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Updated by Stephan Marais on Apr 25, 2013
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Social Media Marketing - Round Up, 19 April 2013

Making the Most of LinkedIn Insights | Social Media Today

LinkedIn provides three sets of statistics: Per Post, Follower and Page. Per Post Insights are specific to each status update. Simply go to your Company Page and scroll down through your previous updates. Below each update, you will see information detailing how many followers viewed that post, how many times it was clicked, and what that percentage is in regard to engagement.

The three types of social structured data and why you need them

Social structured data and rich snippets are powerful tools for attracting extra attention and clicks when your content is shared or appears in search results. For the uninitiated, social structured data is essentially the annotations that appear when a link is shared across social networks.

Offline Data Targeting "Partner Categories" Now Available on Facebook - Fathom

By Ryan Nguyen | April 15, 2013 Last week Facebook announced a new form of targeting options called "partner categories." The use of "partner categories" allows an advertiser to target audiences based on offline data collected from third parties Acxiom, Datalogix and Epsilon. The example below is from the Acxiom data category defining "high-end retail buyers."

6 Cross-Platform Hashtag Marketing Campaigns | Social Media Today

Julie Blakley Nike - #MakeItCount Nike's #MakeItCount campaign started in 2012 as part an effort to publicize the release of the Fuel Band. It started with a viral YouTube effort, and then expanded to include Nike encouraging their fans and followers to tell them how they planned to "Make it Count" in 2012.

How Coca-Cola uses Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+

While putting together our recent series of posts looking at how major brands use the four main social networks I've somehow managed to overlook Coca-Cola, so today I have rectified that startling omission. Coca-Cola is one of those instantly recognisable brands that would rake in fans and followers without even trying, so it's to its credit that it has active account across the social web.

Social Tragic-ology: How Brands Learn to Be Part of Real News

The phones didn't work but social media did. In what is starting to become the new "normal" of tragedy, this week's Boston Marathon bombings unfolded first on social media. According to a recent study, 70 percent get most of their news from friends and family on Facebook and 36 percent get most of their news links from friends and family on Twitter, with more of the Twitter crowd using a smartphone.

Facebook Launches CPA Bidding - Search Engine Journal

Facebook just announced that it will start allowing Advertisers to CPA bid. CPA is commonly known as Cost Per Action or Cost Per Acquisition to people in the Affiliate world. Today it's available through it's Ads API. Should measure conversions within the first 24 hours.

Twitter Expands Keyword Ad Targeting To User Timelines

Keyword targeting isn't new for Twitter advertisers - they've been able to target keywords in Twitter search results since late last year. Starting today, advertisers can also target keywords in user timelines. The new targeting is available to all advertisers in all languages and markets, the company says.

The Definitive Guide to Setting Up and Marketing a Podcast to Help Grow Your Blog : @ProBlogger

T It's no secret that the subject of podcasting has been a buzz for quite some time. In fact, some say that although there have been solid podcasting networks around for years and years, it's only just in the last 12-18 months that the idea of starting a podcast, especially as a blogger, has become something that we'd even consider.