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Headline for Why Visit Bazaruto? – An untouched wonder!
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Why Visit Bazaruto? – An untouched wonder!

If you are a traveller who is itching to run off to an island for some relaxation and to just enjoy the outdoors after a lengthy period of quarantine, here's your answer. Bazaruto archipelago is situated in the waters of Mozambique and has much to offer.


The archipelago

The archipelago is quite small and is made up of just 5 islands, namely, Bangue, Benguerra, Santa Carolina, Magaruque, and Bazaruto. The islands and beaches here are the very definition of pristine and unspoiled. This little landmass of the African continent has been identified as an ecosystem that needs to be protected, therefore, it is now a reserve and national park. Even the waters and coral reef that surround the islands are part of the conservation project and so far, it's been a success considering the fact that tourists are allowed on the island as well.


Getting there

Getting hear isn't so hard when flying facilities are available. For instance, you could fly in from Inhambane, Maputo and Johannesburg. While catching a plane is the best option to get to Bazaruto, travel by road is also possible and would work if there are more people joining your trip. You can also organise a day trip if you are staying at one of those luxury Mozambique hotels, they are sure to be offering a dhow journey right to the island. You can always inquire at the front desk and organise your dhow day trio to Bazaruto archipelago. For travel from island to island, a boat transfer is the only option and, on the island, travelling by foot would be the only way to get about.


What to look out for

Bazaruto, although small, has an amazing diversity when it comes to wildlife, particularly marine life. There are several saline lakes and the wide ocean that encourage various sea birds to drop by every now and then. This island is also full of dunes that consist of very clean, fine sand. When it comes to things under water, the coral reef is something to die for here. There are many species of protected coral and fish to explore. The waters here are also famous for the dugong, said to be residing only in the waters of Mozambique.


Things to do

When it comes to this archipelago, most of the activities to do are in the water. Scuba diving is one of the activities that are most looked forward to here. The diversity of marine life is so immense, not to mention, diving with the dolphins is considered therapeutic here in Bazaruto. Get the expereince of sailing in the traditional way, on a dhow which is the oldest kind of boat to be used here. Horse riding on the pristine beach is also a lovely experience that anyone can try out irrespective of riding experience.


Places to stay

Although it is said that Bazaruto island is untouched, there are plenty of places for visitors to stay. Luxury hotels are the preferred choice by many here. Hotels like Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort offer a range of packages and facilities to ensure that guests are never bored.