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Updated by James Davanzo on Apr 23, 2013
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My Favorite Temple Food Trucks

Here's a list of my ten favorite food trucks on Temple's campus.


One famous eatery that I think everyone at Temple has at least seen or heard of is Richie's. Let me start off by saying that if you have not yet eaten at Richie's, SOMETHING IS CLEARLY WRONG WITH YOU!

Sexy Green Truck

So I think you've all at least seen or heard of the Sexy Green Truck. I knew right off the bat that these guys were clearly marketing geniuses with the way they promote themselves on campus. For any college student, seeing the word "sexy" definitely gives them an incentive to check it out.

The Creperie

In my opinion, The Creperie is one of the most famous and well-known food trucks on Temple's campus. This was actually the first food truck I ever bought food from at Temple and it was during the fall semester of my freshman year.

Say Cheese

Everybody loves a nice home cooked grilled cheese sandwich, but how many of you can actually tell me you've had a gourmet grilled cheese? On top of that, how many of you have ever tried a grilled cheese that wasn't just bread and cheese?

E&E Gourmet Express

I've been a business student at Temple since freshman year and for some reason, the only food truck near Alter Hall that I've been to was the Bagel Hut. I decided it was about time I started checking out some of the trucks just outside the business school on Montgomery Street.

Burger Busz

A lot of people have been recommending that I try the Burger Busz, which is a relatively new food truck on campus. The Burger Busz is located on 13th and Norris, and is probably one of the biggest food trucks on campus.


This truck seems to be a classic on Temple's campus and I'm honestly surprised I haven't tried it until now. As you've probably guessed, this truck specializes in Japanese and Korean food and has plenty of different options to choose from to customize your orders. Located on 12th Street,

Eddie's Pizza

Temple definitely has a lot of different pizza places on campus and one that I think a lot of people have at least heard of is Eddie's Pizza. Eddie's Pizza is located on Anderson's Foot Court and constantly has customers placing orders throughout the day.

Ali's Middle Eastern

I was on campus a little earlier than usual today so I figured I'd give the breakfast from Ali's Middle Eastern a try. I don't much of anything about Middle Eastern food other than the fact that none of it includes pork so I figured trying something new could be interesting.




A few weeks ago, someone recommended I try the food truck Yumtown on 13th and Norris. I figured with a name like that, it had to at least be something worth checking out.