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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 28, 2020
Headline for Top Street Food Discoveries in Quy Nhon – Must-try Foodie Favourites
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Top Street Food Discoveries in Quy Nhon – Must-try Foodie Favourites

While the coastal city of Quy Nhon may be well known for its idyllic beaches and cultural attractions, it is also a great spot to savour delectable local street food. From savoury to sweet, here are some of the top picks when it comes to popular culinary creations for foodies to try when here.


Bun Cha Ca

This dish which is a kind of fish cake noodle soup is not only well-known in Quy Nhon, but other areas like Da Nang as well. The soup or broth is made using ingredients like flagfish or mackerel fish bones which give it a bit of sweetness. However, the "star" of the dish is the fish cake that is used which generally is a made from different fish varieties such as mackerel or barracuda. For a bit of spiciness, this dish is sometimes accompanied with a chilli sauce.


Banh Hoi Long Heo

This is a popular dish amongst locals especially when it comes to breakfast. It consists of a kind of rice vermicelli cake accompanied by pork tripe. The rice cake is usually made from rice flour and is best eaten hot; when made well, it will be soft in consistency while also having a thin oil layer covering which helps to get rid of any smell of raw flour. Apart from pork tripe, you will usually find this dish also featuring chives sprinkled on top.



This is a traditional type of dessert in Vietnam which can also be enjoyed at Quy Nhon restaurants. It is a term given for a local dessert beverage, pudding or soup and the ingredients used and consistency can vary depending on where you try it. Consisting of several layers, it generally contains tapioca, mung beans, jelly, black-eyed peas, coconut cream, kidney beans and toppings of fruits like jackfruit, mango or lychee.


Banh Mi

Another street food worth sampling is banh mi which is a kind of baguette or sandwich. On offer both at street-side stalls and beach resorts the likes of Anantara Quy Nhon Villas, it makes an ideal snack; it is best enjoyed when freshly made with the bread being soft and the crust crunchy or crisp. Usually, banh mi features some yummy fillings too which can include pate, cured ham or pork along with pickles and herbs as well.


Banh Xeo Tom Nhay

This name may seem like a mouthful, but simply put, it is a delicious prawn pancake! A Quy Nhon speciality, this dish features a relatively small and thin pancake that is golden in colour. Of course, the crowning glory is the freshwater prawn that is placed on top. This dish also generally has onion and bean sprout as added toppings and is served with a delicious dipping sauce that contains spices and fish sauce.



While some may not find the idea of sampling a snack with ingredients like fermented pork skin and belly as well as pig ear quite appetising, pork lovers should definitely give it a try! This is a popular snack in places like Quy Nhon and it features a distinctive sour flavour; part of the dish also includes rice which is ground into what is known as "thinh", while ingredients such as guava leaves, garlic, galangal and chilli are used too.