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Updated by Jimmy Finch on Jul 28, 2020
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20 Tips for Using Twitter as a Business

To help you create a successful strategy and use Twitter's power for your business, we've created this guide. Keep reading to learn how you can use Twitter for your business in 2020


Choose right username

Choose right username

Choose a username for your account. The username must be simple and specific related to your niche, either user your brand name as a username or a niche specific keyword like “menclothing” or “makeupforbeginners” simple and specific.


Build an effective profile.

Build an effective profile.

Your profile must be updated and pleasing to your followers.
Update a profile picture.
The profile picture must be same as the profile pictures on other social media profiles.
Try to upload your brand logo as your profile pic.


Optimize bio to showcase your brand’s personality.

Optimize bio to showcase your brand’s personality.

Update your bio defining your brand in 2 lines, use a hashtag relevant to your niche in your bio.
Keep it well organized. It’s the first thing your new followers will be reading about you.


Use Cover photo wisely.

Use Cover photo wisely.

Update your cover picture to your product image or something that defines your business.
The picture must be good quality.


Use good quality images.

Every picture you update on your profile must be unique and good quality. Blurry pictures won’t help you get attention from your followers.


Set your hashtag strategies.

Set your hashtag strategies.

Using hashtag is a must to reach your relevant audience.
Users do use hashtags to search, adding those hashtags in your posts will help your get exposure.


Post amazing content.

Post unique and good content.
Make sure there are no grammatical mistakes and the post are meaningful which adds value for your customers.


Be careful with your replies.

On replying to your followers in messages or comments avoid getting rude.
Always make sure your reply them on time and try solve their queries.


Follow those in your Industry

Follow people of your Industry to get more visibility on Twitter.


Account must be public

Make sure your business account is public, making your account public will get you more exposure and the hashtags in your post will reach out to the right audience.




Use a tool to get the most out of Twitter.
Select a tool which will provide you with different features and you won’t have to invest in any other tool. I would recommend you to use the tool Followeraudit which provide you with different useful features. To know about the features and it’s uses keep reading.


Analyze your followers activity

Analyze your followers activity

Followeraudit helps you get detailed analytics of your Twitter followers. It provides lots of useful analytics like your followers last tweet date, followers with URL in their bio, verified followers etc. Also, you can analyze your competitors’ followers.


Beware of fake/spam followers

Beware of fake/spam followers

Having bot or fake followers can lead to many disadvantages like decrease in engagement rate and Twitter can also ban your account for this reason. It’s better to keep your account clean and safe from them.
Identify fake followers and remove them with the help of Followeraudit.


Checkout your competitors

Followeraudit’s competitors audit report checker can help your get deep insights into your competitors account.


Track your followers growth

Track your followers growth

Followeraudit’s followers tracker, Track your followers, when they are the most interactive.
Know the growth of your followers over a week and month provided on a graphical representation for better understanding.


Track your Unfollowers

Track your Unfollowers

Get real time alerts whenever someone unfollows you with the help of followeraudit and maintain good ratio between your followers and following.


Interact with your followers

Interact with your followers, reply them instantly on comments and messages. This will increase your engagement and build your value for your followers.


Be Original

Be original with your content don’t copy post other’s post.
Make your own original posters, infographics and content.


Conduct Polls to interact with followers

Conduct polls for your audience where they will interact with the post and give more engagement.


Reachout to influencers for more exposure

Reachout to influencers of your same niche to get more exposure to your brand and increase brand awareness and sells.