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Golden Life BD Drug and Rehabilitation Center in Dhaka

Golden Life is a well-known and well-established drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation center, a human welfare organization. Golden Life has been playing an important role in social welfare activities, as well as in drug treatment and rehabilitation since 2007.
Contact: 01716623665, 01680361729

Golden Life BD – Drug and Rehabilitation Center in Dhaka

Golden life is one of the oldest and best rehabilitation centers in Dhaka. Golden life provided very best accommodation, healthy food, 24 hours doctor facilities for patients. Golden life provided services for 24 hours in 365 days.

Detoxification – Golden Life BD

Detoxification treatment is the process, during which a drug abuser gets healed little by little. The drug and alcohol users suffer the withdrawal symptoms when they try to quit. Chemical changes in the brain are responsible for withdrawal symptoms.

Physical imbalance is the problem of withdrawal

When drug users relieved from drugs they suffer physical pain. Then theirs physically cure by Detoxification in the medical process.
First of all, a drug addict is suffering from physical problems. We call this physical problem as a withdrawal in the traditional language. Withdrawal is a physical disorder that leads to drug addict drug avoidance as a result, the demand for drugs is noted in hundreds of times. They spent 1 month to overcome this physical problem. (For this a patient cannot be seen or spoken to the guardian within a month).
Medical Process
At the time of admission of a patient to our institute, we first conduct various types of examinations by the Specialist of Medicine. Because of drug addiction, people are unconsciously involved in activities such as: use of syringes on one another, use of pipes with mouth saliva, illegal sexual intercourse etc., due to their unconscious activities, epidemic diseases are created in their body and they are totally unaware of these diseases. It is mandatory to do medical check-up (within 7 days). Physical checkup of patients such as: blood, urine etc; staffers of the country’s renowned institution Lab Aid come to our organization for the sake of the safety of patients and after passing the test, the report is handed over time.
Medical Specialist observes the report and if any signs of any disease are seen, then the medicine of the disease was prescribed and handed over to a Psychiatrist.

A Psychiatrist looks at reports and supervises the patient’s physical and mental condition and conducts routine medicine. In this case, some patients will be given medicine for 1 time, some patients 2 times, special treatment for some patients, 3 times a day. With these courses, the physical pain or physical imbalance or withdrawal of those patients will be overcome.
According to the prescription of a psychiatrist and medical officers, the patients regularly have given daily medicines by a Medical Assistant(always stay in full time).
When a drug addict gets rid of the drug addiction physically through these processes, it is very important for a drug addiction person to take rehabilitation treatment.
So we were able to provide a full range of treatment to a drug addict in the next step under rehabilitation treatment.

Rehabilitation – Golden Life BD

Medical treatment of drug addiction is 4 months
Rehabilitation-3 months
Since this time the patient is physically stress free, at this time symptoms of any disease or disease caused by addiction (E.g. Becoming unconscious, Dizziness, headache etc) are observed. That is why in the 2nd and 3rd months psychiatrist’s medicine is not given to the patient by our authority’s policy. Note that this time is intense of mental instability.
Learn and Re-Training
Group Therapy
NA meeting
At the time, a drug addict’s intense mental trauma or a strong desire to use drugs again. Counseling is done by specially trained counselors for their mental stability.
At the time, through drug addict’s specialist, the reason of patients drug abusing is identified and discussed about bad effect that occurred in their body. And the advice and proper guidance of a clinical psychologist are adapted to Implementation on them.
To provide them with the world-class universally accepted and proven NA program, the path of wellness and carrier by the drug addiction professional is providing information through various classes and sessions about the horrific misfortune and consequences of drugs.
These three months of no physical problem, such as watering through nose and eyes, and senseless sensation are not happened, so official staffs of the organization are not permitted to provide any psychiatric medicine or sleeping pills and injections.
When their sleeping problems or mental instability arise, they are brought out of these problems with meditation, relaxation and various exercises.
Spiritual work is done for them as mental excellence, for example five time prayers are mandatory for Muslims. Here proper and correct prayer and promise are practiced. (Different religion person must have to follow their own religion, such benefits are given).
At the period of 4th month Family counseling is done by identifying family problems. As a result of drug addiction, a drug addict turns away from reality and becomes self-centered. That is why they are given practical lessons to accept the reality and coming out of self-centeredness, to create a realistic man and a universal personality. This helps in moving in a normal way by conforming to real life. Specific employment is advised to manage real life in meaningful and productive ways.

Daily Routine – Golden Life BD

04.00-04.15:—Fazar Prayer

At this time Muslims must have to attend the Fazar prayer. And the other religion person also must have to attempt their own religious. Such facilities are provided by us.
06.00-06.50:—Physical Exercise

We have athletic trainers, who trained the patient for physical progress by advising various type of exercise.
07.00-7.30:—Morning Prayer

The Morning Prayer is a medium of conscious communication with the Creator. Before starting each day, the patients accepted the daily promise at Morning Prayer. At this time, they pray for peace and well-being for their family by combining prayer. Which help them for their mental development.

Our organization provides healthier and balanced food to every patient every morning.
08.00-09.00:—Routine Check-up by M/A(Medical assistant)

A medical assistant always stay in full time. Who regularly checks every patient routinely in the morning.

This is a self-assisting positive group treatment. The morning meeting begins with a prayer of peace, fine meditation and reading of the day’s top philosophy. Our organization has a code of conduct that is read every morning in the morning meeting. This Code of Conduct is to deliver a message to each patient’s brain that we are all equal. Filling one another with respect, speaking and talking to you more relevant rules that prepare a drug addict or prepare for the better mentality. This is the main goal of our organization, to prepare each patient for presenting themselves properly with all kinds of behavioral problems of their previous life. The co-friends (Here every patient is greeted by each other as friends), who have behavioral problems, are helped by the pull-ups to get all the friends from that shortfall.
10.30-11.15:—Addiction Class

It is a class of N.A (Narcotics Anonymous). An Addiction professional take this class to brief the patients about Addiction, Relapse, PAW (Post Acute Withdrawal), Power of Love etc.
11.30-12.00:—Roster Work

Roster work means house work. All patients co-operate in this session, everybody has to do different types of light work for mental development. For example, folding their own bed, keeping their own clothes folded.
12.00-01.00:—Break for bath

At this time it is compulsory for every patient to take bath daily.
01.15-01.30:—Zuhr Prayer

In our organization A Moulabi is employed. He used to take Zuhr prayers every day with all the Muslim patients. Does it in Muslim patients have spiritual practice. Patients of other religions have the opportunity to practice their respective religion, So that they are practicing them and the spiritual as well as Muslim patients.

At the lunch time we provide nutrition food to the patients. Meals menu are vary each day.

At this time patients take rest.
03.00-03.45:—Staying Sober class

Generally a drug addict, due to the addiction to drug, gradually lost his former values and hens and noticed various changes in his behavioral behavior in society. So, through a professional addiction, this session helped them to get out of those wrong ideas. It is a session of N.A (Narcotics Anonymous) where a drug addict is prepared for a humble decent life with theoretical training.
04.00-04.15:—Asr Prayer

Like as Zuhr prayer Asr Prayer also taken by the Moulabi.
04.20-04.35:—Hadith Session

After the prayers of Asr, the Hadith is read and Tamil is done. And Attempts are made to teach the Surah Sahi and the correct way for five times prayer in daily life.
04.40-04.55:—Tea Break

One packet biscuits and tea is provided to every patient at this time.
05.00-05.30:—Inventory session

Began with prayer of peace then, through silent meditation lessons, the inventory session started with a silent way in which everyone made a simple way of thinking about his bad and good aspects. Inventory is the discovery of patients all day. A transparent mirror of the mind. From last 5 pm onward, today, it is called inventory to evaluate correctly by analyzing 17 bad points and 17 good aspects till 5pm. As a result of this session, a drug addiction person himself understands the need to be healthy by developing his own good and bad shot analysis by analyzing it. That is very important for a patient.
05.30-06.00:—Group Meeting

We usually discuss about the each and every fellows personal performance, group problems and guideline for the solution.
06.50-07.00:—Magrib Prayer

Like as other prayer Magrib Prayer also taken by the Moulabi.
07.10-07.55:—N.A Meeting Sharing

The host usually opens the floor to anyone who would like to share after the opening remarks are made. Often, prayers or sayings specific to the NA tradition are recited throughout the meeting, many of which focus around the concept that a higher power will help them stay sober. One of the biggest benefits to drug addiction support groups like NA is that patients hear personal stories from people who are recovering from drug addictions, which helps most people feel like they aren’t alone in their struggles.
08.00-08.30:—Esha Prayer

Like as other prayer Esha Prayer also taken by the Moulabi.

At this time patients are attend in various kind of entertainment, such as watching satellite TV, listening to music. Singing song as well. And there are facilities for entertainment such as sports, Keram games, Ludu games and chess games.

At the dinner time we provide nutrition food to the patients. Meals menu are vary each night.
09.30-10.30:—Night Sharing

Night sharing is the last one session of the day, where a staff is present as monitor. This session started with a prayer of peace. Prayer is sought from God for the feeling of relaxation and the strength of the day to day life through relaxation meditation. Every drug addicted person’s are asked about their personal performance, problem, problem of the group Etc. The guidelines for issue solutions are given. Along with this, praying for forgiveness for sins in the past turned out to be wrong. And everyone’s feelings are asked. After this, prayer of power for the peace of the Holy Spirit, afterwards, all of them chained in one hand and read the combined prayer for the night.
10.45-03.50:—Sleep Time

This time every patient must need to go their own bed and sleep till fazar prayer.

Gallery – Golden Life BD

Golden life is one of the oldest and best rehabilitation centers in Dhaka. Golden life provided very best accommodation, healthy food, 24 hours doctor facilities for patients. Golden life provided services for 24 hours in 365 days.

About us – Golden Life BD

Golden Life is one of the best drug treatments and rehabilitation center in Mirpur, Dhaka. We follow modern medical procedures and effective professional services to prevent and cure any problems with drug addiction. We have an international certified, trained team of experts and a qualified professional staff to provide continuous care for patients with drug addiction. We do not want Drugs, we want a healthy normal life, so let’s say right now let’s build a drug free society. Drug is not a game. Mother’s tears, fathers breathe. The drug can’t solve anybody’s problems. In fact, drugs are the main reason for the destruction of the family. So seek treatment for drug addicts, do not be shy, we are on your side.
Our Services
Suitable and extended medical facilities, including alternative treatment opportunities for each drug addict
Our organization is surrounded by a clean environment.
There is a modern bedding system following modern methods.
A healthy and balanced diet every day.
Modern methods of various classes / sessions in a pleasant environment.
Proper guidance of an internationally renowned specialist for healing that is complete in physical, mental and spiritual ways.
Motivation / Consultation, Assessment, Medical Check-up, Detoxification, Physical and Psychiatric Treatment.
Personal counseling, family counseling, case management, psycho-educational classes, relapse prevention, formulation and implementation.
Work-conditioning means engaging in daily activities without drugs, relaxation and sports, relaxation and meditation and group meetings.
Family meetings and classes, family relationships, follow-up and aftercare, self-help groups and fellowships.
Our medical services or regulatory procedures for drug and mental problems:
Motivation / Consultation.
We are highly experienced in the treatment of drug addiction and mental illness and have been served (by keeping privacy in secret) by psychiatrists and drug addiction professionals for a long time.
Our experience
Not just to stop drug abuse by the government and the police.
Today, schools, colleges, universities, students and employees of various important institutions are not far from the scourge of drugs. Most people in the profession today are taking drugs because they do not know the horrors of drugs. So before making a child a good man, we have to be good people. If we do something good every day and we tell it to children and families, it will encourage family members to do well. Spend time with family members at least once a week. Family values ​​are now the most important because we knew beforehand who sold the drugs, where to find them, to hand them over to the law but now your son, my brother is a drug dealer. She/he will not come home to her/his friend’s birthday today because there will be a DJ party, friends will celebrate the birthday with wine, Gaza, Yaba. From then on, new friends will come to his house to find him, and many friends will be browsing through the internet. Today, it has been difficult to raise a boy by keeping in house only. The reason is Internet. Today, when you open the pages of the newspaper, you see on the television, parents were killed by their beloved son while they were asleep; mother killed son by the murderer. The fingers of the wife’s hand are cut off, and it is found that the reason behind these infidelities is nothing but terrible drugs. So hate is not their attempt to be universally friendly or we are not safe. Society is safe; you are safe, society before family, country before society, my golden Bengali. If a member of your family receives drugs, do not delay or hide it, because hiding the problem will not solve it. Instead, let’s all together release the beloved drug addict from the drug chain and build social awareness. With proper treatment, bring the addicted person back to the festivities of a healthy and healthy life.

Contact – Golden Life BD

Mirpur-1, Dhaka-1216


Golden life is one of the oldest and best rehabilitation centers in Dhaka. Golden life provided very best accommodation, healthy food, 24 hours doctor facilities for patients. Golden life provided services for 24 hours in 365 days.

House no-31, Road-5, Block-B, Section-6 Mirpur, Dhaka-1216

9004544, 9028648

Mobile: 01716623665, 01680361729