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Headline for Chinese customs and traditions that will surprise you – exploring a unique culture
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Chinese customs and traditions that will surprise you – exploring a unique culture

Are you planning to visit China anytime soon? Have an idea of the customs and traditions that are unique to China that sometimes are amazing enough to surprise you. Understanding these traditions will give you an added advantage, and this will also bring you closer to the locals when you are there.


Traditions related to the New Year

Chinese New Year does not fall on the 01st of January like it is for the other countries. They celebrate their new year according to the lunar calendar and therefore, it doesn't have a specific date. This New Year has many unique cultural customs and they are indeed surprising. Popular resorts the likes of Grand Park Xian usually are fully booked with guests during this period, as many Chinese people who live in other countries, come to their hometowns to see their relatives for the New Year.


Their celebrations are unique

Did you know that the Chinese community has a greater belief in an imaginary creature? They largely believe that they originate from dragons, and because of this reason, they always have dragons when they are celebrating something special. Be it the New Year or any other state festival, dragons are symbols that they will never forget to include.


Their street food cultures

Needless to say, the Chinese have some very weird food patterns. Earlier they used to eat dogs too, but with the outbreak of COVID-19, regulations were brought up to consider dogs as pets in China, thus eradicating this habit. But, still... it's a unique culture. Like how you can expect burgers and hot dogs to be there in street food stalls when you take a walk along the streets in New York, Chinese street food stalls sell insects! Crickets or scorpions, they have them all to serve you.


Dining in China

If you go to one of the restaurants at Xi An China hotels for fine-dining, you will be surprised to see that the Chinese eat and drink things in their hottest state. That is, even if they drink their tea, they want it to be really very hot and the same goes for their meals too. Drinking cooled water after a meal is not their thing, they want it hot (too hot for the rest of us to be honest).


Things considered rude in China

When you travel to any Asian country, you need to know that things are a little different there, and you have to accept the cultural differences. In China, you need to be ultra-vigilant on these, because some actions (even if you don't want them to be) are considered rude for some reason. Do not ever leave the chopsticks stuck in rice when having meals with a Chinese restaurant, because that is considered rude. Also, no matter how generous you are, do not tip at any restaurant or a hotel, because that's also considered rude and impolite. Remember not to point at people or things when you are there too – as this is considered rude too!

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