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Headline for Marine Life of Mozambique – The brilliant creatures of the deep
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Marine Life of Mozambique – The brilliant creatures of the deep

Mozambique has an amazing culture and great things to do when it comes to fun on land. But the waters of the island have even better things to explore. Here are a few of the exotic marine life to look out for if you love diving and snorkelling.



If you are a diver, you've probably heard of these creatures before. For those of you who aren't familiar with dugongs, they are an endangered marine species that are protected in the waters of Mozambique. Inspirations for the mermaid myth is said to have been taken from dugongs. They are comfortable in waters that are about 10 metres deep but can dive deeper. Dugongs are also known as sea cows and even though there is no resemblance, the marine creature is said to be directly related to elephants. Strange isn't it? Since dugongs are shy creatures, they don't usually approach humans. This doesn't mean that they are antisocial, dugongs do talk amongst themselves through chirps, whistles and barks. They are mostly spotted on the east African coast.



The behemoths of the sea, whales are some of the most sort after marine life when it comes to divers and other holidaymakers as well. Whale watching is certainly an experience not to be missed when in Mozambique. The best time to spot them would be between June and December where they are sometimes spotted from the shores as well as jumping in and out of the water. Migratory whales that usually gather in the warm waters here are Humpback Whales and the Southern Right Whales. Baleen whale also inhabits the waters and breach the surface every now and then. These are known as the toothless whales. If you are staying at one of the Mozambique hotels, inquire about whale watching cruises for an amazing experience.



Mozambique seems to be the safe haven for most endangered marine species. Many species of turtles are also protected here. 5 species of turtles nest on the coasts of Mozambique; Loggerhead turtles, Leatherback turtles, Hawksbill turtles, Olive Ridley turtles and Green turtles. The nesting season falls in March. The turtles come up to the shore, pick out their spot and enter a trance while laying their eggs. At this time, they must not be disturbed with bright lights or loud noises. Turtles usually lay up to 300 eggs at once. If you are enjoying a holiday at Anantara Medjumbe Island Resort between June and November, you might just be able to travel on a day excursion to the northern nesting sites of Hawksbill and Green turtles.


Whale sharks

Whale sharks are the largest species of whale in the ocean and don't seem to have other predators other than humans. They are peaceful mammals who wouldn't mind swimming along with humans. So, if you want the diving experience of a lifetime, why not try it out when in Mozambique with these wonderful creatures?


Manta Rays

These creatures are related to the stingrays but do not have a stinging barb at the end of their tails. They are curious and will often surface to investigate a boat without its engine on. they are also extremely fast and are able to dart away faster than the human eye would notice. These are incredible creatures that have caught the interest of many researchers and divers.