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5 Facts to know about Adelaide, Australia – South Australia’s Shining City

Adelaide is nestled between the rugged coast of South Australia, near the foothills of Mount Lofty. It is by far one of the most popular cities in the country and a popular tourist destination. Still, Adelaide still has its secrets – here're 7 facts you might not have known about the city.


Adelaide's Origins

The region that would one day become Adelaide was initially covered in grassy plains and dry shrublands. It was inhabited by Kaurna Aborigines who were experts at living off this seemingly harsh and barren land. Of course, during the early 19th century, the region saw the arrival of European settlers. Their numbers would only increase as the years went on and conflict with the indigenous people was inevitable. Adelaide itself was born over a proclamation made under a gumtree in 1836. Over time, this small settlement would gradually grow into the bustling seaside hub you see today. The city pays homage to its original citizens by showcasing the largest display of aboriginal artefacts and relics in the country at the South Australian Museum and the National Aboriginal Cultural Institute.


A Free Settlement

Adelaide was initially settled by a colony of free settlers. This makes it the only major city in Australia that has been inhabited by free settlers since its inception. The reason for this is that Adelaide was initially scouted out by the British to be their capital in the region. The early settlers took their sense of freedom to heart and didn't even have a prison in the city for the first few years of operation.


The 20-Minute City

Adelaide is often referred to as the "20-minute city", the reason for this is that's it's quite easy to travel to all of Adelaide's major landmarks quickly – few places will cost you more than 20 minutes! This is great news if you're staying at one of the centrally located Adelaide hotels – say, for instance, the Avani Adelaide Residences. Essentially, you'll be able to travel in-between the fantastic beaches, cafes, restaurants and major attractions the city has to offer with relative ease.


The Dry City

Adelaide also holds the distinction for being the driest capital city in Australia – and that's quite the title considering how dry the rest of the country can get. It has hot Mediterranean weather alongside a very low humidity level. This means that the summer months are very hot while the winter is really cool. Even though the temperature can get a little extreme during the summer, most locals still prefer the season and can be seen lapping up the sun rays at the beach.


Adelaide's Churches

Adelaide has even been called Australia's "Church City" – and with good reason too. If you take a quick trip along Adelaide's main roads, you'll be sure to notice a number of different churches, each displaying unique architectural designs at that. The Holy Trinity Anglican Church is thought to be the first church erected here in 1838 since then their number has skyrocketed alongside the booming population.