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05 Tips to Attract Kids to the Game of Golf – Having Fun on the Green

While kids seem to be attracted to sports such as football, cricket, rugby, basketball and baseball, the game of golf doesn't seem to hold as much appeal to them. However, if done right, a proper introduction to this marvellous sport could see the beginning of a lifelong love of golf.


Choose the Right Equipment

It is important to choose the right kind of golf clubs for kids rather than those they will eventually "grow into". Avoid giving them clubs that are too big and / or too heavy which will ruin their experience from the outset; such equipment is going to also hamper their swing and the overall game too. With this in mind, buy or hire clubs which suit them and their level of stamina. Additionally, you can purchase a new golf outfit for them which is bound to pique their interest!


Get Friends Involved

While this may not be practical for all, you can look to get some or a few of your kids' friends involved too. It helps if they have like-minded parents who also want to teach their kids golf! Having someone their own age to play and even be competitive with can help them gain an interest in the sport. It can also then become something they look forward to enjoying with their friends.


Make it Part of Holiday Activities

Golf can be a serious sport, but you can introduce kids to it as part of a fun holiday activity too. For example, those holidaying in Indonesia and making use of deals such as the Bintan Lagoon Resort golf package can not only look forward to golfing but enjoying plenty of beachside fun too. Amidst such an environment, kids are bound to be interested in a new activity and you can let them try their hand at golf; as a bonus, it is ideal for a bonding session too!


Plan For Short Games

Be it practising or playing out on the green, don't look to have overlong sessions when introducing golf to them. By keeping the game short you will have a greater chance to hold their interest; when they take more of a liking to it, you can lengthen the games. Even if you decide to play on 18-hole courses while on holiday at properties such as Bintan Lagoon Resort, remember it's fine to stop the game halfway; the last thing you want is for kids to become bored or resent playing the game.


Give Them Time to Learn

Sometimes, one may become impatient with kids when they get the technique wrong or lose patience themselves; in such instances, it is important that you not be too critical or overly criticise them. Keep things light, use simple language (rather than technical terms) and give them the encouragement they need to keep at it. Also remember, they should be given time to learn and it is only with practise that they can fine-tune their swing; give them the space to come into that on their own with your guidance.