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Top Sync Licensing Books

These are the top books on sync licensing. Gain the knowledge you need to take your slice of this growing revenue stream in music industry.

The Secret Sauce For Placing Your Music In Television & Film: Advanced Digital Marketing Tactics to Help You Score Big

How do I place my music in television & film? Chances are if you landed on this page, you’re an independent artist or band that's asking themselves that very question. However, the better question to be asking is, “How can I place my music in television & film and still have time to focus on making new music?” This book reveals a strategic method to obtain the contact information of music supervisors and turn it into an automated machine that will find you their latest projects. Once setup, the system alerts you when it's the optimal time to contact them! The best part is this can all be done entirely by yourself. In this streaming era (Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, etc.) where there is more content than ever being produced, sync licensing can be a massive revenue stream and independent musicians are in demand more than ever! To put this into a better context, a $5,000 sync license for a single song will earn more revenue than over one million streams of a hit song on Spotify. Are you ready to get started now?

Thinking In Sync: A Primer on the Mind of a Music Supervisor

"Thinking In Sync" is the perfect starting point for any artist interested in learning more about the world of synchronization. With this book, Thomas aims not only to provide answers for many of the questions music supervisors are most often asked, but also the reasons behind those answers. Readers will walk away with the following:

  • Insight as to how music supervisors review music submissions from potential new contacts, how they select who receives a "music brief" or "music search," as well as the day to day pressures and responsibilities of their role in the larger film and television creation process and how these affect artists.
  • A detailed overview of every step of the song clearance process from quote request to confirmation letter to music cue sheet, and why each is so important.
  • Essential conversations to have, creative approaches to consider and materials to assemble before, during and after a song is recorded in order to best position your music for sync.
  • Resources and strategies to evaluate the most effective people to send your music to (it's not always music supervisors) and how to stand out in a good way.
  • Specific approaches to consider when assembling your pitch, from professional etiquette and common industry faux pas to preferred submission methods.
Master Music Licensing: The 4 Step Plan to Licensing Success

Want to get your music heard by millions of people world-wide, and make a great living in the process? The traditional music industry has been in a rapid decline since the early 2000's, and these days, listeners expect your music to be free. So, as creative individuals, how can we share our gifts with the world, without struggling to pay the rent. The answer is through Sync Licensing. Successfully licensing your songs to TV Shows, Films and Commercials is a MUST if you want to survive in the Modern Music Industry. But there's a process that must be followed to not only get your songs placed. This book details the 4 Steps that will allow you to generate consistent placements of your music. It's not about 1 or 2 random placements here and there... it's about strategically getting 10, then 100, then 1000.

The Music Licensing Handbook: How to get your songs licensed in TV, films, and video games

The Music Licensing Handbook helps independent musicians and labels navigate the confusing world of music licensing. It focuses on WHAT you need to know and HOW to succeed. With information on emerging markets, the complexities of licensing agreements, who to target, key decision makers, and how to get paid, this handbook should give you the confidence to look for new revenue streams for your work.

There are more chances to license your music than ever. It’s a competitive market. Independent music is in great demand. Understanding the issues and processes involved is the only way to realise the potential of your song catalogue. The Music Licensing Handbook is an invaluable introduction for the emerging musician or established professional. Make sure your music doesn’t end up on the music supervisor’s slush pile

The Insider's Guide to Music Licensing

First-hand advice for musicians from Brian Tarquin, author, who has over twenty years of experience in licensing music to record labels, TV shows, feature films, radio promos, and network promos. This book takes you through how licensing really works: what type of royalties are expected, digital royalties from companies, receiving royalties from iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster through digital distributors like IODA/The Orchard, and how they pay. Also covered are mechanical royalties from, broadcast radio licenses, how foreign royalties are collected, publishing administration deals, and a breakdown of sync and master licenses. Interviews with major industry players offer advice directly to musicians.

The Musician's Guide to Licensing Music: How to Get Your Music into Film, TV, Advertising, Digital Media & Beyond

Record deals are so twentieth century. Today, music licensing is the fastest route to widespread exposure and a steady income. Creators of films, television shows, commercials, video games, ringtones, podcasts and other digital-age media hunger for music perfectly suited to their projects—providing endless, lucrative opportunities for savvy musicians. Whether you’re an unknown composer, an up-and-coming songwriter, an independent-label performer, or a big label star, there’s a place for you in this fast-growing field—as long as you learn to master the game.

How does music licensing work? Where are the most abundant and rewarding opportunities? Find the answers in this authoritative, up-to-the-moment overview of one of the most effective ways to market your talent.

What I Have Learned About Music Licensing

Listed in this ebook are ways to save time and energy in your quest to get your music licensed in the entertainment business. Pulling ideas and techniques from his own experiences, this author's experiences can help you avoid pitfalls and mistakes in your quest to be the best composer that you can be, at a price that won't break the bank.

The Art of Music Licensing: A Guide to Music Licensing

This blueprint to licensing music is intended for musicians and songwriters interested in learning the how to get the most out of licensing their music in television, film, and advertising. If you're a songwriter or artist and interested in learning more on how to license your music then this is the ebook for you.

Fast Track: A Quick Guide To Music Licensing

Are you a songwriter, composer or music producer? Have you ever wondered how to get your music on a tv show or a movie? This book breaks down the steps of becoming a music licensing pro! This book not only shows you how but where! It detailed list of music libraries where you can submit your music. This guide is a must-have for anyone that is ready to break into the music licensing business!