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Dental Implant Surgery: The Procedure Of Replacing Your Missing Tooth

Missing a tooth or losing a tooth because of any reason, be it a disease or accidental, is one of the worst things that a person can go through. Not only is that an aesthetic problem where a person loses all of their confidence, but it is also a hazard to your overall health. Missing a tooth can result in the loss of bone mass in the jaw, causing the jaw to slack and the skin of the face to sag.

This happens because the teeth continue to go through a process of grinding and regenerating on their own. With a tooth missing, this process stops and causes serious issues. This is why medical science came up with the brilliant invention of a dental implant. It replaces the missing tooth and root with a titanium post and a dental cap. This completes the set of teeth and resumes the regeneration process inside the jaw, keeping this in shape. But how is this done?

What is the procedure of getting a dental implant? This article discusses that in detail.



Visiting the Dentist

The procedure will begin with your dentist and implantologist examining the area where the dental implant is being considered. This may mean a physical examination as well as imaging techniques like X-Ray, panoramic films, and CT Scans, whichever is required. At this point, the quantity and quality of the jawbone is also assessed.


Cleaning the Site

Once the area has been examined and established good for a dental implant, the patient will be asked to return for the surgery. However, the doctors will not directly get into the surgery. Often times, it so happens, that there is still a small part of the broken tooth or the roots of the tooth are still present there. This means that the site will need to be cleared before proceeding further. The doctors will extract the remaining tooth in order to clear and prepare the site.



When the site is clear and there is enough strength in the bone, the implant can be placed. However, if there is bone loss or is in need of some repair, the doctors will perform a grafting procedure first. The site is given a graft of bone and is left for a different number of months varying from 2 to 6+ months to allow it to heal. This time period depends on the kind of grafting that is needed.


Getting the Implant

When the implant is placed without the need of any grafting, it is called an “immediate implant” placement. The implantologist then uses special drills and tools to create the required for placing a titanium post in the space for a missing tooth. This implant acts as the root that connects to the bone underneath. Then they put a healing cap on the implant and stitch up the gums over the cap, thus beginning the healing process.


Healing Time

The time required for healing depends on the quality of the bone underneath. It may be two to six months, maybe even more. In this time, the bone integrates the implant within itself. During this time, continued visits to the doctor are to be maintained to ensure that there is no infection happening at the site, while avoiding any pressure on the implant is also advised.


Dental Crown

After the healing process is complete, the site is now ready to get its new dental crown. To complete the tooth implant procedure, a dental crown is connected to the implant with the help of a screw called an “abutment”. It is custom made to match the profile of the patient’s teeth, while also being colour matched to the rest of the set.

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