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Things to Know Before You Go to Sri Lanka – Fun facts about Lanka

The island of Sri Lanka is situated in the very centre of the earth with easy access to some of the world's major trade countries. This was identified not recently but a long time ago which resulted in invasions from 3 other nations. The island's beauty knows no bounds!


The names of an island

Although the island located close to India is called Sri Lanka today, she had a few names before as well. When the very first king of Sri Lanka (an Indian prince) arrived on the island, he was overjoyed and called the beautiful island Thambapanni. Once trade began with the Arabs and Persian, the countries in the west and middle east came to know this island as Serendib which is a much-loved ancient name of the island. Yet again, once the island was colonised by the British, they established the name Ceylon. Sound familiar? The name Sri Lanka came into being when the country gained independence. The word Sri means resplendent in the local language; thus, Sri Lanka means Resplendent Island.


Places to sojourn

Thinking of a short stay in Sri Lanka? Well, you will never run out of options! Taking the city, of you are in search of urbanised accommodation there is a choice between rented houses to a luxury hotel in Colombo. When it comes to coastal areas down south, you'll find a combination of popular star class hotels and villas as options as well. Inland, you'll find small boutique hotels along with bungalows boasting some of the best scenery for a wonderful experience. It'll all depend on how much you are willing to spend and which attractions you want to visit.


There is always a Sri Lankan twist

Be warned! If you are after western cuisine in Sri Lanka, the best places to check out would be hotels, especially those in the city the likes of Mandarina Colombo Hotel. Why?? Simply because city hotels are the only places that serve genuine western cuisine. Outside of Colombo, small restaurants and eateries too might give you a menu with western and Chinese cuisine options apart from the local delights. But they are always tweaked to suit the Lankan palate, therefore it is not original. It's best to order local dishes in this case as the quality of the cooking is fantastic and you are in Sri Lanka after all!


A religious melting pot

The folks on the island of Sri Lanka tend to take their religion seriously. Most of the people here are Theravada Buddhists. There are a number of temples in every nook and cranny and devotees are always seen going in and out of Viharas no matter which part of the island it may be! There is a minority of Hindus, Muslims and Christians who are devoted as equally to their religions. There are a number of Hindu devalas, mosques and churches as well.


Hitch a tuk-tuk ride

Even though you are probably aware of the risk of being fleeced off your money, the tuk-tuk ride is simply irresistible. But don't worry, there are ways and means to counter the fleecing. When you hail a taxi, make sure they run on a meter or and that the meter on through the journey. Or you could download apps like Pickme and Uber for a safer ride and fair pay.

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