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Updated by TheCowMilk on Aug 27, 2020
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Cow Milk In Gurgaon

The Cow Milk for a healthier & stronger body & mind!

Improve Memory & Brain Capability with Combination of Turmeric & Cinnamon in Cow Milk | The Cow Milk

Increase the Health Benefits of your favourite milk by combining it with Turmeric & Cinnamon. Consume this Highly Nutritious Health drink every day for improved memory & brain function. Opt for The Cow Milk for a healthier & stronger body & mind!

Pure & Fresh Cow Milk Churned from Healthy Cow | The Cow Milk

Gift Health to Your Loved Ones. Gift Pure & Fresh Cow Milk procured directly from the Company-Owned farms. Start Your Trial Pack at just Rs. 65/litre & get a bottle full of Health at Your Doorstep.

Choose Farm Fresh Healthy Milk Everyday at Your Doorstep | The Cow Milk

Choose the Easy & Natural way to boost your Health with ‘The Cow Milk’. A daily glass of ‘The Cow Milk’ builds the immunity that helps you combat deadly infections & diseases.
Enjoy the taste of pure milk with ‘The Cow Milk’!

Why Desi Cow Milk is Best For Your Health? The Cow Milk

The unadulterated Desi Cow Milk is a wholesome meal providing an array of health benefits. Besides being a great health supplement for the body, it is also a perfect ingredient for cooking savoury delicacies such as sweets, smoothies, and icecreams etc. A glass full of cow milk is an ideal breakfast to make a healthy and energetic start of the day. Some of the health benefits of Cow Milk are mentioned in this blog. Click here & know about the benefit of cow milk.

Is Cow Milk Better than Buffalo Milk for Children? {PDF}

According to the health experts, the milk of the cow contains higher levels of vitamins and minerals and is easily digestible, unlike the buffalo milk. It makes the cow milk more suitable for people with an aversion to dairy products. To know more, read this PDF.