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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 30, 2020
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The Best Smart Gadgets for Your Home – A Modern Home in Colombo

There are newer and smarter home gadgets that are being installed or can be installed in your new apartment home when you move into a complex in Colombo. These are new appliances and gadgets that will aid the functionality and security of your home as well as making your home innovative.


Intelligent Light Switches

Intelligent light switches are wifi-enabled and have a self-learning technology that will allow you to tailor them to turn on and off when people enter and exit a room, which you can command to either brighten or dim depending on your preference and time of day. You can also connect these lights to Amazon's Alexa and let your voice recognition capabilities control the light switches depending on something as aloof as your current mood.


Indoor Security Cameras

There are apartments in Colombo that have great security systems, but John Keells Properties are known to take things a step further with Artificial Intelligence-fuelled systems. These are state-of-the-art, provide facial recognition abilities and that solves a lot of problems by being able to tell which people are allowed into the property and which people it shouldn't let in. It will recognise alarms when smoke and carbon monoxide detectors turn on and will alert you. It can also be monitored using an app on your phone.


Smart Thermostats

A smart thermostat is a must-have in a modern house due to its ability to control the temperature depending on your preferred requirements and thus contributing to saving energy. The thermostat works by understanding the patterns of which parts of the home needed to be cooled or heated depending on the situation as well as adjusting the temperatures to suit the lifestyles of those who live there. You can also turn on the heat or the air conditioning at a certain time or remotely from your phone while you are on your way home.


Smart Locks

A smart lock attaches to the front door and will automatically grant access to you depending on a host of factors. The simplest of these would be to have a unique key card or to punch in a password. You can also assign guest access for cleaners, friends and family and you can also make it available for Airbnb services by renting it out. An app will allow you to check the status of your door at any given time and to automatically open it if you are coming in with a handful of groceries for example.


State-of-the-Art Kitchen Suites

An AI kitchen suite is no longer a thing in SciFi movies, it is reality! Your kitchen suite will come with a smart fridge and countertops that can be programmed to suit your requirements as well. The fridge can be connected to your card to automatically send for new groceries if you are running out and the stove can be programmed to cook your meals to perfection, so you no longer have to worry about burning your dinner.

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