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Best Smartphone Repair & Technology Fact Blogs

Find here smartphone repair, iPhone repair facts, a technology blog that improved for knowledge. Get the better Mobile Phone Repairing Service, glass repair, battery replacement helps.

Top 3 Contenders Of The Apple iPhone - An Insight 2020

Top 3 Contenders of the Apple iPhone - An Insight 2020, compared to three latest Apple iPhones with three Android devices, brands like Samsung and Huawei. We have compared three latest Apple iPhones with three Android devices from many perspectives to enable you to make a purchase decision. Contenders are Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra VS iPhone 11 Pro Max, Huawei P30 Pro VS iPhone X & Samsung Galaxy S10e VS iPhone 11. We compared its display, best camera, powerful battery, high-speed processor & price differences. However, the specs of Android phones deserve commendation because they have the quality to compete with the iPhones and provide users with a remarkable experience.

Sony PlayStation 5 - Check out the PS5 Specs, price, release date here!

Sony has recently announced Sony PlayStation 5 - it's the most powerful gaming console yet. In this blog, We have covered all the buzz around the PS 5 including the Specs, price, release date & much more. The most surprising element of the new PS5 is its unique design. Check out here PS5 design, Sony PS5 models, Sony PS5 specs, Sony PS5 games, Sony PS5 DualSense controller. Sony has announced holiday 2020 to be the official launch of the PlayStation 5. Sony PlayStation 5 comes with a new remote control gamepad which is named as a DualSense controller and not DualShock 5 as named for its predecessors.

How do I find the best iPhone back glass repair service near me?

Broken iPhone back glass is one of the most annoying issues we come across during our day-to-day lives. A cracked iPhone back screen brings a host of complications like facing discomfort while texting, sending emails, playing games, or just simply holding the phone while speaking on-call can be a big pain in the neck. On top of all, an iPhone back glass repair cost a bomb. In this blog, we’ve answered all your questions regarding the iPhone back screen repair like can it be fixed at home, whether your iPhone needs a repair or replacement and how to find the best iPhone back glass repair service near you.

iPhone 12 is here? Know all the latest buzz!

Apple launched iPhone 11 series in September last year - it’s latest flagship phones with powerful features, dual & triple rear camera, improved durability, faster A13 chip at affordable prices & made its mark. Now, the rumor mill has already started churning up rumors regarding the iPhone 12 launch, it’s specs & features soon after the launch of the iPhone 11. Based on these iPhone 12 rumors, we bring together in our article all the new leaks & updates regarding one of the most anticipated phones of the decade.

Did Your iPhone 8 and 8 Plus Camera Stop Working?

All the features of the camera are obviously superb but even on this, there are many users complaining about a not working camera on iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. There are various factors that can cause an iPhone 8 camera not working problems: iPhone software and crashed, Camera application crashed, Physical damage to iPhone’s camera, etc. These are just a couple of different methods that you can use to solve the camera failure issue on your iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Restart your iPhone, End all opened tasks and close the app, Reset Factory Settings, Update iOS, and DFU Restore. This way is mostly used by app service centers and technicians.

How to find the best cell phone repair store near me during Corona?

If you have accidentally broken your mobile screen or are facing any troubles with it, but don’t know what’s the best cell phone repair store to go to during these times of Corona. Worry not, read on to this blog, we have everything covered! Here how do you find your nearest iFixScreens store location, one of the best cell phone repair, mobile screen repair stores? Some of the common issues like black screen, a frozen screen, slow or faulty wifi, lagging phone, etc. We have in-house technicians offering repair services for all the major brands in the US.

5 Common Problems Of The Apple Watch In 2020 And Its Solution

In this blog, we will address the 5 most common problems of the Apple Watch Series 3 and series 4 in 2020 and How to fix them with detailed steps. Most of the Apple watch users, who have the LTE version, complain about their LTE connectivity. Unable to Send Messages from Apple Watch 3 & 4. Another common problem of the Apple watch may be that it's not tracking the activities, Notifications not appearing on your Apple watch, fix the watch OS for updating.

Solutions To 5 Most Common Problems Of Samsung Mobiles In 2020

In this blog, we will be covering the 5 most common problems of Samsung mobiles and some very easy fixes to these problems that you can do yourself. High battery drainage problem in Samsung mobiles, the screen gets stuck & unresponsive, overheating is something that relates directly to the battery of your phone. Not connecting to a Wi-Fi network is not something to worry about, apps Not downloading from Google Play Store in Samsung phone.

Which Is The Highest Sold Apple Product To Date In 2020?

Which is the Highest Sold Apple Product to Date? An Insight 2020. An iPhone, Air Pods, MAC, iPads, and other major accessories. The best-selling product in 2020 among all the elite products of Apple is the iPhone 11. Apart from that, AirPods are the second-best-selling Apple product within its two years of launch. iPhone being its most popular product, innovation plays a major role in the manufacturing and then delivering it to the customers. An iPhone 11 provides you all the perks of an expensive smartphone in today’s Era.

These 5G phones are already available in the market. More to come in October 2020

These 5G phones are already available in the market. More to come in October 2020. Upcoming phones brand Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus, iPhone 12, Google Pixel. We have seen a first wave of 5G phones in the earlier months of 2020 and applauded them for their epic performance. However, there is a lot more to come by the end of this year, and we are quite sure that the world will witness a handsome competition between 5G cell phone manufacturing companies.

Which Is The Best Tablet To Buy In 2020 And Why? IFixScreens

Which is the Best Tablet to Buy in 2020 and Why? The Apple iPad Pro 2019 with multitasking, thin, lightweight & faster top tablet performance for most people. Apple iPad Pro that has given this device the upper hand over all other tablets. Apple iPad Pro that consists of many advanced technologies with liquid retina display, augmented reality becomes more realistic makes this Apple iPad pro the best tablet of 2020 to be bought but also gives it certain importance over other tablets.

5 Differences Between Original and Fake Screen Repairs for iPhone

5 Differences between Original and Fake Screen Repairs for iPhone. Apple iPhones are known worldwide for their stunning display quality. We’ll define the major iPhone screens differences like LCD flex cable, screen glass, and more. You can easily differentiate between the build and quality of an original and the fake ones. Checkout markings on flex cable, LCD flex cable IC chip, display with respect to resolution, freezing of your iPhone’s screens or screen glass.

5 Most Common Problems In Nintendo Switch And Their Solutions

Nintendo Switch is a portable gaming gadget that enables you to play a variety of games with people from around the world using an internet connection. However, you may face some problems while using this device. Most Common Problems in Nintendo Switch and Their Solutions in 2020, some issues are Joy-Cons disconnects, battery drainage while playing, Joy-Cons drifting problem with the controllers’ analog sticks.

Is Your IPad Not Charging? 5 Absolute Solutions That Work In 2020!

Is your iPad not Charging? Here’s the working solution! Replacing the battery will resolve the “Not Charging” as well as “Slow Charging” issues entirely. iPad users have reported a decrease in their charging percentage while the iPad is connected to a charger. Replace the existing cable with the new one to get better results. If your iPad is out of warranty and still you are facing an iPad not charging issue, you can simply visit your nearest iFixScreens store.

5 Most Common Problems In PS4 And Their Solutions In 2020

5 Most common problems in PS4 and their Solutions in 2020. In PS4, discuss the issues are bad HDMI ports, blinking blue light, disc drive, overheating. Many ps4s with mishandling are vulnerable to disc drive problems. Solution: Replacing the disc drive of ps4. Bad HDMI ports are one of the problems found in the first few models of ps4. Solution: Replacing the faulty HDMI cables. PlayStation 4 Overheating issue for main reasons is faulty fans.

5 working solutions for AirDrop not working on iPhone or iPad in 2021

Facing problems with AirDrop not working? We have the solution for you!

AirDrop is a smart wireless beam for Apple devices to share anything from your iPhone, iPad or MacBook. It works as a super Bluetooth device with the Bluetooth speed of 4.x for power efficient sharing, broadcasting and discovery. This makes the transfer painless, fast, reliable and simple when sharing your data. However, this technology seems to be stable but when the software malfunction happens it just impossible to fix the issue – Airdrop not working! Now let’s fix this issue.

If you are facing an issue with your AirDrop then there are few steps you can try to correct the behavior of your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook, to get back to transferring a file with ease. Here are 5 steps you can try to fix the AirDrop not working issue.

5 Quick Solutions For iPhone Not Charging Issues In 2020

Are your facing iPhone Not Charging issues? Here are five easy and technical solutions to why an iPhone won’t charge when plugged in. If you have plugged in your iPhone and your iPhone is not charging, do not go into panic mode. After reading this your iPhone will require a simple fix from you. 5 quick solutions for iPhone charging issues are Clean the dirty or obstructed charging port, check for broken or damaged charging cable, check if the USB adapter is not firm, check if your iPhone is damaged.

Solution For The IPhone Black Screen Problem In 5 Easy Steps | IFixScreens

Solution for the iPhone black screen problem, also known as the Black Screen Of Death in 5 easy steps. This blog covers all models including iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone XR and iPhone 11 variants.