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Native Mammals found in Thailand – A beautiful wildlife exploration

Shopping, enjoying an amazing street food culture, and nightlife are not the only things that you can expect to do when you are in Thailand. Although it's not so famous, Thailand is also a great wildlife hotspot. Here are a few you can spot whilst here.



Do you have any idea about gliding mammals? If so, Colugo can be considered the most capable glider of all. They are a tree-dwelling mammal, and quite famous for their excellent vision and rounded years. Their head is very tiny, but their eyes are way bigger compared to the size of their head.


Sun bear

It's the smallest bear that you could ever see in your life. They won't generally weigh more than 140 pounds, and that's the cutest thing about them. Sun bears have very large paws, no matter how small their bodies are, and their claws are strongly curved. Do you know why they are called 'Sun Bears'? That's because they do have an orange coloured (sometimes this can be cream coloured as well) chest patch that is identical to them.


Javan mongoose

Javan mongoose is not the sympatric Indian Grey Mongoose that you see in most of the Asian countries. The Javan ones are smaller in size and are native to Thailand. Their ears are very short and it's a nice thing to discover that these cute creatures do have an elongated head that has a pointed snout.


Fishing cat and the Jungle cat

It's a cat that can swim very long distances, even underwater. So, these are masters to dive into the water and catch their prey, which is mostly fish. Just like a normal cat would do, they also mark their territories by cheek-rubbing and chin-rubbing, and sometimes, they do this by spraying urine too. The jungle cat is a carnivore who is an expert in hunting birds, fish, frogs, and small insects. They are also called the reed cats or the swamp cats, and you can spot them in wetlands like swamps.


Hog badger

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species has listed the hog badger as 'vulnerable', although you find them fairly common in Thailand. It's easily recognizable because of its tail that has long white hairs and you will notice soon (if you spot one during a safari of yours) that they don't care about the humans approaching them. They are omnivorous and their general diet consists of fruits and small animals.


Where to catch these native mammals in Thailand?

So, while you are having a joyous vacation at a property the likes of Maitria Rama 9 Residence, you can also experience some beautiful wildlife moments if you head to any of the Thai National Parks such as Doi Inthanon, Mu Ko Ang Thong, Khao Sam Roi Yot, and Kaeng Krachan. Out of the 264 mammals in Thailand, three are critically endangered and if you are lucky enough, you will be able to see some of them during your visit to one or two of these wildlife attractions.