

Several market research companies are now hiring members from around the world to fill out surveys. Yes, you fill out surveys and get paid. Now you must be thinking of all the times you filled a survey for nothing but pesky ad calls at ungodly hours, right?

Some of the most popular sites out there that pay you for surveys are:

  • Swagbucks: one of the most reliable online survey portal that has a reputation for paying on time. It even offers vouchers and prize draws.
  • Toluna: Toluna is reputed across the world and pays through PayPal payments, Amazon and even High-street Vouchers.
  • Life Points: A site that offers roughly around £1 for every survey is renowned all over the globe. On average, each survey here takes about 15 minutes.
Get Paid for Walking | Get Paisa Online

Could you have ever imagined that activity as basic and mindless as walking could pay you? Well, we live in strange times and getting paid for walking is a reality you need to acquaint yourself with. 
There are apps out there nowadays that pay you based on the number of steps you walk in a day.

Which are these apps, you wonder? Look no further, as we walk you through this.

  • Charity miles
    This app lets you earn money for charities without having to ask anyone – not your friends, your family, no one. If your walking could bring a smile on someone’s face, well, we think there is nothing better than that.

  • The Achievement app
    With the achievement app, you get paid $10 for every 10,000 points you earn. This cash amount is something you can donate to certain listed charities.

With the markets being in shambles right now, thanks to Coronavirus, the Lynpo app basically challenges you to walk and be more active. In exchange, you get to earn LYM cryptocurrency towards various gift cards and sports merchandise.

  • People walker
    The people walker app is vastly used by people to basically book a walking partner because walking gets a whole lot of fun with a partner. You can even charge fees to accompany someone to walk with you.

  • Sweatcoin
    Sweatcoin is another such portal that offers cryptocurrency for walking. It is usually free to sign up but there is a walking step limit for a day.

Passive Real Estate Investing | Get Paisa Online

At some point in our life, we have all dreamt of life minus the schedule. We all wish to escape the tangles of to-dos and a 9-5 shift and still have no downward shift in the way of life, but rather hope to elevate our lives, by not working all that hard. 
But is it really possible to get to that state of relaxation anytime in the course of our life?

What if we told you that it is and real estate investing is your key to that paradise?

The power of Real Estate

Real estate is a definitive source of income and barely ever disappoints. It is, as a matter of fact, the primary way through which most millionaires in the world got to be that.

Understanding passive investing

To clear the notion that Passive means you won’t have to do anything, you have to understand that this is not as easy as choosing an investment, dropping in some surplus and forgetting about it.

That is not how passive investment works. In passive investing, it is just that you are not playing an active role in the business that you would be investing into.

How do you passive invest in real estate?

  • Through stock market
  • Through real estate crowdfunding
  • Partnering with active investors to own properties
What is forex trading and how to trade online? | Get Paisa Online

Passive income is a prescribed method for that early retirement you have always dreamt of. And while the ways to earn passive income might be many, they also come with their fair share of research and analytical requirement. One such method of passive income is Forex trading. 

What is Forex trading?
Forex basically stands as a portmanteau for Foreign exchange. It is basically the process of changing one currency into another currency. The purpose of changing currency could be many and varied. While some use forex for commerce, others use it for trading and mostly many use it for tourism.

How do I trade Forex online?
Forex essentially a good way of turning your surplus into high-yielding returns, however you have to be vigilant about market conditions and predict the upheavals your preferred currency might face in the long or the short term. To understand trading forex online, you can explore these portals.

  • Advanced Trading: this is built for traders who are serious about forex returns. They demand more streamlined features and accurate analytical tools.
  • Web trading: another option for forex trading online is web trading where you can trade on a web optimized portal and it can offer you seamless account management and withdrawals.
  • Mobile trading: you know the device that travels with you all the time. Use it to earn you some bucks by trading forex on mobile. You get full trading capabilities on the move with this.
How to go about starting an online course or an online tutoring class? | Get Paisa Online

Starting an online business where you offer value in terms of skills would necessitate you to know the trade before you go ahead enabling others to excel at the same. 
ere are some important guidelines that will help you impart value in people’s lives by enabling them to crucial life skills.

  • Look for options before you begin
    We understand that start-ups are a trend now. What we fail to see often is that they require a whole lot of investment just to begin with. Instead, first, check around if there are options you can tie up with.

  • Figure out the obstacles in the process before you go LIVE
    Connectivity issues, bad quality of internet or just plain disconnections are issues that may hinder the online learning experience of those who have subscribed to your website. You may need to reconsider every possible obstacle so that your online pupils get to experience a seamless learning experience.

  • Get hands-on with all the necessary hardware
    Low-quality hardware like poor camera quality or bad sound editing software can really dull the whole experience. You might even lose subscribers at a staggering rate; something that’s counter-productive to your endeavors.

  • Payments
    Most experts suggest that it is really helpful to have a PayPal account before you proceed with your business. You would also have to make sure you make the payments before the sessions you offer because tracking down clients would get really tedious post your sessions. Also, note that the earnings you make in this manner would not be exempted from tax rules, so embrace the reality beforehand.

  • Market yourself well
    The most important thing when it comes to online business is marketing. Unless clients know about your business’s existence they won’t subscribe. Nor would they be attracted to your online module till they find value in what you offer. Therefore, marketing your business becomes extremely important.

How To Build A Niche Website That Can Earn You Passive Income? | Get Paisa Online

Passive income is the new talk of the town. If you are a web developer or designer and are content with your day job but would not mind some more money on your hands, then here’s something that may interest you.

What is a niche website?

As the name suggests, a niche website is basically a website that focuses on a smaller part of the audience or rather a larger market that shares a common point of interest. What niche websites do is, when multiple people search for a thing on search engines, the search engine offers these niche websites up for perusal.

Okay, that’s fair enough, but…

How can a niche website make you money?
Here are some brief ways following which you too can make passive income through niche websites:

  • By offering contextual advertisements such as Infolinks,, and Google Adsense
  • By allowing private advertisements belonging to other businesses or vendors
  • You can also generate revenue via referral or lead generation – basically, you passing on qualified visitors to your business partners
  • Selling digital products like ebooks, audiobooks, and various online courses
  • Offering automated memberships or subscriptions through newsletters, etc.