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Hindu God and Goddessess

Information, Facts, Stories about Hindu Gods, and Goddesses.

Lord Vishnu - The Preserver God

Lord Vishnu is one of the three Hindu Trinity God in Hindu Dharma (Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva). While Brahma is responsible for the creation of the universe

Lord Krishna - Eighth Avatar of Vishnu

Lord Krishna is a prime Hindu god and considered the eighth incarnation of Vishnu and the most popular avatar of Lord Vishnu. Sri Krishna spoke Bhagavad Gita

Lord Rama - Seventh Avatar of Vishnu

Lord Rama, also known as Ramachandra is considered the seventh avatar of Dashavatar of Lord Vishnu. Lord Rama is the Purna Avatar of Vishnu (Complete Avatar)

Who is Shiva? - An Introduction to Lord Shiva

One of the Hindu Trinity, Lord Shiva is known to be the destroyer other two (Brahma and Vishnu) being creator and preserver according to various Puranas. The

Lord Varuna - The Vedic God of the Oceans

Lord Varuna is one of the oldest and most important Vedic deities, who has been described at length in hymns of Rig Veda. In the Vedas, he has been described

Agni Deva - One of the most important Vedic gods

Agni Deva is one of the most important Vedic gods. He is the god of fire and acceptor of sacrifices. He is ever-young and famous because the fire is re-lit

Goddess Ushas - The Vedic Goddess of Dawn

Vedas are universally accepted as the oldest books of mankind. For the Hindus, they are not just ordinary books but are also the fountainhead of all knowledge

Goddess Rukmini - The First Wife of Lord Krishna

Rukmini, also known as a form of Devi as Goddess Lakshmi is the wife of Lord Krishna. She was believed to be known for her beauty, love, and honesty. Rukmini

Dhanvantari - The God of Ayurveda and the Physician of Devas

Known as a physician of the Devas, Dhanvantari is a celebrated figure amongst the practitioners of Ayurveda. They celebrate Dhanvantari’s birthday on D

Lord Indra - Vedic god of rain and thunder

For many, the Vedas are books of scriptures to guide one's mind through Hindu religion. But truth be told Vedic and Hindu are very philosophically different.

Lord Veerabhadra - Vigorous Fighter & Fierce Avatar of Shiva

As mentioned in Hindu Scriptures, Lord Veerabhadra is believed to be the vigorous fighter and frightening form of Lord Shiva. Including Nandi, Bhringi, and

The Complete List of 19 Avatars of Lord Shiva

To sustain law and balance of nature Lord Shiva took many avatars in various yugas. In Shiva Purana, the following 19 Avatars of Shiva are mentioned.

Goddess Aditi - Mother of Gods and The Guardian Of All life

The word Aditi meaning unbound or unfetter is the name that includes proto Indo-European route " da", which is known as the Mother of Gods - Devamata. Aditi

Ganga - The River Goddess and One of the Holiest Shrines

Often called with many names such as Jahnavi, Bhagirathi, Alaknanda, Padma, Mandakini, and Vishnupadi; one who's Vahana (Mount) is a Magara (Crocodile), is

Lord Brahma - The God of Creation in Hinduism

Hinduism, originally known as Sanatana Dharma is a pantheistic religion as it equates God with the universe. Brahma (the creator) is the first member of Hindu

Lord Yamaraj - The God of Death and Justice

Almost everyone is scared of dying, therefore, everyone who knows Lord Yamaraj is also scared of the Lord as he is the God of Death. However, although true

The Complete List of 24 Avatars of Lord Vishnu

Based on Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 1 chapter 3, Here is the complete list of 24 Vishnu Avatars, and how they were different from each other.

10 Interesting facts about Lord Kartikeya - Lord Murugan

Lord Kartikeya, the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati is known by different names – Swaminatha, Murugan, Muruga, Kumara, Skanda, Shanmukha, etc. Lord M

Durga - The Goddess of Strength, Divine Mother and Protector

The name “Durga” means the ‘invincible’ in Sanskrit. Goddess Durga is a Goddess of strength and justice who brings compassion, peace, calm and order to the chaos,

Goddess Saraswati - Origin, Existence and Significance

While the male form of God (Deva) is associated with strength and protection, most of the female forms (Devi) have represented sensible characteristics and