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Traditional Thai Food – 5 Must-Try Dishes

When in Thailand, one of the most important aspects of what you can do to enjoy your stay and learn the most about the region you are staying in is by trying out the local cuisine. Whether you are in the heart of Bangkok or elsewhere in Thailand, try Thai food at its origin for authentic flavours.


Massaman Curry

One of the must-try dishes that are often recommended for both lovers of Thai food and first-timers, is Massaman curry. It is quite hard to pin down the origins of this curry dish. Historians will argue that it came over from Malaysia through Middle Eastern traders while others insist that it was originally a Thai royal dish. The reason that massaman curry sets itself apart from other curries and Thailand is known for some delicious curries is because it uses anise, cinnamon and cardamom instead which is quite a rare sight in terms of spices and their use in Thai cuisine.


Pad Kra Prao

Thai locals find their way to this dish if they are out on the town and are having a dilemma about what to pick. It is a minced pork dish that is served with jasmine rice. The pork is usually a very fatty piece that is stir-fried with Thai holy basil, chopped chillies and seasoned with fish sauce. You can get it in beef, chicken or seafood varieties too if you are not partial towards pork. But the signature dish remains the pork.


Kao Ka Moo

When you are co living space in Bangkok, it is very easy to find dishes that you can both enjoy at home and enjoy outside in a restaurant. Kao Ka Moo is a dish that can easily be found in Bangkok's famous street food carts. You can either eat it there all piping hot or get it to-go and bring it home to your apartments in lyf Sukhumvit 8 Bangkok. Just make sure to heat it before you consume it. Kao Ka Moo is braised meat that can be found simmering in aluminium pots completely drenched in soy sauce and five-spice powders.


Khao Soi

Khao Soi is an iconic Northern Thai meal that is at its basicness a yellow curry rice noodle soup. It has roots that can be traced back to both Myanmar and Laos as it is from a region quite close to these borders. The soup has a spicy coconut flavour that you can also find in massaman curries. The bowl is also served with boiled egg noodles, deep-fried egg noodles, shallots and seasoned to taste.


Yam Nua

Yam Nua is a beef salad that is mostly served cold. It originates in Phuket and is one of the meals that local cookery classes love to begin with. It is relatively easy to make and makes for a refreshing alternative to the more famous papaya or mango salad. It is made of grilled beef tenderloin, spearmint, chopped garlic, onions, chilis, shallots and seasoned with lime juice and fish sauce.

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