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Important tips for first-time travellers in Vietnam – Five Useful Tips

Vietnam, a country in Southeast Asia boasting of rich culture and enchanting landscapes, is a must-visit for anyone who is thinking of travelling to Asia. But there are certain things in particular, of which you must have an idea to experience the best of Vietnam. Here are five of them!


Halong Bay - A must-visit region in Vietnam.

Thousands of islands draped in lush greenery form a maze of channels in the turquoise waters of Halong Bay, which is located off the coast of Northeastern Vietnam. For many a decade, this majestic seascape has inspired wonder and admiration. The name Ha Long is Vietnamese for "Descending Dragon." According to legend, when the Vietnamese were faced with invasion, a dragon has flown down to their rescue from heaven. The rock formations of Halong Bay are known as karsts. You can explore the fascinating bits of this location either by hopping on a cruise or kayaking between the gigantic karst formations.


The Vietnamese often use English

Many tourists think that it would be a tad bit difficult communicating in Vietnam due to the drastic differences in culture. However, contrary to popular belief, English is quite widespread in Vietnam. You'd be able to see café menus and building names with English interpretations. Don't be surprised to see youngsters at Starbucks casually shooting English at each other. Most of the Vietnamese people employed in the country's tourism sector have a fair working knowledge in English; therefore, obtaining information and travelling the country shouldn't be a problem.


It's where you handle Dongs instead of Dollars

One US dollar ranges between approximately 23,000 Vietnamese Dong (VND.) Tourists may feel like instant millionaires when exchanging money in the airport or banks. Even if you do not prefer handling cash, you should always have a stash with you when walking about in Vietnam, as the locals prefer to use cash. Restaurants, hotels, and convenience stores may accept cards, but be sure to check with the sellers about the exchange rates before making a purchase. You can also obtain 24-hour ATM services at this country.


It's possible to find a private beach to relax

If you're thinking of some alone time after a hectic but rewarding schedule of sightseeing, a Quy Nhon coastal escape would be the most relaxing thing you can find in Vietnam. Unlike the neighbouring Hoi An and Nha Trang, where tourists bustle in every nook and corner, you can find a whole beach to yourself at Quy Nhon. You can also experience the serene underwater world by making your way to the pristine islets just off the coast of Quy Nhon. Exploring the colourful corals thriving with vibrant marine life would be one of the best things to do in Quy Nhon.


Cutback on costs with overnight buses

Overnight bus rides come as an excellent option when it comes to travelling long distances. For one thing, they cost less than flights and train rides. And of course, bus rides offer complete freedom for you to carry whatever the luggage you can handle, unlike flights, where they enforce strict carry-on limits. However, if you're someone who requires a lot of leg space, you'd find it a bit inconvenient as you won't have space to stretch out to your heart's content. Sleep masks and noise-cancelling headphones are highly recommended for a comfortable journey.