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Elin Personal Training Arlington

888 North Quincy St, Apt 1901
Arlington, VA 22203
(571) 210-1292

Elin Personal Training Arlington

Whatever your fitness goal, Elin Personal Training Arlington VA team of personal trainers are ready to help you make those goals a reality..

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Founder and CEO of Elin Personal Training Arlington, Elin Kanchev has been named a 2017 bodybuilding champion. Our team of personal trainers is always ready to motivate and train everyone.

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Elin Personal Training Arlington VA offers an elite personal training tailored to meet the needs of every individual who comes to this fitness studio.

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2 reviews of Elin Personal Training Arlington "I have been working with one of the trainers for a few months now and have seen amazing improvements! I've worked with a trainer before but didn't get this type of knowledge and mindful approach.…

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Elin Personal Training Arlington - - Rated 5 based on 1 Review "Great team! Very professional and knowledgeable trainers."

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Elin Personal Training Arlington provides unique fitness training services in Arlington VA, that is highly-inspirational and well-balanced not only group and team trainings, but also individual and semi-private.

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Elin Personal Training Arlington | Find out why we are so passionate about helping you transform your life and how we are doing it.

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Elin Personal Training Arlington offers an elite personal training tailored to meet the needs of every individual who comes to this fitness studio.

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Training makes everything possible!

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Elin Personal Training Arlington challenges its clients to combat the physical weakness and medical conditions which they have and to put the weight in the first place.

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Elin Kanchev has been NASM certified as a personal trainer, behavior change specialist, fitness nutrition specialist, corrective exercise specialist, and in Fall 2018, he became certified as a NASM Master Trainer.

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I am a fitness instructor and personal trainer in Arlington, VA 22203. Hire me.

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Elin Personal Training Arlington offers the training which is rapid and safe. It is fun and well-planned, not to make its clients bored or lazy.


Get fitter by increasing your walking speed

Get fitter by increasing your walking speed

Do you know that by a faster walking you may burn more calories, increase heart rate, and even improve overall cardiovascular fitness? Well, the answer is YES. Although walking can seem easy and simple, it brings many benefits to our body.

There are some steps to follow to increase your walking speed. Firstly, you need to know how fast you can walk. Using GPS watches, apps or speedometers together with a mile pace at a track are some methods to help you measure it. You should have proper clothing which is ’breathable’ and absorbs moisture. Your walking shoes need to be flexible and light. Before walking, pay attention to nutrition and complete the warmup to get your blood flowing. When working out, try to improve the position of your head, arms and be sure that your torso can also have an important role in increasing your walking speed. During your walking, try to increase duration gradually, so as to prevent any possible injuries. The most important is to start a couple of times a week, and then to increase the pace and distance slowly. The most advisable is to have a warmup of walking at usual pace for 10-15 minutes. After that, there should be the main part of your walking. It is advisable to be the fastest walk for ¼ mile. It needs to be alternate by walking the next ¼ at regular walking pace. This should be done for 2 miles. In the end, there should be a cooldown of walking 10-15 minutes at the normal walking pace.


Get the maximum when walking with a baby-stroller

Get the maximum when walking with a baby-stroller

Walking with a baby-stroller is a highly-recommendable option for all mums who want to get in shape. It is a great excuse to spend time outdoors and boost energy in the body.

What matters is the kind of baby-stroller. For walking longer than one hour, a dedicated exercise stroller will be the best choice for every mother. Baby-strollers which are manufactured for the running and walking are better because they incorporate some adjustments for handle height. This allows mums to walk with a more natural pace. Also, these strollers have tires which are more convenient to improve the comfort for both the mother and her baby. For those who think about buying the most adequate baby-stroller, it is necessary to pay attention that it has a proper sun cover for the baby with many vents for the normal breathing.

Also, a baby-stroller should be easy to maneuver. Not all streets and paths are the same, some are narrow, some hilly, and some flat and straight. The brakes should be easy to lock because of the moment when a mum may want to stop or jog in a place.

A baby-stroller needs to have multiple reclining options, especially for baby’s sleepy or flat positions. Walking with a baby-stroller usually results in an inadequate posture, so the mum has to focus on not letting her posture slip during the process of walking. Her head should be up with the shoulders back. Besides, heel-to-toe steps are preferable.

A mum should prepare a bag with all the necessary things in advance. Therefore, baby diapers, toys, a hat, snacks or additional clothes items have to be prepared to avoid a mum get stressed. She also has to opt for the right routes which are the best for pushing a baby stroller. All paths in parks or possible walking options should be planned because of the pavement condition.

It is good to think about the busy streets and to avoid traffic. A well-known neighborhood is the best option and the cellphone should be on hand to call somebody for help it is needed. When a mum takes her hands off the stroller, she has to turn on the brakes on the baby-stroller.

When walking with a baby stroller, a mum can enjoy conversation with somebody who makes her company. It can be her spouse, family member, friend, or the in-laws. The time in walking will pass swiftly and a person who is with the mum can give her a break from pushing a baby-stroller whenever she needs it.


Certified Personal Trainers

Certified Personal Trainers

Elin Personal Training Arlington team


Services we provide

Services we provide

Personal Training, Nutritional Counseling, Supplemental Advice, Online Coaching, Corporate Wellness